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  1. Cant seem to get into your site.
  2. I've played with you guys you took my 5 man elite group that I made inside your squad as a Cu and kicked me out so no thanks.
  3. I have recently returned and I'm looking for a highly strict and highly coordinated infantry heavy group. Non of this pansy assed laid back crap. I can also go for an airborne unit I like Allies but if I must ill start my Axis persona.
  4. I have all the latest updates for my cards and hardware and I drop to 15fps on most town battles I find it quite annoying I made sure none of my hardware was a bottle neck and they arn't there basically all at the same level. So I cant really fix anything there I was just wondering why I can run normal games throw 400 bots into a server I made and have no lag issues at all but a game with... Sub Par graphics I get more than 50 people on my screen and i drop to about 15fps and to me that feels unplayable. :/
  5. So I have A decent system and have absolutely no idea why I get fps lag in this game here are my specs. (If I need to change something to make it run better i will) intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q9300 @2.5GHz 2.50GHz Ram 8.00GB DDR3 64bit Vista Radeon HD 5770 Any thoughts on the matter? Is it possible to make the game run multi core?
  6. if you want delete this post I have a feeling it will better to have this post in the allied forum due to it not being a true recruitment post yet.
  7. All this bumping..... Its like a Swingers Convention.
  8. The 107th Would be a fast reaction Paratrooper devision consisting of possibly 20-30 dedicated infantry players whom love to get stuff done. Right now this idea is in development I am just looking for a show of hands on who would be up for this. I own a large Ventrilo server 85 slots. I am looking for core members that pride themselves in there infantry roles and see tanks as deathtraps. If this Squad grows I can make branches of the squad. The name is subject to change since I have yet to see if this name is already taken. Please post on this thread if your interested in this sort of work.