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  1. Good to be back! Just need to reassemble my PC now to have a go again (dismantled for a house move).
  2. You have to crawl backwards into the payment screen and strafe left and right a bit.
  3. You don't have it plugged into a USB Hub do you? They hate that.. Plug it directly into your PC.
  4. He means the sniper rifle crosshairs! I had the same problem with no vertical crosshair. Changing 8x to 4x anti-aliasing fixed it for me too! Thanks! Until now Doc had said to update the graphics driver and it solves it (but it didn't.. Not for me anyway). I have no idea why it should vanish at 8x but I'm glad it's all good now
  5. Same here.. Doc said it was a driver issue in another thread but I've upgraded to the latest Nvidia drivers and still have the problem..