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  1. How to promote teamwork????? ??? ??? This game does not work without it.
  2. Therefore I will take it upon myself to promote a new world war game starting in the pacific theater, The nuts and bolts of my proposal are ready for venture capitalist viewing. All the drawbacks holding "this" game back from growth are already solved. I don't work well with others and have a habit of taking over anything I am involved in. My story is the same as Stallone trying to make the first Rocky movie. I know I'm right but lesser people stand in my way. I have overcome odds like these my whole working life and this obstacle will fall like others before it. My story is no different than the humble beginnings of this beloved game. There is more, much more, potential but it remains unseen by the powers that be and the naysayers who challenge my thinking. A spinoff is coming and with it's revenue I will purchase the European theater from CRS and swallow it up. It's the only way to save this game and I know it. The Toxic Avenger
  3. IMO only, this is your best future. The excitement will be high for it. Of course, you would have to go all in and put europe on the back burner only to bring it back once you have the numbers.
  4. There's only one way to save this game now. You must drop everything you are doing. Then you must, with lightning speed, move the whole map to the pacific. Heed my advice. Park Europe.
  5. The wall of text is clearly needed here.
  6. You had me at "you" I was thinking of leaving anyway and I will as soon as I get back from Walmart where they listen to customer complaints and manage to keep them as customers.
  7. Friendly fire would not be fun at all.
  8. Correct. The question posed by xoom has no answer. Normally you avoid toxic people and go on your merry way. Here, and in Walmart, you invite them in. The question should be,,, how do we at CRS do a better job handling toxic people. What is the correct response to unreasonable anger? On a deeper level, what have we done to create these toxic people and how can we (CRS) put water on the fire instead of fuel? Simply asking an aggressive poster to police his responses is a recipe for disaster. AKA fuel.
  9. I honestly cannot think of anything that will stop it from happening. It's called passion and it comes in many forms, some not so polite. Asking angry frustrated players to tone it down doesn't work. You have laid the groundwork for a better experience by fixing background issues. Now you need to deliver tangible improvements on equipment complaints, ease the learning curve to raise the number of people online and playing. This game cannot be fully enjoyed with low pop numbers. That said, the only way to get rid of the complainers is to get rid of the non-positive players or deal with their issues one by one until they are solved.
  10. To succeed or not to succeed, that, is the question.
  11. What did you do to the aimbot key? I can't find it.
  12. All my tigers blow up to zooks. I don't need a premium account anymore.
  13. I think a middle ground is needed then. If, the rats, could make behind enemy lines battles meaningful in a tactical sense it should satisfy nugitz. Like RDP but for ground pounders. Enough to hurt the enemy if they don't respond but not enough to create the chaos scking is trying to avoid.
  14. I'm all for freedom. That's what the war was all about anyway. In the interest of historical accuracy make it so. you need to take your rat hat off if you are going to give smart [censored] replies
  15. Can't wait to fight in Antwerp.
  16. I can't believe they used the dreaded word "soon". Don't these new guys know what happened the last time is was uttered?
  17. Beating a dead horse implies the horse is dead. This horse isn't dead,, yet.
  18. When HC is mia the game should let the PB vote on map moves. Problem solved. There are plenty of players that know what to do with the map.
  19. Big brother is watching.
  20. 3. No behind the lines capability. (ok, it's not a bug but it bugs me, i want to raid stuff like the air forces do).