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  1. What the hell is happening here? I see chinese..... It's me???
  2. IMHO It isn't an ATI issue..... I'm running the game under WIN 7 64 bit, in WIN Vista compatibility mode, 1 ATI HD 5770 with Catalyst 9.12 and CPU Intel Core 2 Quad. The game freezes, then I stop it through the task manager.... When I restart it and log in I can't select a persona because they are all "locked". So I log off, wait a few minutes, and when I re-do the login I'm able to select personas. It seems to be a server issue
  3. I'm using Win 7 64 bit, with ati hd 5770 and catalyst 9.12..... everything is working fine now....
  4. I'm running BE on Win 7 64 bit, with Sapphire Radeon HD4870, Catalyst 9.11.... no problems at all....... this is my experience. I bought 1 week ago 1 Sapphire HD5770 and the game crashes soon when I enter the game. Anyway, at the moment I keep my 4870 running, it's still a very good card