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  1. The older cpu (760) is only worth it if you plan to overclock it and you get a great deal on the price. Otherwise, the sandy bridge 2500K 750 is much better.
  2. I was sitting next to another 88 yesterday but could not see what he was firing at. He was hitting with great accuracy at a target I couldn't even see. I switched over to view #1 and could clearly see the atg he was targeting but had no hope of seeing it in my gunner view. I'm still using my old 19" monitor for the game. Now I wonder if getting a larger monitor will help. What's your opinion? Bigger monitor? Better Graphics? New glasses? Currently using a 5750 gpu. There are better cards but I'm thinking monitor would be a better investment.
  3. Haven't adjusted AA yet but that sounds like the problem. Thanks.
  4. evanr, Vampress, Thanks for the feedback, all good advice, and something I have to work on. I was shooting from a firebase to a hill just off the edge of an airfield. Not 2k but well over 1k distant. I'll bet I unloaded 15 rounds of AP and HE into the general area (I could see his shots leave the gun). My very next kill was on a tank at the edge of the airfield. I'm guessing he was 400yds further than the atg. I was able to nail the tank in 2 shots. I suppose the difference comes down to a camo atg in bushes near a berm vs. a silhouetted target at the very edge of a hill. Still seems odd to me that I couldn't pick him out better. My monitor could use an upgrade either way. Been doing a lot of reading on the subject. I'd like to keep the cost below $200 and that seems a real stretch for a quality gaming monitor. RATS/PB have you done any monitor tests lately?
  5. Anythings possible. Will check it out thx.
  6. I tried the same but no way could I zero in on his location once in gunner view.
  7. What settings if any would allow me to maximize vehicle sounds without blowing my eardrums when I shoot my gun?
  8. Tough question to answer. I like Gigabyte mboards due to their dual bios feature and power distribution, but ASUS boards are usually considered to be the top dog. (fwiw I used a Gigabyte UD4 version for my latest build). You should read this article and decide which board has the features you might use and then compare price/warranty/reviews.,2837.html Just going by brand name is not enough. Most companies have several levels of quality to choose from.
  9. They already have a fix but probably won't ship any mboards until April. The problem is with the SATA2 port chip. It's not a deal breaker. You can still use the SATA3 ports but you will only have 2 of those. If you are only using 1 hard drive and 1 cd/dvd player you will have no issues. They just don't recommend using the SATA2's because ~5% of them may degrade over time. However, I doubt you can get an 1155 board right now. Might as well wait for the fix. Prices might fall a little by then anyway.
  10. If you get an I5, go for the I52500K. The K is important. It gives you the ability to overclock easily by changing the multiplier. The problem with all the latest Intels is the need for a new motherboard. The newest ones require the 1155 series motherboards (get a P not H version of the 1155 board as well). I just built one for someone. Total cost including win7 was ~$800.00. He kept his original monitor/keyboard/mouse. He has the 1155 mboard with the SATA2 problem. Not a big issue unless you need more than 2 SATA ports right away. The boards will either be replaced in April (pita) or, hopefully, they will give us the option to get a free SATA2 card. fwiw, The new I5-2600K can easily reach 4Ghz with the stock cpu cooler.
  11. zepplin, can you download the latest copy of Ubuntu on your computer and burn a cd? You want to get the "live" iso file and burn it to a cd using something like isoburner (I think win7 can do it also). The nice thing about having the ubuntu live is that you can boot straight from it and test things like the internet or look at the hard drive without installing it (you don't want to install it for this test). If Ubuntu doesn't work it may be the motherboard that died on you. Sometimes the capacitors on the motherboards will leak when they get old..
  12. I think you're looking for a wish list or suggestion box for this stuff. Somebody posted a similar request the other day but I forget what the answer was.
  13. Took me forever to get the hang of the game. I didn't play as often as I thought I would so the learning curve was longer for me. I just started my second year of play and still have more to learn. That's what I like though. If it was too easy I'd be bored with it by now. In game help can be hard to get only because people are usually busy with the task at hand. Expect to die a lot at first. As long as you are not easily discouraged you will really enjoy this game once you get some hours in. Taking defensive missions is what I would recommend at first. It lets the action come to you. I found out early on the less you move about the better at first . Learning how to approach a target without being spotted it very difficult but you will learn to slow down and use cover eventually. There are a lot of good player generated guides out there too. Each armored vehicle has different weak spots that you need to learn, as well as which weapon you should attack them with to have any affect at all. The guides have drawings of the vehicles and they show where you need to aim to have any effect at all. It can be very frustrating at first but once you get a good kill it's worth the studying effort. Finding a squad that is actively playing, organized, and looking to train newbs is important if you want a shorter learning curve. Good luck, have fun, and welcome to the game.
  14. 7 Had XP forever, didn't want Vista but 7 is working great.
  15. If they are G35's make sure you have surround turned on (red headphone symbol shows up in taskbar, switch on headphones down). Also make sure you have hardware selected as the sound mode in game (even if you don't have a sound card, the G35 has it's own hardware inside the headset).
  16. Conclusions page.,2738-16.html "The latest 3D engines aren't doing Intel or AMD any favors. Somehow, something seems a bit off here. When most games used DirectX 9, you needed a really fast CPU, and these weren't terribly common before the 65 nm fab node due to thermal issues. Transitions to 65, and then 45 nm allowed processor manufacturers and overclockers to accelerate clock frequencies, making 3.5 GHz a breeze with most CPUs. But the newer DirectX 10 and 11 games don't really need this speed. This change snuck up on us, making CPU overclocking for 3D games rather meaningless at the mainstream level. Of the 20 games tested in this article, only 10 respond at all to CPU overclocking when we used a GeForce GTX 460 graphics card. Seven of them show only small reactions. Just three show a small frame rate increase"
  17. Probably no help to you but I used to play the game with the E5300 overclocked to ~3.5ghz. Had no real problems with frame rate and would still have it if I hadn't upgraded the whole thing to an I5-750 rig (gave the other one away). Don't think the 6600 is considered to be much of an overclocker. If you're staying with the same board then the 8500 is the only way to go unless you can get a quad in there. After I looked at the prices for the 8000 series, the I5-750 looked more attractive (huge processor upgrade for similar cost but had to get an 1156 board). The 8500 is cheaper now.
  18. another dumb question. does your discreet have two outputs (dvi/dvi or dvi/vga). if so, try each one.
  19. Would still be interesting to disable the onboard GPU and try the discreet by itself. It shouldn't be an issue if it doesn't work. Just reset your bios and the onboard will re-enable itself.
  20. Do they have different plugs? Could be the cable used for the PCI GPU. Can you plug your older monitor into the onboard GPU and put the PCI GPU into the system (without plugging in your monitor or cable) and still boot up?
  21. I think that mboard is supposed to have a dummy card in one of the pci slots and your gpu goes in the other (the blue one). (note: read this, not from my personal experience). Try setting bios to optimized defaults also.
  22. If you can see 110 it is set to 110. Sounds like psu setting is OK.
  23. Read your old post. Your PSU isn't set to 240 instead of 110 is it? Probably not but worth a look.