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  1. For the last two years i have been battling cancer. We had it beat and it would come back again and again it has in lamens terms spread thru my whole body im always in pain on alot of meds but its a battle that ive lost. I came back here cause i have had alot of good times and bad but its a great escape to forget whats coming. Everyone in my real life is so sad and drags me down but here ive friends that i can laugh with camp spawns with and tie on a good buzz with and for moments in my day i can forget and i want to thank you all for that the day is coming soon to damn soon that i wont be logging back into here or life yes ive come to terms with it and have said goodbye to my family friends and loved ones in my real life but knowing how i feel anymore which is getting bad i wanted to say goodbye to my friends and family in this game as well