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  1. oi hiya boyz guess whos commin back into the game to slay the allies? JR still smells! hehehehehe Your fan Evile
  2. while im simply not good enough for bk i will try to have theyre backs when i can. ohhh and jr suxx hehehehehe your fan evil
  3. If i were to fly Allied, id fly with the 19th RAF. Best of luck and see ya in the skys. Your below average "sausage guzzler", Evil
  4. Best of luck to you doodz. You know ill alwayse fly with ya if ya let me. evil
  5. If your flyin for the axis, DO try to fly w jg51. friendly doodz who will help you out. if your flyin allied, then fly with gregiepoo here. He's a killa. Better yet, try to fly with both and see what group you like the most then stick with it. e
  6. Well fellaz, ive been elected by the powers that be to be the official XO for a new sqaud called KG51. Were officialy tied with JG51 our brother squad, but more focused on bombing. Were primarily a CAS/Bombing squad but will end up fighting on the ground, in the air, and on the seas. If you wanna have fun with a bunch of guys who LOVE to fly, dogfight, drop bombs and support the axis side, then this squad is for you. We fully support the ground by FB supression from the air, clearing the air for AO's, Escorts for FJ's, whatever it takes. We will also be using ts3 which is almost a must. (Even if you dont have a mic we can still let you know what the ea situation is.) The Requirements for this squad: WE ARE AN AXIS ONLY SQUAD 1) a good attitude 2) Skill is NOT needed. We will teach you how to fly/bomb/groundpound. We will do this together as a team rather than a bunch of indivduals. 3)The willingness to support other squads. We work well with other squad and consider it an honor to call them our friends and sometimes family. Squads like 1LB, BK, JG51, 91st just to name a few. We have a mutual respect for each other that has been built on honor and trust. 4) not at first but eventually we will need you to download ts3. If this is something that you may be interested in feel free to contact one of us in game via pm or on comms. run with us and see if you like it. I look forward to hearing from any of you who are interested. Evile
  7. bump for my hommies in jg2! If yer lookin to fly with some killaz, these be da boyz! Evil
  8. well my friend my name is evil and i most likely NOT cease and desisit! hehehe anyhoo hope you get to play more than the 2 min i got to play in the game. my hats off to ya evil
  9. my vote? NOPE they could care less. some people love paying for what they dont seem to get. it shows. is it wrong to want my 15 bux worth to be able to play a game for more than 2 min out of 20 as promised? Is it wrong to inquire about a possible refund or credit untill they get this fixed and the game playabale for more than 2 min out of 20?
  10. agreed! Posted something like this but less kind in the bugs and testing forums. Hey MM, who do i contact if i believe i deserve or am entitled to a refund since this has been an issue for a few weeks now and ive seen nothing done about it but blog writing about how you guys have attacked this and have a new facny schmancy monitoring system up for your server that actually does the same as the ocotomom except the octomom actually produces something?
  11. BUmp for the bk boyz! Honor fightin along side of ya. Bump also for fsjr,who keeps sending me naughty pix of Himself in different smurf outfits. Evil
  12. BUmp fo dan, bio and da boyz. Alwayse an honor to run/wing alongside of them. Evil
  13. badazz bump for a squad of all badazzez! Got u ninjas backs anytime! Evil
  14. Bumps away for my bombs away bro's! Evile