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  1. The laat two evenings i have been playing (during U.S. prime-time) i have observed some rather buggy peeformance that i confirmed with several other players as well. - Frequently unable to hear friendly/enemy footsteps. - seeing a friendly plane buzz overhead (seeing icon while looking at map) but no audio of a plane - rubberbanding players - emptying clip into someone with no effect. - lag deaths ... shoot a guy, stands there or keeps walking then dies. - getting shot in a cp ... with literally no visual of what killed you. Standing in a closet of a non-blown cp for example. I know the typical response is that it is my PC. However, during squad play a number of us observed the same thing at the same time. Would be happy to post videos to support that. The thing i can't stand is the localized sound issues ... footsteps is a huge (lack thereof) is a huge problem. Since it has been terrible the past 2-3 days especially i am hoping it is just a problem that can be fixed with you kicking the server.
  2. Yes that would help. Although many who like squad play would "turn it off" and prefer to stay on discord/teamspeak.
  3. First step at retaining players has to be reducing the price or maininting some sort of f2p model. Let's face it .... the game takes time to learn, and if it is too cost prohibitive to invest the time, people simply won't. Vets don't neccessarily mind paying the current premium price .... as we understand and appreciate the game. However ... if there is no one to shoot at, well then ... that becomes a problem for everyone ... vet and newbie alike. And ... that is what we are starting to see.
  4. What about cap timers not being based on global side balance? Rather ... base them on a town by town basis. The side with fewer controlled cp's get a faster cap rate. So at battle start ... the first cp the enemy caps goes "fast". Then the 2nd slower, etc. And from a defense standpoint .... by the time they get down to 2 or 3 cp's left it goes progressively slower . But recaps go much faster. Plus only make the AB cappable when you have over 50% of cp's under your control. No need for a timer. If your side loses the AB, you have to regain 50% cp control in order to recap. Saves people from the dreaded bunker duty for a bit. And will make for a longer battle in many cases. Stupid idea or brilliant?
  5. Ahhhh nope. I am not for spawning in some capital city. It's about finding a balance. Yes we do have lines of town and fb control. Which is great and necessary. Those towns were fought over and earned. If u wanna keep them, spawn from them and setup a defense. If an enemy truck wants to invest time and try to setup behind those lines ... good for him. We have EWS. We have an AO system. There is opportunity to defend and setup a line. If you feel there isnt enough time to get out, well talk about tweaking timers on placing AO's and cp's becomong hot or something.
  6. You should not articially create a front line for a battle. If you want one, setup a defense to create one. It shouldn't be baked into every single battle. That is more in keeping with realism right?
  7. Changing it so msp's can not be set 360 degrees from town is silly IMO. So is limiting the amount of troops allowed to be spawned from one. That kind of idea is made for a version of this game with 6x the playerbase.
  8. Juat trying to find the balance to bring back some of those HC type players that were lost.
  9. I do like the garrison (hybrid) supply change. It isn't yet perfect ... but makes for better battles. I would tweak the garrison supply lists a bit lower and add a couple more moveable flags to supplement. Give the moveable flags more of the high end toys. Lesaer so in garrisons.
  10. Plus you get a little buzz going on that $5 beer and before ya know it, your upgrading to whiskey.
  11. What the game needs is people playing. Incentivize that. Have a base sub price of whatever .... earn reduced pricing based on in game metrics. Some formula of TOM, with caps, deaths/kills (they have equal weight) to keep people honest, etc. So i pay $17.99, the more i play the less i pay. To a certain floor of course.
  12. Why in the heck would Cybersource all of the sudden insist on pulling the plug on certain customers with very little notice? I mean - I don't think they are closing up shop so far as I could determine. Did they require you to complete a PCI DSS audit or something? That can be a bear to get through - but still they allow you time to go through the paperwork and perform the audit. I know you said no cardholder data was stored on your servers - but even storing a token is enough to screw ya' on that front. Is that really what happened? Or .... I guess if you start getting too many chargebacks and such, they can probably boot ya with short notice. Either way - it surely stinks.
  13. He was busted in Hattiesburg for speeding and was found to have a stolen douche bag in his possession. Forensic testing shows it belonged to kgarner. Pretty sure those charges aren't gonna stick, but dbag has been returned to it's rightful owner.
  14. With game ambassadors like kgarner ... i think this game will go on for another 20 years.
  15. Casino talk huh?
  16. Looks like about 11 brit front line towns. Plus a couple flags. So you are looking at around 13 to 14 matildas on the map in striking distance. Unless someone gets sneaky and drives one from a back line town. You are right, probably too much to overcome for 6 days.
  17. Kgarner is a lot of things. Unemployed, a narcissist, a sexual camel, a borderline personality disorder warrior. Never heard the word cheater and kgarner mentioned in the same breath though. So pump the brakes on that one. I confess ... i am the one who likes all of gore's posts. It is a rule that i live by.
  18. I liked something you said once. I can not recall what you said, or what the topic was. It was written in legible English and was comprised (mostly) of complete sentences. For that, my hat goes off to you.
  19. What will his game name be in 2 weeks is the question. Probably should start a thread for that so we can offer up some suggestions.
  20. Or an alternative theory ..... you were clipped so far into a burm with your lmg that you started to sink into the nether regions of the game world and the server crashed because of it. Care to clear your conscience?
  21. You tripped the servers awesomeness detection system... and it had to go into lock-down mode to prevent a map roll is my guess.
  22. Congrats on a job well done.
  23. Are you a pull start or electric start?
  24. Very very sad news, wish things had turned out better for you .... Godspeed Imded.