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  1. The 13th Infantry Regiment is an all Allied squad. We are are EU/US TZ squad which has strongest numbers through early EU Prime until Early US prime. We also have players during the 'low-pop' hours also. Our numbers are between 20-30 most nights during our primetime hours, making us one of the largest Euro Timezone Allied squads...and increasingly larger in US prime. Our main objective is to have fun whilst getting the job done. We have good representation in High Command and have received many citations for our efforts in past campaigns. Our title suggests purely infantry operations, yet we tend to try our hand at everything. Our main mission types are: FB Busting/Defending Setting up Attacks with Multiple MSPs and ATGs Para drops on fresh AOs Naval Operations including DD convoys and Amphibious assaults using Transport ships and FMBs. Armour Columns Bombing Raids Fighter Sweeps All of the above we are very acomplished at executing and you will find fun operations are a regular occurence in the 13th Inf. We like to use Teamspeak as much as possible to promote a friendly atmosphere and also make us more effective in combat too. Our forum ( is the 'control centre' for the regiment where we have a strong community and a huge amount of information for new players is located in our training and intel sections. Many players feel they don't spend enough time in game to be part of a squad or feel that they will be 'tied down' by a squad. This is definitely not the case with the 13th. Anyone is welcome even if they only play one or twice a week. In fact if you have less time in game, our squad is a good way of finding more fun and action in a shorter space of time. If you don't want to be tied down then that is fine too as we allow our players some 'lone wolfing' time provided they communicate with us and join in whenever they are available. For new recruits we are ideal. We have taken on hundreds of new players and shown them the ropes, some of which have gone on to become some of the best in the game. We thrive on recruits and provide a perfect place for learning how to play WW2OL. We do our best to help you gain rank and have a lot of patience for the greenest players. Our language may sometimes be 'colourful', our humour may sometimes be 'black', but our intentions are always those for the best of our members. If you are interested in joining the 13th, please register at our forum and post a thread or PM one of the following players: khbigjoe, bob1724, woolef, parra00, rwt, bulldog, ltzing, pickaway, bigrow Welcome to the 13th Infantry Regiment...for Grown Men Who Should Know Better!
  2. Still no crashes/lockups/bsod's now over a week with 10.7 so they're definitely working better for me. -Dave (manicmoose)
  3. I installed 10.7 since I have been having some lockups/bsod's with 10.6 (with the bsod's referring to an ati file). So far they're working well and it hasn't crashed on me since, and performance in WW2O is the same or better..I haven't really noticed. My card is the Sapphire ATI Radeon 5850 Toxic Vapor-X -Dave (manicmoose)
  4. bump! -Dave (manicmoose)
  5. This isn't a problem only when you're sprinting is it? CRS made it harder to turn suddenly while sprinting to try to take care of warping issues. Takes some getting used to, but it isn't game breaking so I'm not sure if you're having some sort of other problem. -Dave (manicmoose)
  6. I recommend if you are looking into ECO products to check out reviews online as they have had problems with barbs breaking, coolant leaking, etc...(bit-tech review had 5 break during the review). I use the Corsair H50 and it does the job nicely, but I figured I'd let ya know about the possible issues with the ECO cooler -Dave (manicmoose)
  7. Been a few posts on this, and as I've said before the game runs smoothly for me on a Sapphire Toxic 5850 1GB (Vapor-X) with all settings maxed on 1920x1200. Normal FPS is 60+..sure it dips down to 20s while recording but it never stutters, and I don't have any other graphical anomalies that I've noticed thus far. Driver version: 8.723-100406a-098769C-ATI Catalyst™ Version 10.4 AMD Phenom II X4 3.2ghz RevC3 4GB of Kingston Hyper-X DDR3 1600 CL8 500gb WD Caviar Black HDD Asus Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard Antec P183 case Corsair H50 cooling -Dave (manicmoose)
  8. I don't know of a combined app that does those things but we figured a way out to get stats from CS&R using a program called G15Web and the instructions are here -Dave (manicmoose)
  9. Sapphire Toxic 5850 (Vapor-X) 1gb..No problems at all with the latest drivers. No stutters, occasionally FPS will go to 20s when recording but its always smooth..usually is 60+. No graphical glitches that I've noticed. 1920x1200, all settings maxed, highest vis limit/etc... Running with an AMD Phenom II X4 3.2ghz CPU and 4gb DDR3 memory. -Dave (manicmoose)
  10. I have the Sapphire Toxic 5850 and have no problems (not even stutters) ingame so I would assume this is a driver issue. Definitely something going on... -Dave (Manicmoose)
  11. Phallus, did you get through putting all the information into the G15Web program? What keyboard do you have? Try reinstalling the drivers and going through it again. whitten, that is a great idea but that kind of information isn't available unfortunately. It is something that would have to be done inhouse by CRS I would imagine. However there is quite a bit of information in wiretap that could be used in a similar way. -Dave (manicmoose)
  12. bump -Dave (manicmoose)
  13. Very nice setup, I dig the red. What benchmarks do you recommend? -Dave (manicmoose)
  14. Hey guys, Spent most of this weekend moving so I'm exhausted and I'll keep this short. Got the new PC Friday and everything is working great. Getting between 40-120 fps (vsync off, 1920x1200, all settings max) for the most part..has dropped to 25 in big battles but the best part is that it's always smooth..I haven't seen a single stutter in the beta yet. Quite impressed with this rig so far. Seems to run fairly cool too for only having one exhaust fan right now, the H50 does a great job..but I still plan on adding a few more fans in a month or so. Here are some pictures..sorry for the quality, and the desk is just temporary.. -Dave (manicmoose)
  15. The PC that I go and pick up tomorrow (!!!) is in a P183 case and uses the I'll report back on how well it works for me. As well the P183 already uses sound dampening on the side panels and other parts of the unit so I'm not certain you'd need a sound dampening kit, but I'll let you know how quiet it is as well. I'm not particularly concerned about noise myself, but I've heard good things about this case (other than with the fans on top speed). -Dave (manicmoose)