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  1. This is strongly rumored to be the release that will finally end 32-bit support. Looks like we will get the first look at it in June followed by a general public release this fall. Just as a general FYI.
  2. I dunno - i would just say there are a bunch of video's out there on youtube that featue tank sapping - taken at various times throughout the past years:
  3. Any chance the timers are different per country? German timers got borked ... or have always been borked. Or U.K. timers were too fast, for example, or something? I mean not intentionally ... just wondering if that is where some of the confusion could be?
  4. Yeah yeah i know
  5. I take it the maintenance didn't start at 5pm?
  6. Back to the original topic ... sounds like a cool op. I know this game has been around awhile, and has a "mature" player base .... but we have to stop catering to the 'ol geezers schedule. Who under 60 in the U.S. can attend the early morning/midday events? I assure you that after dark, during the evenings (U.S. prime time) there is much fun to be had. Throw the younger, drunker, better looking subscribers a bone .... just once, i dare you.
  7. There is no shame in shooting a guy with a shovel in his hand.
  8. No screenies but i was there on the ground and it looked pretty cool with all those JU52's.
  9. Come one, come all.
  10. Agree with this ... helps defenders in certain way providing cover for inf to make it into the CP, making it harder for tanks to camp, easier to get zooks out, etc. Totally depends on circumstance and town design though.
  11. I think this is a really cool idea and will be a fun addition to the game. Not perfect as it is still above ground. But it will cetainly make for fun gameplay as terrain is lacking in many areas ... leaving you in the wide open.
  12. Lol. Duh!! Math.
  13. WWII Online enters it's 3rd decade. 2021 will be it's 20th year. Not too shabby for an online multiplayer game. Gotta be approaching some sort of record, certainly in the conversation for a MMO.
  14. Hoping it all gets cleaned up soon and it os the last go around for billing issues for @PITTPETE sake I had the very same issue ... emailed about account going inactive, lost transaction history, unable to update it .... but it was cleared up quickly after submitting a ticket. Just hope all the lost subs follow through and jump through the hoops to resub and get back in the game as well.
  15. Any update or ETA when the tiers will become "un-stuck"?
  16. Not sure that this still exists or not ..... What is the key to toggle display of friendly game names and instead display their unit? It's been a long time since i remember using it ... but it was handy to see for inf play .. to see the other infantry types near you.
  17. While there may be issues or other explanations for the increased ping time to Portland - one thing you should checkout is the unusually high pings during the first 4 hops which are identified as local network ip addresses. Looks like you have a few network devices connected together (comptuer, router, modem, etc) - and the ping for local stuff you'd like to see extremely low. More like 1-5 ms. Not 50 ms (for example). Perhaps there isn't anything you can possibly due about it - but it could be an opportunity for you to shave off 50 ms or so and get you back to the the ballpark of where you are used to playing. You playing wireless by chance? But yes - to your point - there seems to be an awful lot of hops for ' '
  18. I am guessing because it is a game and they want a variety of kit available for their subscribers to play with of all types. You added tanks of all types together and compared it to one unit which seems a little like cherry picking to me I don't necessarily care what the tank numbers are other than they be balanced between sides.
  19. Hehe ... lucky allies.
  20. I authenticate fine - it just won't let you spawn anything - says arena is locked (as tater said). So appears not much to be checked out ATM - will check back later.
  21. You could destroy ms's last night just fine .... unless it is a situational bug or something
  22. Damn you missed a great opportunity to use "soon".