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  1. Here's another link for you.

    Maybe you can find your combination of mboard/cpu in this thread.


    I did my first overclock on an E5300 after watching noxtek's vidoes on youtube. It worked great. I did a mild overclock to 3.3ghz but I think it may be time to try the 8400 or 8500 like you.

    Here's the link in case you haven't OC'd before. He has several videos put together on overclocking a gigabyte board.

  2. I'm finally trying to fly in wwiionline. I have an X52 (not pro) joystick that I used without trouble in aces high but it is behaving badly here.

    So far, all I have used is the keymapper to setup the stick and throttle. If anyone has a profile they can share that would be much appreciated.

    I run win7 64. I have the latest saitek drivers installed. I have a usb keyboard and mouse and the stick is also usb (if that matters).

    I managed to get views setup the way I like them but they do not hold. Pinky switch is set to shift the main hat for upward views. It worked for a bit but then my default view got stuck at rear/right. The only way I could look forward was to press the gunsight view.

    The only other problem is the brakes. I tried to assign them to the toggle buttons on the stick portion but they do not take at all (wheel lock does work fine on the third toggle)

    Rebooted, unplugged stick, tried different settings but now I only have a forward view, no hat function at all. That is making it very hard for SA :) but not too bad since I'm a bnz 109e for now.

    I also remapped the main throttle to the rudder and the small slider to throttle. These hold no problem.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.