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  1. Good news for the new players (be it in the game or in a specific branch)! From the very last dev note: Players with Rank 3 and above can now create missions.
  2. Great resources posted here! You might want to take a look at this too, it's well known but still valuable. Bayonet Strength - Battalion Organisation during the Second World War An enthusiast's site dedicated to the evolution of the Infantry Battalion, in its many forms, during the course of the Second World War. Talking about wargames and HPS games in particular, the revised orbats for France'40 shared at Campaigns France should be pretty accurate. If you are interested by the Belgian Army at that time, I've got a map showing its deployment down to the Company level from the May 7th to the 10th.
  3. Ever wondered what was the garbage can lid on the Pz 38(t)'s rear? Well, here is the answer. Behind this plate was the radiator's fan: At the center of that plate was an hole, in which to insert an hand crank to start the engine whener the electrical Scintilla (then Bosch) made starter had a malfunction. There is a rumour about the Pz38t's ability to tow a lorrie with a fuel tank to extend dramatically it's range. That rumour is true and the reality go even further since it could also be used to fuel a flamthrower. Source: Praga LT vz. 38/PzKpfw. 38(t) Par Vladimir Francev & Charles K. Kliment MBI Publishing House, 1997 ISBN 80-902238-2-6 Cheers
  4. Hello Tebriel, please post your specs and the faulty cfml, maybe that someone will be able to help with more details.
  5. Is the Post Render Filter Enabled? After upgrading my comp, the game crashed about every 10 minutes untill i turned this option off and now I only get two or three CTHL per session, no more CTD.
  6. FN HP handgun (GP35) still in use in the Belgian Army, British Army, Indian Army, Australian Defence Force, Argentine Army, Luxembourg Army, Israel Police, Singapore Armed Forces and Venezuelan Army, among others. The Irish Army replaced its Browning Pistols (known popularly as BAPs, or Browning Automatic Pistols) with the H&K USP automatic in 2007. During the WW2, it have been used by both sides. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browning_Hi-Power
  7. Wonder work here sjkeegs, very "infortaining" to watch, reviewing this should be mandatory during the OCS. Season's greetings and S!
  8. Since I deinstalled the "QoS Packet Scheduler", I'm having CTD every 10-15 minutes, I'm gonna now try to reinstall it but I wanted you to know. Got a CTD just now, "Out of memory" this time (i got 3.2 Go). What's going on? I haven't changed anything, apart the QOS thing, and I got like 15 CTD just today.