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  1. Glad to hear it's working. Still bothers me that I can run fine in Win7 64 with no compatibility settings. Just installed and ran it. Will see if I run into the same problem as time goes by.
  2. Agree with munchkin Also found this thread. Seems you may not be alone after all.
  3. I'm finally trying to fly in wwiionline. I have an X52 (not pro) joystick that I used without trouble in aces high but it is behaving badly here. So far, all I have used is the keymapper to setup the stick and throttle. If anyone has a profile they can share that would be much appreciated. I run win7 64. I have the latest saitek drivers installed. I have a usb keyboard and mouse and the stick is also usb (if that matters). I managed to get views setup the way I like them but they do not hold. Pinky switch is set to shift the main hat for upward views. It worked for a bit but then my default view got stuck at rear/right. The only way I could look forward was to press the gunsight view. The only other problem is the brakes. I tried to assign them to the toggle buttons on the stick portion but they do not take at all (wheel lock does work fine on the third toggle) Rebooted, unplugged stick, tried different settings but now I only have a forward view, no hat function at all. That is making it very hard for SA but not too bad since I'm a bnz 109e for now. I also remapped the main throttle to the rudder and the small slider to throttle. These hold no problem. Thanks for any help you can provide. sudden
  4. sonofmac, Thanks. All views are working fine now.
  5. Do they have a bios dated later than the march one that came with the board? If so, try it. Not sure if it will make any difference but it's worth a try now. Also, before that, try autotuning the ati board with catalyst software.
  6. Can't wait to try it in Ubuntu. I only have one problem, I have no sound output from Ubuntu on the last two computer builds. Both on Gigabyte mboards with onboard sound. Does Ubuntu require a dedicated sound card??? This happened with v9 and now v10.
  7. Wondering if anyone tried this controller yet? If so, what's your opinion of it?
  8. Thanks for the review skyfallr. I'll be sure to avoid the product.
  9. I just built a new comp. I'm not having any problems with BE. Win7 64 Core I5-750 4gig ram ATI 5750 Tuniq tower 120 Extreme Before installing BE I installed the latest mboard chipset drivers, ATI drivers, etc... I also flashed to the latest BIOS (gigabyte). Since you were running fine for a while after the upgrade, I thought you might have an overheat problem and would have suggested you check your cooling fans and run a core temp program. Also, a memtest. Maybe roll windows back to a time just before it started will give a clue (I think you can check before rolling back if anything was auto upgraded around the time of the problem). Maybe windows loaded a bad driver??? I know I've seen this error before but can't remember what fixed it (brain fart).
  10. I just built this one. Gave up some on the vid card but BE should be fine with it and that's the only game I play. It's not AMD but near your price range. I wanted to try the rosewill case for the fan filters, but I still prefer the antec 300, for the same price it has better build quality. I already have win7 and the hard drive.
  11. Sorry I'm so late replying also. I didn't see any replies checking new posts (gotta get used to the forum or change notifications). Thanks very much for the feedback sonofmac! I'm building a new gamer right now (didn't need to but daughter needed a comp so she has my old one). I will try your recommendations as soon as I get up and running. Thanks again. I've looked at trackir before but only recently started flying in the game. Is it a can't live without it tool once you have it? usaf77, I can already see this is different than aces high. Strictly business in-game (although the all country channel can get off topic at times;) ). Just curious how all of you deal with the mini map in flight. It always seems to be in my way. Can it be put on a hot key, or made more transparent?
  12. Did you try this yet? It will check the hardware for you. I know you already have it installed but maybe something is less than compatible with 7.
  13. I bet it's windows 7. Your hardware might not work with it. Do you have a copy of XP you can try?
  14. I think you are correct. My old wimpy E5300 is overclocked to 3.3Ghz and could be pushed further if needed but so far it's doing fine.
  15. I'm running an E5300 dual core and I don't get to 100% I wonder if something is wrong with your core usage indicator or maybe something running in the background is causing them to hit 100%. For me an 8500 would be a huge upgrade but I don't need it yet.
  16. Yes. It worked at first but while still in the hangar it got stuck in one of the rear views (not up+rear) and just stayed there. All hat positions quit working. That's the way I like to set up my views when flying combat sims. One hat switch for looking around and then a combo button with the hat to shift all views to (up)+(whatever). I don't worry too much about the down views. I just dip the wing a little for that.
  17. The X52 has another trigger type switch on the joystick portion. I call it the pinky switch because when you are holding the joystick, your index finger naturally falls on the main trigger and your pinky finger naturally falls on the other switch. I found 2 views in the keymapper that let me look towards the rear right and rear left, both up. (don't remember the names but they work like you would expect). I didn't explain myself very well in the earlier post. I know that there shouldn't be a back only view. What I tried to do was use the pinky switch as a combination command with the normal hat views. I had the pinky set to "look up" and combined it with the hat positions. It worked but didn't hold. The good news is that I'm getting closer to having it work. Thanks for your help.
  18. Thanks for the tip ycluk. I will try using different usb ports to see what effect it has. I think all my usb ports are 2.0 but it's still worth trying to switch them around (might have a flaky one). I played again today and the settings held. I still haven't tried to reprogram the pinky switch but I at least have the rear/right/up view working using the normal back position on the hat. Now that I know this is stable I will try the pinky switch again. I'm starting to suspect the switch. Just curious, how do you look behind and up in an airplane with the default hat switch views? I could not find it mapped by default which is why I tried to map all my up type views to the pinky switch.
  19. Thanks sonofmac, I appreciate it. I did remember to save the changes. They worked ok at first but then stopped and I was left with a right/rear view only and no other positions worked at all except the gunsight mode. I set things to a more basic view/hat layout and it has remained stable so far. I still don't have any back/up/ views I'm going to try to map those again.
  20. Since there were no replies for saitek can anyone recommend a joystick that works well in wwiionline? Thanks
  21. Here's another link for you. Maybe you can find your combination of mboard/cpu in this thread. fwiw, I did my first overclock on an E5300 after watching noxtek's vidoes on youtube. It worked great. I did a mild overclock to 3.3ghz but I think it may be time to try the 8400 or 8500 like you. Here's the link in case you haven't OC'd before. He has several videos put together on overclocking a gigabyte board.