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  1. Thanks jammy i need to divebomb some DD's
  2. Okay,beast Realism Event idea: Midway!!! Make a allied,and a axis fleet. Make Planes/Divebombers ect..and for allies sure Heavy bombers,they own teh island. From nearby airfields representing Carriers. Midway can bez ford island LOVE IT PEOPLE
  3. Motormouth, some of us are to lazy to use gophers $500 budget and upgrade our cpus So start selling CRS made Cpus for 1.31? If so put me on the VIP list.
  4. True, and there were Heavy Bombers in PH, only like 5 or 6 though.Add em next time if so i call one. HE-11 at 5+k +Stationary DD=Bang Bang
  5. i must aggree,ford island was to WIDE...In real PH it was not nearly as wide, that was like channel wide, I'd use antwerp for next one P.S You spelled pearl wrong P.S.S what program did you use to make the video? I want one.
  6. problem i got with kursk: CRS made axis tanks paper-matche compared to allied tanks, That "Are Hand Crafted By God"
  7. My Vote: Midway baby, Place allied and axis fleets on both sides of ford island, have bombers take of from nearby airfields ( A bit more axis planes though, thats how it was ) And to even it out (Also how it was ) Place some bofors and possible some ATG's on Ford = Epic Battle.
  8. I can get the weapons i have on german side on the allies side like i get a SMg on germany R on french still got it. But after a while it expires so theres like 250 outa 300 SMG's for ex. it says im lvl 2 and can't get it.
  9. Rgr,hard to check 24/7 with 22 pages.
  10. Eeryonekeeps thinking im a clone account :/ IM NOT.
  11. Can i switch from Wasmuth to Whitney???
  12. I know realy?
  13. I'll admit vista sucked balls,But 7 is badass.
  14. Just a Q before i go spend 500$ upgrading my computer. Do you have to switch over or can you stay with 1.30?
  15. Acturaly i had him upgrade to those specs. I never had him make it that badass.