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  1. Paradigm shifts are hard to accept for some of us. Mods in particular are narrow minded.
  2. Let transport planes para drop: 1. A Mobile spawn. 2. A single ATG (excluding the 88mm). 3. A single AA gun. This helps the battle and makes flying even more interesting to players since anyone can fly a transport plane with very little experience needed.
  3. Why not? They are mostly useless otherwise.
  4. I just want to have fun. A faster firing aa gun is fun. History be dammed.
  5. I find them easy to camp and camping them is a must. I made a suggestion a long time ago. Give them multiple exits and a larger footprint. Make the camping a real fight where a tanker might find himself wtfsploded by a gopher who popped up from a different hole.
  6. Now we need Welcome New Friend. Everyone gets to nominate 1 or 2 friends for a free month (axis only).
  8. Where do you turn it off? In the TV's menu? In the video controller software? Details man details.
  9. The wall was refreshing. I visited it for a short while and it was a real battle. EA running constant bombs to it etc etc. It's nice to fight outside of town for a change.
  10. I built one at my own fb. It did not block anyone from entering or exiting but it did cause any ei wishing to attack to step into the open and zig zag to get to the tents. It worked really well as long as we had defenders at the fb. I also blocked as many angles to our veh tent as possible in order to stop us from getting tank camped so easily. It's nice to be able to do these mods but how (CRS) do you police the breaking of the rules listed above? Can you undo a blocked fb?
  11. I shoot to wound. Otherwise it wouldn't be fair to the rest of you.
  12. I've had really good luck with the SPAA gun. It would be nice to see a few of them as fixed guns in town that we could man. Also, the only way I can hit a plane is to tune out the gunsights. If you look at the sights you will always miss. Trust your tracers.
  13. Battle has become more complex. That's a good thing imo. Once we get squads back to good sizes (or in game comms) the coordination to take the bunker you mention will be there. Non organized play just got a little harder.
  14. The other thing you need to do is run this test Once you have your best servers, you manually enter them into the router. Mine primary and secondary are both set to google servers and (they were among the best in my test). or you watch this video: works for pc and console
  15. First you go here The main thing you care about is bufferbloat. The rest of the info is meaningless for gaming (other than setting your qos) Next, you get into your routers menu. You are looking for QOS. When you find it, you adjust your uplink and downlink values to be just below the values speedtest showed you for up/download speeds. If you're lucky, you can pick a percentage below the max up/dn. In my case I had to pick a number from a list rather than a percentage so I'm set far lower than what I actually needed (that will be fixed with a new router one day). Now rerun the speedtest and see if you get any bufferbloat. If you still do, reduce the numbers a little more until it is gone. or watch this video:
  16. I would like a ppo that lets me build a high wall overlooking the ab and also one that lets me block allied tanks from entering the ab. and a laser beam weapon.
  17. He is the Havoc of OT. What he does seems impossible but you can't stop him.
  18. Once you leave OT you must grovel to get back in.
  19. There's always a deeper meaning in a Mikeaz post
  20. Trucks die easy. Aim for the rear end side shot. Also, no better truck truck kller than the 20mm AA gun.
  21. Depot snipers never leave OT.
  22. I could only listen for a few seconds. It sounded like a trumpet to me.
  23. You know what I want? I want trucks that can rush to town dumping troops at full speed without injuries. That would be exciting.