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  1. Init display first can also be called Primary VGA BIOS or VGA Boot From depending on your mboard.
  2. Disable on-board graphics in your bios and leave your new graphics card in. Reboot and see if it makes any difference. Also check in bios how init display first is set.
  3. Can you borrow a monitor from someone?
  4.,2732.html or this even
  5. Read this first.,2731.html
  6. This too if you make a profile. HD4850/4870 Fan Fix! if you make a profile in catalyst after turning on Overdrive( make sure clock and memory settings are correct). You can then go to the file "C:\Users\Bretware(username)\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE \Bretw are. XML. the xml file will have the same name as the catalyst profile you saved. right click and hit edit. Change the value to "manual" and Want value to "65" Save the file then reload your profile in catalyst. 65% seemed perfect for me, 70% was loud but you may need it if your case has poor air flow. You will have to select the profile everytime you start the computer, but it will work until there is a fix or better info so i can figure how to change the auto target temp. windows XP >> C:\Documents and Settings\username \Local Settings\Application Data\ATI\ACE\profile created .XML windows vista >> C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE\profile created .XML PS: under the folder options in the control panel select show hidden files and folders
  7. last link, I promise
  8. old but maybe relevant for the release date of 4870
  9. In case you never use furmark before...
  10. stdy, Can you test the 70 without manually setting speed but this time use Furmark and see what happens? This should? show the same artifact (no speed inc) as you are seeing in-game.
  11. Found this comment on the web: "all latest cards are designed for PCI-Ex16 2.0 slot and they are backward compatible with 1.1. bottleneck when high end GPU with low end processor.also there will be a reduced performance if PCI-E x16 2.0 card with GDDR5 memory is used with PCI-Ex16 1.1 running at x4 bus." Could this be the reason? GDDR3 vs. GDDR5?
  12. I wonder what the difference is from the 50 series to the 70 series. I had a 4850 and it ran BE reasonable well. I upgraded to a 5750 and it's even better. Glad I didn't opt for the 5770 now.
  13. Been having all kinds of problems due to second life being played on my wireless network. Tried setting sl's bandwidth to its lowest setting but no luck. Other computers (including the LAN one I play BE on) would just lose internet capability/throughput when SL was being played. Did some reading, figured out it could be my router (old Linksys with DD-WRT firmware update). Researched dozens of routers and finally settled on a little known brand called EnGenius. All I can say is wow. Incredible improvement on internet throughput with all computers on my network. No sign of slowdowns anywhere with SL running. This is at default settings (i.e. I haven't even throttled bandwidth to the offending SL computer). Just posting this in case anyone is having internet issues. Sometimes it might just be your router causing slowdowns. p.s. using engenius 9550 with 1.0 firmware, firmware can make a big difference in performance, also latest generation engenius is not the same as the 9550 in certain performance areas
  14. NO! but I have to put up with it
  15. Intel is kicking AMD's butt right now. I would go Intel I5 or I7 or wait and see if the Bulldozer has anything to offer. Tomshardware: "Determined to fit a six-core processor into this month’s $2000 PC with no sacrifice in GPU muscle, we tried AMD’s Phenom II X6 1055T…and failed. Even at 4 GHz, the system couldn’t keep up with June’s Core i7 quad-core chip, a system that was also “handicapped” by its lower-priced graphics cards." "But even if we had advanced knowledge of today’s results, we still wouldn’t have chosen a single GeForce GTX 480/Core i7-970 alternative. The reason, of course, is that we already knew that two GeForce GTX 460 graphics cards outperform a single GeForce GTX 480 for the same price, in spite of CPU limitations."
  16. Trying TeamSpeak2 for the first time with BE. TS2 works ok on it's own but.... When I'm playing BE, my push to talk key doesn't work unless I alt tab to TS2 A real pain it is, to alt tab back and forth just to speak. What am I doing wrong? There must be a way to have focus on the TS2 window while playing. Thanks
  17. Tried spacebar and shift key so far. Will try some others
  18. Forgot. If you aren't afraid to overclock the 7300 you can save some money and just go for the graphics card upgrade. 7300 can get to mid 3ghz in speed. I had my E5300 running BE with overclocking and a 4850 vid card with 450watt psu
  19. Make sure you check out your existing hardware for compatibility with Win 7 XP should still run BE just fine though. If you keep your mboard you are limited to the older quad cores. I think the Q9650 is the max for you. Check these pages.,2698-7.html Check this page for graphics upgrade,2697-7.html 430 watts should be fine unless it's a crappy no-name psu Other than that your option is new build and a switch to AMD products to keep the price down (they should have dropped them or will very soon). Or stay intel and start with the I5-750 or higher if budget allows.
  20. Was having the same problem. There is good stuff in the wiki and Sgt. Spoons website. (a little dated but good) That's all i can offer, still learning it myself.
  21. No problems here either. win7 64
  22. Maybe they got fried when the wire broke. Try them on something else. Or, use another powered hub.