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  1. Hearing this really upset me. I remember having great times playing with Buckeyes and he really welcomed me into the game when I was an ubernoob. Tough to find people as nice as him. He will be missed. S!
  2. "Bombs over Berlin." Bombers by the dozens, perhaps 60 or 70. Interceptors also in extreme numbers. Maybe a few escorts... should be something resembling the P-51. (38 perhaps...) Target: Frankfurt. Depending on how many bombers there are, winning is determined by % damage done to factories. Keep the interceptors "penned up" and release them when a certain line of EWS squares lights up.
  3. ALLIED SHIPPING PLEASE! multicrew or solo, its all good.
  4. A para mission to a southern soft-cap was going rather uneventfully. The final table was awaiting the arrival of the radio, so we took up defense positions and generally messed around, throwing smokes and laying saps. After hearing the radio pop up in the bunker, I ran back in only to hear the unmistakable D-B engine of a 109 drawing near. I went outside to investigate, as there was no other enemy activity around. The few paras that were outside had been taking pot-shots at the plane, and apparently someone made contact, because at around 1KM out the pilot made an abrupt turn and throttled the 109 right back at me. He must have seen me hit the dirt, because not a second after I got my rifle set to 500M did the pilot start lighting up everything around me. Taking the best shot I could in the 1/50th of a second I had, I was planning on sprinting back into the bunker after the strafing run had passed. To my amazement, I noticed that my bead was directly over the cockpit when I fired. At 100M or so, the guns stopped and the plane barreled into the ground behind me. Even though it was a 1 kill mission, it is probably the most satisfying kill I have ever had. -- Corporal Dasquirrel Mar 10, 2010 SORTIE DETAILS Started Mar 10, 2010 in a French Airborne Rifle from Reims. Ended with 1 kill and 1 capture.
  5. Hey, Would it be too late to get a crew position somewhere? I'd also be willing to help tow Bofors before wave 2 if you guys need help...