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  1. Any chance we can place an asterisk next to this win for the Axis. There were significant inf supply imbalances. Campain started Feb. 18, CRS made changes in attempt to fix it March 28. I am just looking for any little sliver of a silver lining for my Allied brethern!
  2. I think that the overpop indicator in the game menu needs to take into account f2p accounts vs. paid accounts. What i mean is if one side had 10 paid accounts playing and the other had 5 paid accounts and 5 f2p, saying it is balanced is a little skewed. I don't know that one side has necessarily more f2p accounts than the other. However, my working theory based off of obsetvation is that the Allied side has definately been losing vets who are paying to play due to a number of factors over the past 6 months. It would be at least interesting to see if there is more on one side or another. I would recommend that a f2p account counts as 0.5 in that equation. Yeah yeah, i know there are a good many players, even some of the best, that get heaps of kills with their trusty rifle. But on average, it definately nueters your overall effectiveness in many areas.
  3. Hmmm so much for the wizard of oz i guess
  4. I completely agree with your observation wehrmacht. I have always thought some levers were getting pulled during that campaign to give the best possible first impression on steam
  5. Meh, i think that is too simple to say when Axis have 6 months of victory under their belt. It isn't fun getting rolled all the time. It is a game after all, not a job. No one is obligated to play if they are not having fun. It is human nature. Axis players and Allied players are no differennt at tgeir core. I have seen it on the Axis side before no doubt, it has just been a long time so maybe you forgot.
  6. Huh? I like your style though - speaking two words at a time.
  7. I don't want to undercut the effort allied players put in - especially our HC. However - it must be noted that there were some pretty significant cap timer changes put into place to try and combat imbalance. That can't be ignored.
  8. ........but leave their 2nd account logged in allied to get the drop on AO's and FB busts - MUHAHAHAHA~! In all honesty I do agree with points #2 and #3. Especially #2.
  9. Yeah i have had enough "fun" this campaign as well. My appetite for the same thing every single night has reached its limit. At least one side was appeased with cap timer change. But, in all honesty i see why they changed it, at least something is happening now. I hate the idea of game mechanics proping up the inferior side artificially. To be honest - i say let the campaign fall like the rest rather than ratchet up gamey cap timers. At least that way the imbalance that exists is highlighted and isnt glossed over. The other option is super long campaigns where one side is sick of defending and the other is frustrated that they cant move maps. At least now one side is enjoying themselves. I do agree, as it is now the map isnt really enjoyable to play at all, but no fear, it will be over in 2 days. The Allies will win one ... eventually ... but it stands to be seen whether it will be a meaningful change or a pitty campaign. As for me, my primary beef involves another game "dynamic" which i cant get into otherwise this post will surely be removed. Taking a break as well. Will check-in with my second account to be sure.
  10. Yeah would be cool for them to record it next time
  11. Inevitably every topic eventually boils down to axis vs. allied equipment banter I am guilty of doing it, just can't resist!
  12. I will gladly be the unbiased third party to hold the funds in escrow while this gets sorted out. I will private message ya my email address for a paypal payment.
  13. Whenever i get killed by henning i feel as though something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. My cleansing ritual after that happens is to gargle Purell, douse my clothing in kerosene, and then burn them out in my backyard naked as a jaybird.
  14. Well i guess. Tier 0 and tier 1 lasted something like 3 days and 4 days respectively if i recall. Seems so long ago, but since then they are essentially "worthless" IMO. So they had a whole 1 week of respectable utility! The 25 mm has terrible stats, and when you compare it to the pak36 it is no contest.
  15. Um, what? The only one that is worth it's salt is the 2lbr. But tgat is just from Brit brigs. The 25 is a POS, absolutely worthless. Not even sure what the point of it being in game is .... hehe. The pak you can spawn does quite well against tanks so far as i can tell. Will check stats to see if i am off base there. Pretty much disagree with your overall assessmentas well.
  16. By unplayable i suspect you mean instead of rolling a dozen towns during tz3, you are now only rolling 5 or 6. Poor thing....
  17. Whay does WBS stand for?
  18. I kinda like the idea except what if no hc on, everything grinds to halt. Plus game seems to be moving to some hybrid system to lessen depedence on hc. I also i am not sure how i would feel about fb's not being able to be destroyed. That is a fun game dynamic to me.
  19. Not a fan of this idea, seems overly gamey and outside of how this game tries approach things in terms of realism
  20. Yeah i am trying to think of a way to satisfy those who despise the new spawn timers, and yet give a little support to underpop side. Will have to think more on it ..... i am unsure if it would make things harder than they are now to take a town, or somewhat easier....
  21. Or another idea i kinda developed from a different post. Make it so the ab isnt cappable until city cp is contested. Timers start on first contest. Put cp timers back to normal. See what happens, gives defenders a 2nd chance to prevent ab from being capped and supply bounced.
  22. Or do something gamey like, put cp timers back to normal but ab is not hot until city cp is capped (the ab timers are based off of when first contested). Would be kinda cool to see how well defenders/attackers control a point with no spawn facility ... and would definately slow down cities from getting rolled from low pop. Gives u 2 chances to hold a key facility that could essentially keep the ab from getting capped and supply bounced.
  23. I think thats a very interesting idea, would be cool to at least test the concept in a few cities and see how it plays out.
  24. Good work, cant wait to see the finished product.
  25. But i do agree with u in general - F2P is fine the way it is