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  1. It is a rorschach test. I see a field of monarch butterflies.
  2. I only have feedback on point #2. Have the event during the evening U.S. time rather than during the day. It makes it pretty much impossible for some of us to attend due to wife, children, whatever. There has not been a single one i have attended over the years due to it always happening during the daytime. I know you said that the event was live streamed. Is there gonna be any videos of it posted (besides the buzzard cam) ... from boots on ground view?
  3. Good post @delems you summed up my feelings on the matter as well.
  4. The ball was clearly dropped by someone - event should've been called "Irish Spring"
  5. Ahhh panzerskreks in the veh spawn do not go a long way towards getting the fb down ASAP .... but i am willing to look past that. So there ya go Dre! Maybe everything has come full circle and you have learned something through your own experience. Perhaps the fb camping, tank driving, stat whooring S.O.B's on the Allied side have a story to tell as well. Are you able to allow for that possibility? Just last night i took part on a FB camp (as i am sure it was perceived by the Axis). Like you i drove the truck and setuo 1 of the MS's. We had tank support but funny thing was .... darn infantry kept spawning in (dudecan) and put up a bit of a fight. After getting my engineer killed many times over i took a break and spawned a semi-auto to keep the infantry contained to the inf spawn. So ya see ... it isn't always so simple as you suggest. It was an FB to an AO ... and i blame the Axis defenders because if it wasn't for them spawning in we woulda had it down easy.
  6. Lol. You sir were doing one hell of a job camping an fb just the other day at the Clermont-Verdun fb. Your crack squad had it camped to all hell .... took forever for ya to take it down once people stopped spawning. I guess Dre you probably would argue that falls under the category or "attriting the enemies supplies" .... or maybe you would call it providing "infantry support" in your stug. Hell i even drove an achilles from a diff fb to try to get u campers ... 2k drive ... and you guys were still working on "blowing" the fb with your tanks ... automatic weapons .. and panzershreks. Looked at your sortie details too. Good run .. 20 kills, 12 of which were the same poor fella (jowood). Little bugger never stood a chance but he must have put up a good fight though for the amount of time it took ya to take it down. Not to mention you have an entire squad (the 505th) who is great at setting up fb camps .... they "turtle it up" as you would call it and house those kills as well. Seems to be their P1. God bless 'em for that, they do a great job and are hard to deal with .... point being, your tank camping, stat whooore argument is quite stale and could use some freshening up.
  7. w/o an influx of new players or the whips switching, i honestly don't think you will see an Allied victory for some time. Too Allied many vets left the game. Would love to be wrong - but that is how i see it.
  8. Also ... you can compare brig toe sheets pretty easy w/o logging into other side in-game.... This campaign is a little funky though ... note that T0 is really T3 i guess.
  9. ^^^^^ yes yes yes
  10. Completely agree with you on tank numbers, and the balance thereof, in infantry flags becoming silly. As for the rest of it .... a little early to be drinkin' ain't it?
  11. I don't know ... i think removing the ability to send out an SOS to your side that x, y, and z is going down doesn't make a ton of sense. But we will see how it goes i guess.
  12. It's a moot point really. Even 1 AO for underpop side during low server pop results in maybe 1 or 2 trolls tops. TBH you will be far more likely to see no EWS at all for an extended period of time.....
  13. Tactics be damned, i am just happy that we have made the game enjoyable to play once again for undercova. That, after all, is what is truly important. Recent intel suggests he has been an insufferable whinny b!!tch on side chat recently.