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  1. Couldn't make it as I was working nights Was fun to see Enigma getting BnZ'd for a change... it's normally him doing that to me Great vids! My only thoughts on the vids are... any chance of making a short clip (2-3 mins) made up from little snippets of action from various angles? i.e. jump from place to place with quick edits... e.g. - shot 1- high alt: stukas diving, dropping bombs, shot 2- medium alt: stukas getting shot down, shot 3- ground: multiple bombs hitting area, shot 4- low alt: jump to blen-T approach.... etc. and maybe include original sounds? Would be good to hear the wall of flak coming from all those ships not to mention the swarming drone of the inb aircraft I think the footage you must have over the last 3 Pearl Harbours must be almost as extensive as still exists from 1941 In terms of modifications, I'd maybe allow Naval ppl who get killed to come back as LMGs? Always fun as inf to shoot inb EA, and wouldn't have a major game-changing effect, plus waaaaay more mobile than a Bofors. Plus can deploy from FRU to harder to reach places.