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  1. Yeah Nily you played Axis and i can see how you feel that way. The pak36 does take out the best allied tank at a decent 0.26 k/d. Whereas the 2 lber has a 0.04 vs Tiger. The piece of junk french 25 mm, forget about it, it doesn't stand a chance ... has never registered a tiger kill all campaign. So .... it isnt really apples to apples.
  2. Infantry only in-ground bunker. Keep the old design for a 2nd mobile spawn type so you get the option when placing. Would need stairs or ramp or something. Would like to see metting be more of a green camo as well. Having multiple mobile spawn types that you can place would be cool because players wouldnt be pre preogrammed to look for just one style of ppo.
  3. Not sure if game mechanics support it, but making the fms a foxhole built into ground would disguise it much better. Not sure where that leaves aa and atgs though? Perhaps uou could have the option to build multiple types of fms's. One, inf only foxhole, super concealed. The other, the existing type ... where u can spawn aa atg etc. Also, u could consider making them harder to destroy, maybe 6 charges, but that would result in more campy type kills. How about making them repairable? Have a damage % on them like fb.
  4. Nice fix on force despawn!
  5. My take is that spawn timers were introduced to try to prop up the regularly under pop side, which the past 8 months has normally been the allies. Getting rolled every map in 2 to 3 weeks, map after map. This has been a success in terms of achieving the goal (longer campaigns). Now, according to reports, it seems the axis are losing players because they are not rolling the map as quickly as they have become accustomed to. Not sure what the answer is at this point .....
  6. Ahh, it is refreshing to get a respite, if only for a week, from the incessant whining from the Axis side regarding air inferiority. From the perspective of an allied ground player, who is on nights in the U.S. tz's, congratulations on recapturing your mojo. Now, we can move on to more important things .....
  7. I think switching sides is fine. However, we always hear that squads are what makes the game "go". I think that is true as well. Obviously if you are invested in a squad you are not switching sides. Most of the squads that play both sids, commit to a side per campaign. I think that is how it should be! So whats the answer? Um not sure. I would extend the side lock to more than it is now. Maybe 12 hours. I think the net effect may be a wash. I mean, for every player who wants to help the under pop side, there is probably a player who goes to over pop side because he wants to pile on and "shoot the fish in a barrel". I think the only answer to lessen the effect is to get more players in game. The imbalance is magnified when u have literally 20-30 players across the map who are active. I mean, a defensive force can effectivelly defend a town outnumbered 2 to 1 so long as they have a minimal number of people to cover cps and get out and blow a mobile spawn at the same time.
  8. I think f2p has a place, but i like the notion of it being more than a demo than anything else. More importantly, get fewer f2p players! I think this could be achieved with a more flexible subscription package. $17.99 - Premium account, unchanged. Full access to alll units. $5.99 - Infantry package, access to all infantry and trucks. $5.99 - Air package, access to all planes. $5.99 - Tanker/Atg package - Access to all tanks, AA, ATG $2.99 - Access to all ships. (Or maybe that is a throwin or something)? Note: when i say "Access to all units", i think you should still have to rank up.
  9. My recommendation, if you are going to give multiple strikes, you need to force them to change their game name (retire the old name) 2 reasons for this.... 1) Punishes the offender. They lose any clout or reputation that they built up as being a "skilled" player. 2) Future .reports are not tainted. It is human nature to always associate the player as a cheat even if he turned clean. If i get killed by someone who we all know has a reputation for cheating, i have to fight the urge to knee jerk report him. This would greatly cut down on biased reports!! I would also recommend that you purge the offenders kills from CSR (at least for current campaign)!!!
  10. I have heard that when you cap the city cp it destroys all of the ai in town. However, i have observed this isnt the case ... at least in regards to the ab ai. Can anyone shed light on this, whether it is bad info?
  11. It would be an interesting dynamic anyhow. I mean, i consider ai an annoyance and not a game changer so it wouldnt be hugely impactful but would place some significance on that cp at least. Maybe all ai ourside of ab/af.
  12. I like the idea, except FB the FB damage and rebuilding. I feel the amount of effort it takes to blow an FB is about right, and i like that they rebuild over time.
  13. Ok gotcha thanks!
  14. Yeah spot lights from ai towers would be a cool effect.
  15. As i understand it. Any cp is warpable so long as you are witbin range wgen you despawn.
  16. Maybe a timer tweek is on order, but the concept is solid. Campaigns over in 2 weeks is dumb. Lets face it numbers are not strong and having a low pop tz dictate the campaign isnt good for the game either.
  17. Which squads unsubbed? And they unsubbed for what reason? Cheaters?
  18. I like the kill modifier so long as it applies to inf, armor, and atgs then. I suspect that isnt what ya had in mind though. Never heard so much [censored]in in my life. Gawd. Axis dominate in many areas remember. Quite frankly you can have the air if allies get the leg up in armor and inf weaponry.
  19. It is time. Someone make an off-color joke or a racist slur stat! This thread needs to be locked so that it can end!
  20. Listen, Axis can not have superior weapons in all facets of the game. Oh, forgive me - French tanks dominate in tier 0!! But enough about that, i couldn't help myself..... This type of complaint will always have a place in this type of game. CRS trying to achieve historical accuracy of weapons yet maintain balance. Good luck, but i do appreciate them at least trying! Historically accurate may be the Tiger was pretty rare in terms of numbers on the battle field but then again, how well would that go towards balance? And maybe because it is overly represented in this game compared to what it really was, it is under armored compared to what it actually should be? Historically accurate may be the grease gun wasnt introduced until very late in the war, but maybe CRS put it in place in the name of balance? Historically accurate may be that the Italian forces should be on the Axis in tiers 0, 1 and 2 .... then flip to Allied in tier 3. I don't fly (yeah i know, i dont have the right to comment on this post) but i am told that some allied bombers have 250 lb bombs when they actually had 500 lb bombs. I am sure that the list is endless. But ya know it is a game after all and constructive criticism is a good thing ... but some of the whining gets old. Maybe the answer is CRS just models some new fantasy land, made-up weapons. Both sides get the exact same stuff - then everyone can zip it.
  21. Yeah i'm not sure about that. Some players like the easy street (axis ) route while i know there are a good many who also like to pitch in on the side getting rolled (allied). So i think the current system kinda accomplishes that. But it would be nics to know how drastically underpop one side was just for curiosity's sake.
  22. Everyone take a moment and have a good chuckle with the axis player(s) crying crocodile tears over equipment imbalance.
  23. Yeah in principle i agree. However at that point someone could in theory bomb their own side's inf and tanks on purpose. Pretty easy to do givem the map shows you exactly where they are at. You can imagine someone trollling or cheating. We all hear claims of spies as is (not sure how much is reality vs. paranoia), this would introduce mass paranoia and new ways to cheat like never seen before.