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  1. Lots of targets over here Nilly. The only thing missing is you. I know you have played a ton of Allied, just not lately. Don't be a stranger ... that's all i'm saying.
  2. I agree with this in principle as well. Make the moveable flags be the hammer rather than just more of the same supply.
  3. Yeah, i guess that i won't bark up that tree too much other than to say. Side-lock needs to be based on your IP address and not your account. It's silly.
  4. Listen. Current f2p is no way to introduce a guy to this game. That is all i am saying. It is a fail. Let's regroup and move on.
  5. Ok cool. I would just say ... don't bother forcing current f2p's to the underpop side b/c i gotta be honest ... a bunch of rifles to balance things out will make no difference in terms of a balanced fight. It may check a box or a spreadsheet nicely, but that is about it. What is the word im looking for ? Fodder i think.
  6. I believe we are near the point where we can say that tge current F2P approach simply is not working. I say "not working" in the sense that it has not grown the population in any meaningful way. I really think that the F2P model should be .... expand the weapons that they can use. Not sure exactly how much to expand TBH. Maybe greatly. Then in exchange for that ... we do not permit them to select which side they play for. They only have the option to spawn underpop side. Maybe even give them full access to all infantry units. 1) It is a great way for them to get their feet wet and feel like they have a fighting chance. Do not feel as if they are at a disadvantage by nature of the account type. 2) Hopefully by keeping them engaged, having fun, getting kills, etc, they will keep coming back. If they do ... eventually they will make friends in game, want to join squad, or prefer a side. At that point they seem primed to subscribe. 3) The current side balance system doesnt work all that great. But i promise you, this will! 4) F2P players will actually be much more useful in the sense they can help blow fbs, guard cps effectively, etc. A great way to learn. 5) Get rid of the stupid "Reserve" infantry class. CRS has it backwards. The Reserve equipment should be for paying subscribers! 6) This model should not impact your current subscriber base all that much. Most "vets" enjoy doing what they wanna do ... whether that is picking a side or playing in a squad, etc. 7) Also. F2P shouldnt get to drive tanks, fly planes IMO. They have suvs or DLC for that. Best part about this solution is it works to solve 2 issues! Overall population, and balance. Maybe this idea is out-dated due to DLC ... wish this would've been the model from the start because i think it would work much better.
  7. A lot of truth here. It is more a statement about the game population if a squad of 30 something guys can make this much difference. Remember ... not all of them side switched last time either. Anyways .... great bunch of guys, but wish we could stop talking about them in this sense lol. Hopefully some of the weapons balancing in later tiers brings some more Allies back into the fold.
  8. You are correct. Looking at TOM as an indicator of population ... Axis have a 25% bump over Allies so far this map. So whatever the armor advantage actually is - it's gonna be masked until Allied players show up.
  9. This has already been discussed in numerous other posts and is going to be corrected this evening.
  10. In a perfect world i agree. Except for the fact the in this game you can log into the opposition side with zero side lock under a f2p account. You can then imagine just how easy it would be to locate and camp efms' for low-life's who choose to game the system.
  11. It should not take 6 min for a single person to cap a cp under any population balance circumstance. That is just too long. I would dial it back a bit, maybe 4 min is worth a try.
  12. Grrrrrrrr. Ok thanks forrest.
  13. I know it starts today, but what time?
  14. This coming intermission? As in later today?
  15. Solid ideas.