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  1. Pretty sure he was talking about the game Squad.
  2. Ah man that is just terrible to hear. I pray things go good for ya and you beat this thing, fight on.
  3. Sail RDP mission? What factory are you able to hit with DD's? Pretty nice.
  4. Yeah - i think most of us would agree the issues with CQC are pretty substantial and probably the #1 candidate for a "fix" or at least "improvement" for many of us.... (sorry for if the video is grainy and dark) Funny thing is, my squad mate is going on a jag regarding laggy players ... then this happens to me lol. For the ceremonial death by lag - fast forward to the end
  5. Hi deadly, what time of day do you normally play? What time zone? That could sway which squad may be a good fit. I play with 7th AST and you are more than welcome to hop on discord and check us out. Most of us play U.S. prime time but we have some overseas as well.
  6. Ohhh . Just checked on map status, to see if it moved in past hour ...... and ...... it did, now Axis have 56% to 44%. Relax.
  7. Agreed. I have been quite enjoying the battles post 1.36. I gotta chuckle a bit at the people who are complaining that a winner has not yet been determined. Things are moving .... map starts 55% towns Allied, 45% Axis. It is now 45% to 55% in favor of Axis. You also have to factor in WBS .... increased numbers slowed the map a little as well. Fear not Dwalin .... keep grinding. You may have to come to grips with the fact that a successful session of WW2OL gaming is 4 or 5 towns aquired rather than a bakers dozen. But i kinda prefer that TBH .... i enjoy the battle aspect more than map moving. Maybe it is my brain deploying a self defense mechanism ... over a calendar year of out-right slaughter and losing campaigns ... i now keep telling myself it is all about the fight. If i thought different ... i woulda unsubbed with the rest of 'em.
  8. Smash cut to all the people b!tching about the map not moving. You can't make it up. Lol.
  9. I am hoping the rats fine tune things for next campaign a bit, to try and find that sweet spot. The nice thing is .... groundwork is there. I have been saying theat the following would result in more fun all around ... and help bolster the strategy side of the game. 1) Add a few more moveable flags ... not many 2) Garrison supply consists of core units. Lower tier stuff. A tier or two behind. 3) Newly introduced stuff that comes in tier progression ... mostly goes to moveable flags. The top tier equipment, difference making stuff. 4) moveable flags have very few standard equipment that you would find in every garrison. So if every town has 100 rifles, maybe the moveable armor flag has 10 rifles and moveable inf flag has 60 or something like that. U get the idea. So .... imagine tier 0, not every brit garrison gets mattys, they are in moveable flags. When the tiger is first introduced .... not in every town along the front, but moveable flags have them. Similarly .... you could do the same with top tier inf weapons (bazookas when they come in, grease gun, fg42, etc) ... after a tier or two they become commonplace and are in garrisons. So maybe final tier all garrissons have tigers or whatever it is .. tier 5 or 6. Point is ... when equipment comes in, limit it a bit to moveable flags (sorry csm).
  10. The front as we speak is something approaching 30 + towns. You are telling me you can't even focus efforts towards 1/3 of it? As you start to push into a cut that expands the towns on the front even further, all of which have garrison supply. I agree a couple more supplemental flags may help
  11. Why? Why do you have to move the entire front? Why can't you push specific areas of the map? You no longer have to worry about too few flags to cover your cut's flanks. Just make the cut a few towns wide right? Seems to me this is where HC as a whole needs to adapt and march to the same beat. Develop a strategy ... have all of your HC members get on-board and carry it out 24/7. Place AO's exclusively in a consistant area of the map. What is stopping you? During underpop times, turtle up and protect what you gained until pop turns in your favor. I know it is easier said than done. Normally, i see AO's all over the front .. normally just placed for convenience in regards to what fb's we have and how many attacking town links there are. If that is your criteria than yeah, it is just gonna see-saw all along the front. Your cut isn't going to happen overnight like it used to happen, but i don't see why it is impossible.
  12. Oh ok, i am for not making an attack necessarily easier or harder ..... just for marginalizing a weird scenario that gives a significant advantage to the side that just lost the town. Essentially allowing a period of time where only one side can spawn. No need to punish the side that just lost the battle for the town, no need to reward them either .... which is essentially what you advocating for. Counter-attack all you want ... but at least affoard the side that just took the town a minimal force to defend.
  13. When/where did he state that? I kinda got that feeling based on comments made towards the subscription drive progress ....
  14. All i will say is .... there are players who sub and never play but enjoy premium forum access. So it takes all kinds. Anyhow, just an idea how to add more value to paying customers if the plan is to continue to allow FTP.