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  1. I agree for the most part. The combined arms sim dream was what drew me to this game. Although I like mobile spawns and frus (so far), I desire to see improvements with SIM in mind vs. more insta-mode. In a sim, the game play comes from allowing the players to interact with the world as freely as possible, with the devs job being improving the tools for the player base to do so, stepping in only as a referee might to punish hacking or cheating, etc. Seems they got away from that a bit with AWS, the current brigade system and AO system. I understand that changes were made because many, including me, have times where I want "insta-mode" action, balance issues, etc. But I realize that if BE goes too far towards instant action only, it will lose it's unique place in MMO and truly die.
  2. Even an apple usb keyboard will work. I use an Apple extended keyboard originally meant for g4's. (I'm using it on my AMD based PC). It's ancient but I like it, though I like the old school serial ones even better. They don't make em like they used too...well, except for the original iMac keyboards, those sucked.
  3. Errr. For one thing, the cpu and gpu are two major components, so you are seeking to buy something new and instantly upgrade it? Why not just kit out a Dell with the specs you want instead? Also, it's an Intel based laptop you listed. You can't add an AMD cpu to that or a pci-e graphics card. It's either physically not possible or you'd have to swap the motherboard in it. At that point, you might as well have bought a new laptop or a regular tower case.
  4. Everything ran great for 3 days then yesterday, I had a couple CTDs, and one CTHL. It was during Pacific evening and in a busy town. Then today was relatively low-pop, ran perfect for hours. Had one pause where it almost seemed to hang, but it recovered on it's own after a minute.
  5. After doing a search on the internet in various forums, it's seems there are a couple of related issues. A certain percentage of people are having problems with the grey lines and crashing, while others have weird flickering in 2D (especially with dual screens or more). One explanation seems to be that the DDR5 RAM in these cards are having issues with state changing (when stepping from one voltage to another), hence adjusting the memory clock or RMA-ing for new cards with a different batch of RAM fixes the issues. Second one that makes sense for some of the issues, is that the card can't compensate for the timing for a second monitor properly. Locking the memory clock at a fixed frequency fixes the issue. I was having some odd screen flicker on my second monitor whenever I allowed the card to step down its speed with ATI Overdrive. So I fixed it by keeping the minimum memory clock at the stock speed. No flicker, works great.
  6. Ya, it's 1GB. It's pretty nice. With driver maturation, the performance should only improve. The reviews I've seen show that the Nvidia 260 is faster in many games but the 5770 has DX11 support and can be found for a bit cheaper, so it's still a good value. In terms of performance, it seems like this game doesn't really tax the card at all, so the bottleneck in performance lies elsewhere in the hardware. The ATI meter barely ever gets past 50% load during heavy game play. My setup is a Gigabyte am3 with a Phenom II X4 805 2.55ghz, 2GB DDR3 corsair ram, XP 32 bit, 22" Viewsonic, Audigy 2 ZS sound card. The card is considered to be lower powered than the Nvidia cards, but still needs a second rail. I blew my old PSU thinking I could get away with it. Got a brand new Antec 650 Earthwatts now. Runs great. I'm probably going to get more RAM and perhaps windows upgrade at some point to see if I can get more FPS. I also want to switch to Intel in a few months, as they seem to be the performance leader right now.
  7. Right now, getting away from integrated graphics would be a huge jump for you. Next, get that extra ram since it won't cost you so much. And look for deals on CPU's, even a fifty buck upgrade might keep you going until you can go Intel.
  8. That's a sweet card. I almost wish I had gotten one of those instead of the 5770, but I wanted DX11 support for the future and I plan on going crossfire with two of these in a few months. Personally, get it from Newegg. Tigerdirect has had iffy customer service in the past and they like have to much email spam. Also, I noticed that with the 5770 the game doesn't really stress it much compared to other games. The activity meter barely gets to halfway, while GTAIV or Alone in the Dark will almost max it out. Yet, FPS isn't lightyears better, so I am assuming that the CPU and Ram is more of a bottleneck (I only have 2GB right now) than the GPU itself. Just about any card will help you over the integrated graphics.
  9. Can't wait. Aaargh. Get it out ASAP. Hehe. So tired of lag deaths. And getting an easy kill because of it cheapens the experience as well. It seems that sometimes your ahead or behind the lag curve. Last night, I'd see someone for a moment and they'd already be turning and shooting. I know I'm old and slow, but not THAT slow. I'm guessing I was shown the animation a few milliseconds behind. I've also benefited, where I'd see the enemy seem to not respond quickly enough. They're probably cursing on their end. Heh.
  10. Make sure to keep the FPS meter off. That seems to help a lot. I have a new Asus Cucore 5770. Haven't had a CTD since I got it (knock on wood). Played for hours with no problems. Haven't even seen the dreaded "Mission results are loading" (though that is probably just luck).
  11. Take a close up shot of the pins on your motherboard. Also a pic of the LED leads. Post them here. Finally, try to do a search for your motherboard on-line for manuals or tech tips.
  12. I have a new Asus 5770 with the latest 10.1 CCC. Worked fine for hours tonight, no crashes. I run with the fps turned off. I just turn it on for a sec if I want to doublecheck once in a while. The only hiccup was the same thing that happened with my old 4650, which is it stutters for a bit sometimes when the announcements come on (ex. "Xxx-depot has been captured by the enemy.").
  13. Just FYI, in my case, it seemed to run fine until it crashed when the notification item pops up (the little speaker thing and the New Orders Received). 4650 1GB running 9.11 drivers. I reverted back to 9.7 and it works, obviously. If it's possible to turn those off in-game, it might be a useful test.