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  1. LOL. Now that was a good one
  2. Damn ... wish it would start asap given all the time off people have.
  3. It doesn't play on my Samsung phone. I know that isn't your target audience. Just wanted to let you know in case it was something you wanted to address.
  4. Capping the city cp is one thing .... hats off to the guy who stays an guards it. You will get lots 'o kills that way. 1) they don't expect some fool to stay there and fight over it 2) longer walk back for them (normally) once you mow them down. Jwrona is smart beyond his years.
  5. Play it in the new towns that you created that we have not yet gotten a chance to see.
  6. Place them in spots where the most predictable cuts happen at map start ... La Fare i think, i could be wrong.
  7. Hehe, good because I think 4 of us on that list were in the game as you posted that (me being one of them *ahem ahem*)
  8. I used to love that game .... then it got all sketchy with more bots than players and weird maps and just tons of crap to suss through. Glad they got it back on track.
  9. I won't pretend to know what is historically accurate .... i was just talking about .... historically in this game, as in past campaigns.
  10. That you can!
  11. Cool. I am hoping there is some f2p perma element. Even if they only get a pistol with 1 clip, a shovel, and smoke grenades.
  12. Saw last night f2p players on our discord channel back in game. Is this a permanent thing? I may have missed the announcement. If so ... i say good move. We need more players to pad the subscribers stats (i channeled my inner matamor there).
  13. Would be a hoot to form your very own tank column.
  14. Not in this game ... most campaigns. 3H not in opening tier. Yes tier 1 is typically where they entered in the past (not always though), not tier 0 (the tier we start in). I guess if we are calling the openining tier, tier 1 ... then they normally wouldn't be in until tier 2.