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  1. That was an eye popper! Welcome back jvr1959! cu soon. :E
  2. Charlie Chaplin. Who knew!!! p.s. be Extra careful... when everyone is saying such Nice things... ETC.*
  3. Was checking out some video clips of Band of Brothers' reunion etc. and found this. . . . . Quite long but excellent real life sounds and info on 88 & 17pdr. etc. etc. Enjoy! I did.
  4. Crying out Loud. That sounds fantastic! Thanks & GW. wintons*
  5. Great Game made even better; playing with a squad ! And i vouch for this one squad as a Keeper! Check us out for depth and just plain fun! !
  6. Thank YOU Bowen ! 9 months without my 2 favorite games and last nite an old returning bud in Close Combat 2 - A Bridge too Far game got that game up and running: Hosting & Joining ! But alas my most fav. game, Battleground Europe... though i could Now Update it... finally! it still wouldn't allow me mouse cursor to operate at the intro Page of the game! So i maybe something is at the forums and OY! There it were! Thank u thank U! 2 games in 24 hrs. after nine months ! WOW. What a relief! I just kept clicking on............... next thread. !
  7. Thank you 2... This is like going to the doctors and finding out what is wrong... even if it isn't great news... at least you know what it isn't I was just getting around to the fact that the reason why my son and i can't play any of our games on 'Vista' is because of directX 10 ! oy... And yes my upgraded computer has Realtek sound game. AND I THOUGHT it was because of my daughter and a virus! Tks Again Gents ! See u soon... i hope !
  8. I got that same reaction with Tanks. PLUS, i can't log into the game... as it loads chat info... drops me back to DESKTOP. I thought it was a virus. However, i just got my HD wiped and reinstalled windows and even UPGRADED to Vista and still having me drop back to DESKTOP. Vista seems to have alot of incompatibility probs with my drivers and of course NORTON Anti-virus. oy Glad i'm not alone on that tank crash to a complete Windows REBOOT. (Just not dropping to DESKTOP). Tks for any help. )