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  1. 1) Feet clipped through building when laying down kneeling. 2) laying down in a bush, thinking you are covered but you are not. I am told this is because your "eyes" are actually chest level and not in your head, seems bugged to me. Would greatly improve gameplay as well as a eliminate a lot of .reports from people thinking the enemy can see through bushes. 3) vibration of armor when tracked.
  2. @major0noob Yeah i guess i am. I mean, i dont think it would be that hard to come up with a set of very generous parameters that when tripped with a high percentage would take punative action. It shouldnt be super aggressive. I dont know the percent of time that a gm is online in game. However i assume they have lives so i would bet it is less than 50% of the time. And, their time is valuable. Why waste it with obvious crap like this.
  3. I'd look into becoming a gm but honestly i dont think they would accept my application I read something along the lines that a GM should consist of player "having exhibited the correct temperament". I am quite sure my record on the forums and private correspondence with CRS doesn't always rise to that level. Anyways. It is not my intent to disparage the volunteer team. My whole point was the GM team is volunteer based and has limited capacity and that is precisely why they need to leverage technology to assist them.
  4. Um. I suppose. But coincidence he has crazy accuracy at distance. Almost 10 k/d ratio in his short time on map. I guess you can always come up with some possible explanation. However, i bet you there are other metrics you can look at that a developer of the game would be privy to that could further help the system sniff out a rotten player when no gm is on.
  5. We are talking about how the game is not defended from the most sloppy of cheaters that just creates a new account and has no discretion with his cheating. He knows he will get banned but will get as many kills as he can.
  6. Huh? How about some very basic common sense algorithm to at least lock these players out until further review. If no gm is on players are screwed. Many just say eff it and log. Like last night. In many cases the most obvious cheats are found to be on a brand new account. So there is one metric. Weapon used. Beginners rifle. Anither metric. Rate of kills, 32 kills in about 20 minutes. Another metric. Has been reported? By more than one player? Were the reports from people other than those in the same squad? Another metric. Use your immagination and i bet you can come up with some more One of these flags alone means nothing. Taken together it paints a clear picture. I totally understand all cases are not so cut and dry and require a more even handed approach. Honestly though, some do not. This issue is one reason i play a fraction of the amount i did before, and it is on a f2p account.
  7. The WhiPS come to mind.
  8. Ehhh. Would be too many bots imo.
  9. I believe that for the Allies, the reserve smg supply is available to premium players as well. The whole point was to partition off some of the for the F2P player correct? No idea if the same issue exists on the Axis side, perhaps someone could check.
  10. I kinda like the idea tufty, or at least on board with the concept.
  11. Is there a wet blanket emoji?
  12. Any chance we can place an asterisk next to this win for the Axis. There were significant inf supply imbalances. Campain started Feb. 18, CRS made changes in attempt to fix it March 28. I am just looking for any little sliver of a silver lining for my Allied brethern!
  13. I think that the overpop indicator in the game menu needs to take into account f2p accounts vs. paid accounts. What i mean is if one side had 10 paid accounts playing and the other had 5 paid accounts and 5 f2p, saying it is balanced is a little skewed. I don't know that one side has necessarily more f2p accounts than the other. However, my working theory based off of obsetvation is that the Allied side has definately been losing vets who are paying to play due to a number of factors over the past 6 months. It would be at least interesting to see if there is more on one side or another. I would recommend that a f2p account counts as 0.5 in that equation. Yeah yeah, i know there are a good many players, even some of the best, that get heaps of kills with their trusty rifle. But on average, it definately nueters your overall effectiveness in many areas.
  14. Hmmm so much for the wizard of oz i guess
  15. I completely agree with your observation wehrmacht. I have always thought some levers were getting pulled during that campaign to give the best possible first impression on steam