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  1. I was mostly just responding to complaints about tier zero allied equipment really. The 4g does have a glass jaw, will agree with you there. However you puting lipstick on the 25mm pig, i am not going to bite on that, it is pretty useless in later tiers. Much more so than pak36.
  2. 2pdr comparable to pak36 ... prob a bit better grant u that. But again, only in half of our flags! Pak36 far better than the 25mm cmle, it is a certified P.O.S. And when the Americans come in, the amount of 2 lbrs we can spawn is slashed to something like a 1/3 of total flags. Americans get stuck with the worthless 25 mm french gun. As far as tanks go ... all will be forgiven in final tiers where Axis advantage is clear and undeniable. And there is no time limit to that .... it just is until the map is over.
  3. It has been said many many times before..... but i guess it is worth repeating yet again ..... TIER 0 LASTS ONE EFF'N WEEK!!! A very heavy cross to bear ... no doubt! But hats off to the Axis, a very robust bunch to persevere through such a stacked deck. Plus, your main point of angst is a tank (the matty) where HALF the allied flags get 2 of them. Tisk tisk.
  5. I would get one with an actual graphics card rather than using the on-board graphics. Pretty sure that is CRS's stance as well with their min requirenents for the game.
  6. Wonderful!
  7. I posted this in general but worth repeating ... pleease record and post
  8. More excited for this type of new content than some of the new equipment recently released to be honest. Keep new buildings and terrain coming!
  9. If possible, please record the rat chat and post it on your YouTube channel so that people who are unable to attend can watch later.
  10. Yeah it is very frustrating that the training arra is fubar more times than not.
  11. You may very well be right. Assuming you are, the onus is on the Allies to steam roll the map before Tier 3 is reached. Usually it is a matter of a couple weeks (2 to 3 i would say). After that, all things being equal, the Axis have a decisive advantage in terms of armor for the remainder of the campaign given the number of Tigers you get.
  12. I agree @delems - progress is very nice to see. We should support it the best we can - but keep pushing the direction of course. I do not want to hijack this thread - other than to say I think CRS listens to Axis players plenty as well. Adjusting bomb timers for example (as i recall this was primarily a complaint from stuka pilots). Anyways, no need to go around in circles on that.... we could could point counter-point it until blue in the face. Lastly, I would note that there certainly is a perception by allied players of an Axis biased in terms of the toys we get to play with. A large litany of things - that we have all heard before. I can't speak to the air-game. My point here is that both sides complain, feel conspired against, and it's been that way forever. That is not to say there are not legit disparities, bugs, and what-not. It is human nature to a certain degree - been here since the game started, not EVER going to go away.
  13. That was kinda cool last year - with the snow and all. Hope they build off of that and do it again!
  14. Ahhh yes - that is the one! PS - Update your sig
  15. @sgthenning Was that supposed to be the "Don't [censored] down my back and tell me it's raining" pic?