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  1. i'm waiting for tanker ppo's
  2. Just shutdown the spawn list when balance tips too far in either direction. Cap it at 1.5 attackers per defender (or other ratio, just test it) for any AO. When said ratio is reached, spawning is softly locked (leave room for some ebb and flow using timers once your magic ratio is touched) forcing the extras to work another objective for a time.
  3. will it help me get on roofs?
  4. I always help with softcaps because it is needed for strategic reasons. I can't wait until it's gone.
  5. I was thinking about the new ppo's in the works and how we might use them. I wonder if CRS could create a set and forget PPO. The use of this ppo being setup. e.g. PPO would be set by player X but will not go up for X minutes after being set or on some signal. I'm thinking it might be fun to setup a zoc full of ppo's ahead of an AO/DO that activate on a timer or event. Gives us slow players something to do in advance of an event. We could spend time prepping a town for the next operation. I would add an element of surprise instead of the typical well known places to camp or defend from. That is all.
  6. That's the role I like to play most. Sniper/Scout. Too bad we don't get points for comms and map marking.
  7. That's always been true... however, you must first rise to the top. What you're doing now is what the game needed for a while. Work towards perfection, make the changes that are most sensible, and move on. The next generation of players will learn the "new" system and become expert at it. The real trick you must perform (imo) is the shortening of the learning curve. Brain drain is the only thing that can really hurt this game. Find a way for new players to gain knowledge quickly and you win.
  8. I have turned fru hunting into an art form. Lukcy for you the 232 is easy to kill. On the down side, I've been killed so much my 232 skills have improved. If you hear "that" sound you better assume it's me or someone equally skilled and hunt us down. That is the role of the 232, scout and kill infantry. It is worthless in any other role. Be thankful that it's not a DAC or a Panhard.
  9. It would be fun if HC progressed at a slower rate. If there was a discussion, a set of orders, commander assigned, positions filled. Then, HC announces to the the rest of the PB that a new attack or defense is forming up. The PB can decide what role they want to play in that attack/defense but the role they choose for said attack/def becomes their role, their responsibility. Now you have commanders/mission leaders with small groups dedicated to a particular phase of the attack/defense. Things build up. The excitement builds up as each group of players under command sets up its part. The battle begins and plays out as it will. The HC facilitates and adjusts as the battle unfolds. Small tight groups can be asked to switch roles to fill holes (volunteers). Now you have a cohesive unit and everyone in it agreed to fill a need. It will naturally create crossover help. If one unit is failing, HC can ask another unit (that is already working together on their own) to switch gears and assist. Whether or not that assistance comes or even makes a difference is decided by the heat of battle. Bliss ensues and everyone gets a hardon.
  10. HC should not be that hard. It should be fun.
  11. I cleared every room of an ab bunker with 4 axis grenades once. Didn't even get a medal.
  12. Happy thoughts going out to you noobs oqH-Q0Zytm0
  13. You should shop at walmart.
  14. 1.36 Axis Zombies!
  15. Organization is everything in this game. Without teamwork it's really tough to make any progress. If your fru's are getting camped you simply delete them and try elsewhere or better yet, you begin further out and slowly work to town concentrating on armor attrition first. We don't always do that . I suggest you grab your group of friends again and team them up with an active squad. It's not always a mad rush to town and door to door fighting. Sometimes you have to earn your way in. Setup and ambush enemy armor until they run low on good weapons. Then you might find some success getting to the capture part of town fighting. Attrition works but it takes time and teamwork. Too many people just want to rush in and cap before the time is right. A mad rush is great when it works but it only works if you catch the other side sleeping. If they get a defense out early enough you must change tactics. The mad rush will only attrit your team.
  16. I love dogs. Sorry for your loss.
  17. Happy Crystal Anniversary.
  18. you try but you fail. never cross swords with an idiot.
  19. See. That is your problem. You never specifically excluded gliders from the question. Therefore the idiots win the day.
  20. I would switch to Linux if the game supported it.
  21. It would be an exercise in relativity.
  22. You ruined it. No more psuedo OT in this forum.