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  1. Yeah i'm not sure about that. Some players like the easy street (axis ) route while i know there are a good many who also like to pitch in on the side getting rolled (allied). So i think the current system kinda accomplishes that. But it would be nics to know how drastically underpop one side was just for curiosity's sake.
  2. Everyone take a moment and have a good chuckle with the axis player(s) crying crocodile tears over equipment imbalance.
  3. Yeah in principle i agree. However at that point someone could in theory bomb their own side's inf and tanks on purpose. Pretty easy to do givem the map shows you exactly where they are at. You can imagine someone trollling or cheating. We all hear claims of spies as is (not sure how much is reality vs. paranoia), this would introduce mass paranoia and new ways to cheat like never seen before.
  4. Congrats Kool, well deserved!
  5. ** tries to find eye rolling emoji but fails **
  6. Listen, i think the complaints in this thread all have to do with the HC centric part of gameplay. Things can go entirely sideways percipitously, based on the actions of one. I realize this more fully matches how things work in real life, i can even appreciate the fact that the CRS tried to capture this dynamic as part of the game. However, this is a game and it isnt a model that promotes a healthy game environment in terms of keeping your playerbase engaged and logging in frequently. CRS has admitted as much, thus they are reworking the rules to a hybrid (Brig/town supply). Hopefully that satisfies people who cheer both sides of the coin. Just a shame we have to wait until Q4 2018 to see it. My feeling is there will be quite a bit of damage done by then with regards to player base.
  7. I would say during the past week i have just started noticing this issue. What happens is i connect to our squad channel and everything works fine. Maybe 5 minutes later i stop hearing others talk. I dont believe they can hear me either. Discord UI shows me as connected. At this point i disconnect from channel and reconnect. It will do the same thong yet again in another 5 to 10 minutes. A couple things... I have tried checking the "Use legacy" setting but it mafe no difference. The QoS setting in discord is turned on. I am running the app as administrator I have "Push to Talk" enabled. The only change i have noted is that i did recently get a new router. Unclear if it is related but the timing kinda matches. On the router i was gonna tinker with QoS for discord but i do not believe that should matter because the packets already being marked appropriately on the app side. Any thoughts?
  8. I am attempting to create a QoS policy in my router for this game to prioritize everything. Which ports TCP/UDP ports do I need to include. In looking at the resource monitor I see the following: Remote Address ( - port 27015 Remote Address (204..237.246.192) - port 27106 Remote Address (IPv4 loopback) - 51364 Remote Address (IPv4 loopback) - 51365 I found a post that claimed it was 27015-27020 but I want to confirm - and additionally do i need to also include the IPv4 loopback ones?
  9. Case and point why the whole strategy of hc gameplay needs to be changed. I know it is on roadmap, just too bad it is q3/q4. Gonna be a ton of worthless campaigns between now and then that drive the player base away.
  10. Suggesting that it should take 50 bombs to destroy ms is silly. A couple 500 lb bombs ought to do the trick. Hide your ms better. Its fine the way it is. Maybe you should be able to repair them though, they have a damage %.
  11. Anyone know who handles reviewing .reports? I'm sure it is more than one person, just looking for someone. I just have a question and would like to PM someone on it. Thanks.