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  1. I'd go for that if there was a 1 in 10 chance you hurt yourself jumping from 2 or 3 story roof.
  2. Is there any way to permanently fix Area 51. It is constantly an issue. More often than not - when you login one side owns all the flags. That or their is no brig to spawn from.
  3. If you could make the mission scope able to be changed after the fact that would be ideal. Many times it is the case that you want to keep the mission under wraps to begin with to maintain element of surprise ... but once that phase is done .... would welcome anyone to join. You can imagine trying to orchestrate blowing a lightly defended fb where they are not initially aware of your precense, or something like that.
  4. All HC moves and cp/ab captures are logged in a database i imagine. Should be able to chronolgically look at sequence of events and clearly see if it is a bug or something else ... no?
  5. I still think a para ML being able to create fms would be fun. And flag on inside of fms is a nice idea.
  6. Oh. I was just reading the sticky and it made it sound that way. Thanks.
  7. Question is ... why did this dll issue crop up just now with this relatively tiny xml client patch? Any clarification on that would be great.
  8. Welcome back
  9. Huh. I thought the traverse speed was dependant on the engine RPM's. At a dead stop, it would be harder to rotate than moving in other words. Dead stop i thought i lt was more like a 60 second full turn?
  10. Yes agree. I am starting to wonder that myself.
  11. I wonder how much the 88 kills have decreased since CRS took trucks away from f2p accounts. I suspect quite a bit. Problem of our own making i guess ...
  12. I would welcome side lock for a campaign, if for nothing else .... just as an experiment to try something new. I don't see it as an axis or allied thing. Just another lever to pull to mix it up a bit without changing fundamentals of the game.
  13. Sounds like we mostly agree. I was just pointing out both sides have beefs b/c you made it sound as though it was a one way deal, at least that is what i heard. BTW ... the notion you can move around effictevely at considerable speed, swing and aim and shoot an lmg from the hip is B.S. All of these videos that Axis LMG appologists post show a 250 lb man struggling to stay upright while firing. Almost getting blown backwards. Hardly compelling. But appreciate the effort anyways. And firing a grenade 3 feet away from you at your feet to clear a room and running away totally alive is what i was talking about. Great advantage for that weapon i dare say.
  14. Well then you lost me. There are a ton of examples where things are "nerfed" or not historically accurate on Allied side ... as you probably know already. Maybe you were just trolling though. Axis LMG Axis Grenadier British Grenadier neutered US gets horse *bleep* french cmle 25 blah blah blah blah .... blah. Good day sir