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  1. you're lucky. wwiiol would not work with my brand new mboard hdmi port.
  2. by more info do you mean we will know when everything goes dark?
  3. get well soon. don't smoke. have sex.
  4. Had a motherboard die on me. Replaced it with a new one and a new skylake processor. All is well in other programs. Started wwiiol. Typed in name and password. Chose campaign. Pressed play. So far so good but then the tips screen comes up and my mouse goes away. Deleted all wwiol and the folder. Downloaded full pc install. Reinstalled. Same problem. Checked the mouse drivers and reinstalled. Same problem. Scratching head atm. Any ideas?
  5. OK, wwiiol will not bring up a mouse unless you have a discreet graphics card installed Thanks for all the help and ideas.
  6. i will do that tomorrow and report back. thanks for all the feedback.
  7. I'm just using the onboard intel video on my I7-6700 (non-K) for the moment. Haven't put my old vid card back in yet. I get to the point where it says terrain loading, then it rapidly switches over to the m.o.t.d. and the mouse is gone. I even removed my anti virus program. Also tried another anti virus program. No change. No other software has mouse issues like this. I tried everything I have installed. From past experience loading the game, the transition from terrain loading to the motd page took longer than it does now (almost instantly). That's the only clue I have. I don't think it is faster because of the I7 since wwiiol does not use hyperthreading and my old I5K was overclocked to a higher speed than this I7.
  8. petie, the only other thing that changed on my end before the mouse problems was an update from windows 10, not sure if it's related but i am curious to know if you are also running win10
  9. Just tried it. Still no luck. Also did another clean install of wwiiol. Same outcome. I am truly stumped.
  10. thanks, just tried as admin. still no luck. everything is fine till the terrain starts loading then i hear a click and the message of the day screen comes up but the mouse no longer works and i can't click the ok button. very odd and without that mouse click i can't get past the screen
  11. Despite all the improvements by the new team, this one has to take the top spot. Thanks for all the hard work.
  12. quick update. was using a wireless mouse. switched to a wired mouse, same result.
  13. move it to a desert near you. they will come.
  14. Ahem, Try this if you don't have a color munki. It does a really good job of calibrating your monitor. What you should notice right away is that your range of color and transitions from black to white are much better. What you will also notice is that the game gets a washed out look to it. I find that odd. All my photo and video editing software looks great but the game is so so.
  15. All I can say is that everything else on my computer looks fantastic after doing this calibration except wwiiol. It's seems a shame to uncalibrate the monitor and bork all other programs for the sake of one.
  16. bump. None of you calibrate your monitors??
  17. I wasn't going to post but since xoom is handling geriatric living so well I say happy birthday too
  18. I don't mind the skulls but there is a compromise we might use. Shorten the display time to a blink.
  19. finally some EST power
  20. I'm sort of for this but.... It goes against the whole concept of para missions. Maybe, we could allow transport planes to set a fru?
  21. It's Senders, I suspect a new form of pad going on here.
  22. I'm not joking about starting your own squad first. There are plenty of vets in this game who will help you learn. The advantage you have is with that team, almost any squad out there would work with your squad on ops. Up to you though. My experience has been different. Most squads don't do much training. It's still learn as you go. If you want to get to the level of supply control then you are better off waiting a bit for that. Some changes are coming that affect the way things are done atm. If you keep your group organized there is very little that you can't do in this game. The squads mentioned above are all very good so no worries if you go that route. Just don't be too disappointed with the armor game in here vs WOT. Whole different approach needed or you will just die fast. Best of luck.
  23. With that many you could start your own squad.
  24. If I knew I would be downsized in a few months my heart would not be in the work at hand either.
  25. The possibilities are endless with this new MS. I like it. I hope mortars can damage it too. Just imagine a group of these things going up in a zoc, mmmmm good.