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  1. 3 hours ago, jwilly said:

    Let's not over-infer concrete penetrability by 7.62 ball. He was shooting at modern concrete blocks, which are well known to be brittle and not at all what one would build a fortified building from.

    I think it's reasonable to assume that game bunkers are built of poured reinforced concrete, as that was normal in the 1940s. Here are a WWII photo and a modern photo of a reinforced concrete structure in Normandy that took a considerable amount of plunging naval AP fire. Caliber unknown, but the vessels offshore were cruisers, battleships and destroyers, so it's likely that the smallest caliber used was 4 inch...somewhat bigger than 7.62mm, and AP rather than ball.



    Blocks fail due to shock in flexure. Solid reinforced concrete practically doesn't have a flexure mode, and is extremely strong against shock compression.

    So, I don't think we should ask CRS to make rifle caliber ball ammo go through walls that should be concrete.

    When our old bunker comes back I would agree but the current bunker??? It is a fantasy.

    Re above comment: I want us all to get to a point where as a group,  we decide whether or not the MG34 (or any other aspect of the game) is taking too much fun out of the game. Then, we agree to a compromise. For instance, if the MG34 must be crippled a little for the sake of game play I would expect axis to receive something competitive with the thompson for room clearing. That would satisfy me. Crippling the MG34 otherwise is not acceptable simply because it indeed can be transported by a single man from point A to point B. I have no doubt that adrenaline makes clearing a building while hip shooting  and moving from room to room easier than you think it it should be. If you must cripple the LMG then don't attack the gun, attack the player stamina instead. Clearing a building should cause a rapid drop in stamina and a longer recovery time when carrying a heavy weapon (insert all my whines about the zook marathon). Can the rats do this? Probably not yet so we may have to compromise in some other way. My in game tests of the MP40 show stamina effects are way off and cause too much dispersion (I provided evidence of this a year or so ago in another thread). The MP40 is plenty accurate, the way the rats model human endurance is not accurate enough.

  2. 8 minutes ago, stankyus said:

    You only read the first sentence didn't you.  Even then you did not either read what I was responding too and mistook the context, or misread the first sentence to have come to that conclusion.  I never EVER said you could not fire from the hip or walk and fire ANY of the MGs in the game.

    I read it, just like all the other posters who make the same argument. I just did not feel like respecting the comment since it is a senseless point you are trying to make. How, if nobody walked them to the point of fire, did the MG34 get there. Does is magically appear in the soldiers hand when he needs it or does he indeed carry it around with him. If I am correct, he carries it around with him. If I am correct, and he has it in his hands, he can fire it after walking it to where he wants to shoot it. I haven't seen many videos of guys showing how they carry their guns up to the firing range but I believe that's how the guns get there. Yours and others arguments make no sense at all to me. It's a very lame argument imo. Common sense says so.


  3. On 6/5/2018 at 0:13 PM, stankyus said:

    I don't think the argument is that the MG34 or M1919, bren, bar, fm42 cannot be hip fired on the move.  I think we have shown some evidence of the LMGs from historical video of them doing so, however if you notice they are not running or even jogging they are walking at a slow pace or running and stopping to fire.  I believe also Audy Murphy used a captured MG34 IIRC to take out some german mg nests when he won the CMH while firing it from the hip into the nests as he maneuvered around. For game sakes I rather them all be limited.

    In the end, you will lose the argument on the MG34. If somehow you convince the rats, despite all evidence to the contrary, that it cannot be fired while standing or from the hip (which looks even easier), I will counter with the "fact" that you must then allow it to shoot you through a concrete wall. The end result will be the same except for one minor difference. You will not see me walk into the room just before you splatter.

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    "Because of the MG42’s devastating power, the Germans chose the reverse. The Wehrmacht placed the machine gunner in the central infantry role, with riflemen in support.

    Each MG42 ideally had a six-man crew—a commander, gunner, a soldier who carried the weapon’s tripod and three additional troops who carried spare barrels, additional ammunition and tools.

    When Allied troops attempted infantry assaults against positions protected by an MG42, the German gun crew would lay down withering suppressive fire. In most cases, all the attacking infantrymen could do was wait for a barrel change, for the gun to run out of ammunition or for a tank to show up so it could blast the machine-gun nest to oblivion."

    Lets make it a PPO ;)

  5. 1 hour ago, arado234 said:

    Vehicles may not retain new players, but may make old players resub. I'm an occasional player and i only play WBS or sub for one or two months to check new equipment and other updates. Don't know how big this crowd is though.

    The real question here is why the game play hasn't grabbed you for more than 2 months. If that can be figured out the game will grow more.

  6. On 5/26/2018 at 2:53 PM, XOOM said:

    Among many of our other advancements with the Terrain aspect of the game, going further in other directions, whether it be building up more of France or building up the Zealand areas, there is valid reason to believe that adding more play-able areas is going to remove a lot of the stagnation or repetition of the existing Campaign.

    In the near future, we’ll be sharing some information about what we’ll be doing to try and revitalize the relevancy of the naval game as well as Zealand island fighting, which at present, is crushed rapidly by map movers who are cutting these areas off with limited fighting.

    We’re also planning some fixes for our existing navy content that is directly causing issues for players using those vehicles.

    I’ll be announcing some more in the very near future, but the ability to add in new towns and terrain elements is back in tact, to the point where we’ll be seeing very many fixes across the map globally resolved. This includes several existing town lay-outs being re-worked. This also includes as mentioned the addition of several more towns to WWII Online.

    In the future, that means the starting lines of the campaign will also need to be updated. This is really important again because our more experienced map strategists know the exact routes of how to take down certain areas in sequential order.

    Are you looking forward to these possibilities? Tell us your thoughts.

    I like it. Some randomization of map dynamics would be nice too. No more "experts", make every map a new problem to solve by trial and error.

  7. On 5/22/2018 at 7:20 PM, dre21 said:

    Collider bug,   when you stop a Tank on a berm and it shakes like it's scared that a bigger tank is coming.


    The teeter toter bug, loosing both tracks and after taking a shot the damn thing is rocking like it wants to put a baby to sleep. 

    The I drive around the corner and get stuck aka clip the corner of a building and my Tank goes into a spin move or just blows up cause it felt like bug.


    I second this. Dial it back please.