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  1. Pls place Cix as german FMB number 5
  2. Dont know if u see it as GMT+1 but we are in GMT+1 so the italian time for the match will be 21.30/9.30pm GMT+1. Lolz its allways a mess with the times around the world
  3. April is just fine jammyman. Lets keep up april and rebuild the schedule starting from may
  4. Squaddies asked a delay of 30 minutes, coz they need time after the dinner Can we start at 8.30 pm??? Sry if we changed the time, but thats what my squaddies asked.
  5. Pls put diablo85 as DE FMB (ML6) Thx
  6. How about kick gladio out of this? rgr for ML8
  7. Please enlist me as DE FMB (ML 7)
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  9. Looks good GFJ jammyman and thx for the time u are spending for this event!
  10. I want more blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Well,i think will be fair to keep up this match schedule and assign the 2 points when we come up to play against the squads that left the tournament. So point 1 fit for me and for REI guys. Lets hear the other teamleaders opinion and then decide.
  12. Well guys,this was for sure the most exciting match so far. Im not saying this coz we won,but because all the REI guys and i think your guys had a great night. Both team fought till the last second and i think this is the real spirit of this challenge. So,congrats again,u did a great match and also GL for the next match guys,i wish u to win the next 1. !S all
  13. March 13 at 1500 Eastern Time