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  1. Let's get together to turn the tide in tz3. Join ANZACS Since joining less than 3 weeks ago I've been part of 3 squad nights, seen at least 3 others join and a few experienced players return to the game and squad. They don't even mind that I'm a "yank"; or at least not that I can tell...maybe my Australian->English translations are off mark.
  2. This needs a bump http://www.anzac.mdsnews.com/
  3. What the hell are you waiting for? Join ANZACs
  4. So we get locked into a plan for the reduced rate and then the next update melts our processors and sets our computers aflame. I'll pay the extra $3 until the fire.
  5. What are the fees for early termination? Maybe it's in this thread or on the web page but I haven't found it.