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  1. Yeah, for places where an attack was anticipated i suppose. Hard to model in game. When town supply comes it will be not as realistic in that not every single strategic objective had the same amount of defensive forces (or any at all). There were plunty of instances in ww2 where troop movements were hidden and surprise attacks won the day. So. I am just trying to think of a way where you can properly plan a rapid strike and put defenders on their heels right off. That seems to rarely happen nowadays. I guess the tricky part is how not to make it the norm.
  2. I am not saying totally get rid of EWS. Having the alarm bells go off instantly when a player is 700m away is a bit gamey IMO. Giving trucks the ability to not trip EWS hardly means that a proper defense can not be made. Rather, i think it simply levels the playing field a bit. Defenders have the advantage anyways, even without gamey EWS. I am only talking about a delay in EWS rather than getting rid of it completely. I just think it may make for a more coordinated attack with better battles, yet not make it like the 'ol days where AB's were often totally locked down straight away . The notion of a well coordinated attack is rarely realized as it stands today.
  3. In reading other threads, i have noticed the topic of EWS come up and how it can inhibit a sides ability to get the drop on an attack and get set-up properly. I guess that is the point. However, i wanted to hear some ideas on how EWS can be improved. Maybe CRS could take a look at tweaking it a bit and see if a better middle ground can be achieved. That being somewhere between constant AB campfest vs. regularly being unable to get a force mobilized for attack prior to defense getting set-up. I guess my 2 cents would be. 1) Trucks no longer set off inf EWS. 2) Delay EWS by a couple minutes. Meaning first presence detected, wait 2 minutes before showing indicator on map. Similarly, when you kill the last inf in town, EWS disappears 2 min later. I would start there and see what happens.
  4. @vanapo I do understand the point you are making. With tanks and planes there are many metrics to be considered in determining survivability and ones ability to win a head to head battle. This is probably venturing into a different thread all together but for me some UI modifications at the weapon selection screen could help to level one's expectations when they select a piece of equipment. Whether that be a couple simple metrics boiled down to bar indicators to help assist players in understanding what the role their tank/plane is intended to serve. Maybe even splitting tanks apart into light/close support vs. Mid-heavy varieties.
  5. I just don't agree with you. Some access is better than none! A rifle can be successful if you play the right way with it. If you try to rambo cap cps or get too close to enemy strong points you will get wasted. Your liklihood of success has everything to do with the manner in which you play. Same with the CS tanks. Sure, if they engage a heavy tank they will get chewed up and spit out. However, if you perform tank support duties or pick your position carefully you will find success. At the end of the day how you play is in your control. I can not speak for the planes much, other than to say some access is better than none. If there is equipment in the game that sucks so badly that it would never be spawned by anyone who knew their head from their a$$ ...... you gotta then ask, why is it even in the game then. The player has to take some responsibility in that they should not expect to have access to top tier weapons. Similarly if they think they can take on a tiger with a 25mm gun they will just learn the hard way.
  6. Assuming the subscription model is going to remain unchanged for the next year or so.... Maybe we need to look at more than simply what equipment the F2P player has access to. I think a sound strategy may be to offer them a tid-bit more in terms of equipment but then restrict them in other ways to incentivize them into subscribing. So maybe their spawn list could be tweaked to something like: INFANTRY: Rifle, SMG, plus one more unit (Mortarman, Grenadier, Engineer, etc. I personally favor giving them Engineers) TANKS: Give them access to a light or close support tank. It seems few people use these anyway, may as well try to get more bodies in them. AA/AT: Give them access to the lightest AA and AT gun in the spawn list. TRUCK: Let them access truck's as they can now. AIR: I really don't fly, but I would consider giving them access to the least desirable plane to get their feet wet. In return for giving them more, I would consider looking at implementing the following restrictions. First, I would recommend that they do not have access to the stats site. When they enter their game name, they are not able to see their stats (who they killed, K/D, etc). I think F2P should probably get to pick what side they spawn in on. Only F2P players will see a spawn delay however. The spawn delay timer does not affect paid subscribers. Cap timers remain as is. It affects the overpop/underpop side in the same manner as it does today. I am torn whether F2P should be able to post missions or not. This would be pretty low on my list, so I tend to say - let them post missions for now. Look at the ranking structure. Maybe put a cap on the rank that a F2P player can achieve. Maybe introduce one more rank that can be achieved for subscribing members as well. F2P players would be unable to join or create a squad. This is only a small inconvenience when you think about it. They can still take part in squad play by joining discord channel, etc. They just loose some of the built in functionality perks that squad members see. Like the squad tab on the missions screen. Squad tag colors. Squad text comms. Another thing to consider is, maybe there is a new "secure side channel" that is introduced - where F2P accounts do not have access to it. This would help alleviate the concerns of some people who believe that there are those who run 2nd free account on the opposite side to monitor enemy communications. I am sure there are some other ways to add value in an effort to get people to upgrade, would be interested to hear some other ideas.
  7. I don't know there was an argument at all. Just a conversation. That end part of the first video is brutal. Gotta feel for those poor guys inside once they take a penatrating shot. Interesting enough, one of the Brits survived a tiger round because it went straight through the tank and out the other side, just happening not to hit a person or fuel or amo. Even more interesting .. that effect is modeled in the game after the HE audit
  8. I thought the mmax SD was 30 seconds as well.
  9. In fairness, from the time that i have been on Axis are pretty consistently underpop, sometimes severly so.
  10. I think it was bierbear, or hierbear .... something like that.
  11. Completely agree. Gonna be a thankless task for sure. But ya know, i think most will appreciate the effort and i suspect it will yield fewer complaints than we see now.
  12. ** Tosses keys to CS/smoke tanks to vanapo and runs out the door ** All sales are final, absolutely no returns.
  13. Given this, i do look forward to the TOE audit results to see where CRS comes out in terms of tank supply levels, air supply levels, atg's/aa's, etc. It sounds like everyone agrees there is a little work to be done in that area.
  14. Yes. If we bring our excess smoke tanks back to the dealership can we do a trade-in where we give you 2 in return for 1 battle tank? Smoke tanks are gently used, very low miles, still have that "new car smell".
  15. I dont understand why they wont just get rid of the starter account all together. Just have 2 options. One premium and the other A la carte. 1) Premium Account (full access to everything) - $17.99 2) A la carte packages a) Infantry package - $5.99 b ) Tanker package - $5.99 c) Air package - $5.99 d) ATG/AA package - $1.99 d) Navy - $1.99 ** All accounts get access to trucks. If you enjoy dabbling in everything the premium account still saves ya money.