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  1. Better define fps taking a hit first. Some really nice rigs get low fps in the game. Can your current AMD be overclocked?
  2. Listed as #1 for Gaming,2977-13.html
  3. By some standards my video card is old. I have a 5750 gpu, an I5 overclocked to 3.7Ghz, and 4 gigs of memory (running win7 64). I don't seem to have the problems with frame rates that a lot of people with better systems describe. So I am wondering...Does memory speed have much to do with it? My memory chips are running at ~1.48 (gotta check again but pretty sure that's the speed). Could memory frequency be a big factor in the game??
  4. Stand still and let people run past you then shoot them. Good for fps and a few laughs.
  5. I have a 5750 and I get ~40-45 when it gets busy. Haven't noticed any problems with the game. I5 2600k is mildly overclocked to 3.7Ghz. I'm glad you guys posted this info. I was thinking of an upgrade but I'll wait. The 560 was all I was looking at. Should add that I'm still using a smallish 19" monitor.
  6. Perfect. I tried to find wiring diagrams but no luck. Hopefully it's something simple like a bad connection or solder joint. Shouldn't be too hard for them to see it if they have a scope.
  7. Lots of youtube vids out there showing the case opened. Unless you know something about electronics and soldering you are probably sol. kJIAY2ux0jA
  8. Better post all your computer specs first.
  9. How did you manage to change it in the first place? Or do you have a virus that changed it for you?
  10. I rolled back to 11.4 no problems now. steely, the only way I know how to do it is download the driver you want from amd's site. Then launch its install. When you see the screen that asks if you want to install or remove, REMOVE. Comp will reboot, then run again and this time select install. Comp will reboot again and all is well with game.
  11. FYI - Got the same problem today after updating catalyst drivers. Time to roll back.
  12. I'm getting tired of feeding my nice printer $60 worth of cartridges and not using them much. I hardly ever print stuff so they dry up. Cleaning doesn't help. I need a recommendation for a cheap printer. Something I can get for less than the cost of cartridges. Consider it disposable. Any recommendations?
  13. Perfect if it doesn't have the clogging problem. Do you have one?? Can it sit for several months and still work??
  14. Why try to upgrade this when you say you will have money for a new one in a few months? Better of to wait and match up the best components you can to the best card your buddy has to offer.
  15. See how much can you get a GTX460 1gig card for? Also, make sure your psu has enough watts to support what you decide to buy.
  16. Buy an aftermarket cpu cooler ($25-@50) and overclock it (if that amd can overclock). Upgrade the vid card. Find yours on this chart and get one at least three levels above it, more if you can afford it.,2912-7.html
  17. I have two trackballs. One coarse and one fine dpi. Wonder if that would work for you.
  18. All I can say is. I was there years ago stayed in Cambridge at the Panos hotel b&b. They had some of the best food I have ever tasted and some of the tiniest rooms I have ever seen. Visited Duxford one weekend. Very nice museum.
  19. I found this article. So far the only article that makes any sense for a gamers concerns. Just wondering if any of you have other links that would let me compare this monitor (in the correct way) to other "gaming" monitors. See the chart. That's what I'd like to see more of (Lag comparisons).
  20. Icor1031, What fps do you get now that the game sees the right card? Air & Ground Just curious.
  21. Read some tests showing it will overclock just fine with the stock cooler into the 4ghz range. Still, an aftermarket cooler can be had for cheap.