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  1. 40 minutes ago, DAGGER said:

    Yes, Free Play accounts are able to multi-crew. Area chat works the same no matter what vehicle/unit you're in, so text comms in a multi-crewed vehicle would work just like in a para plane, although, since you're on the ground, there's more of a chance that the enemy will be able to hear you (not that this is such a huge deal in a tank... if they're close enough to hear your area chat, they probably know you're there already :D ).

    That's great news and it is something that we should be promoting to them. Great way to learn the game by riding along.

  2. I wonder if ftp are allowed to multi-crew??? That might help us transition a lot of people since an experienced player will be commanding. Also, since I don't know, does the local chat of multi-crew work the same as a para plane? That really helps transfer knowledge imo. Think about times when you were on a para drop where there were discussions about who caps what, who provides covering fire, and what the priorities are. That is the closest thing we have in game to a ready room. If multi-crew chat works the same ....

  3. Just now, lipton said:

    That is simply an issue with Fear of Death. Can't fix stupid. And it's typically pretty stupid to go tank hunting with just a Panny.

    But, people have zero fear of death and because of that, it does occasionally come out ahead. But not typically.  

    Same can't be said about the Axis LMG. It usually comes out on top when running around in a CP like a chicken with it's head cut off. lol

    No tank was ever as quiet as our allied tanks. They don't even break a twig sneaking up on you. We need some crunchy leaves and twigs in this game. The occasional broken tree branch and scraping sounds as they move through the forest.

  4. 1 minute ago, lipton said:

    We've been discussing the LMG issue for 15 years and nothing's been done about it. The Zook has been in game for a couple years and it's already been "fixed" once. 

    Let's focus on the LMG this time.   (and the Axis shotgun) *runs away*

    It's all about stamina. Go ahead and shoot your lmg hand held but you better expect to wear yourself out very quickly. My poor rifleman can't even hold aim when prone and a zook player doesn't die from heat exhaustion chasing tankers for miles on end. Stamina Stamina Stamina! It needs reworked first.

  5. The problem is the lack of in game local voice comms. Squads are really effective but some times you just need to grab a few players near you and point them in the right direction. That is very hard to do with the text chat and the current "find my channel on (name your favorite) external comm software.

    One thing that does help a lot but most players do not want to do is use the mission leader as a leader. Stay back from the action, observe, coordinate, communicate. ML does not have to be the guy charging in while others follow behind.

    Things would be better if you could just chat with other players based on their proximity to you. Most of us understand how to set up a perimeter but lack an easy way to grab players working near us. The mission leader is most effective when he communicates his wishes or the orders of HC or other ML's in the area. That ad-hoc temporary squad action is not easy atm.


    The other obvious problem that causes so much frustration is low numbers of players. When numbers are up, and people are available, things just run better. Every time I log in and see a lot of complaints it's due to player numbers too low on a target. This game needs lots of warm bodies. When we fall too low it becomes a hatefest between those who see the need to defend and those who see the need to attack. We need both types. Steam is going to be chaos but really fun chaos when new players begin to understand the game. Until then, it's best to adjust to the moment. Sometimes you just have to hang on and deny the advance because you simply do not have the numbers to pull off a successful capture.

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