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  1. Of course .... it was a necessary change. Glad they went hybrid route though.
  2. Simple enough ... strange the northern route to factory towns still requires frankfurt. Anyhow .......this could still get interesting as equipment balance shifts. Will see how many fair whether fans come back once they are confident that they can preserve their K/D ratio and move map.
  3. I can tell you that is not true. I promise you .... watching gameplay capped at 32 fps vs 100+ fps/hz is completely noticeable especially in CQC. But to be clear, not saying that is your issue.
  4. Been happening to us for years. Tis' frustrating .... feel your pain. Stop acting all Allied and crying about it on the forums. Just swallow the bitter pill and soldier on, it is the Axis way.
  5. I'd go for that if there was a 1 in 10 chance you hurt yourself jumping from 2 or 3 story roof.
  6. Good news is u have the core mechanics in place to continue to nibble at the edges to find a sweat spot. A combination of adjusting TOE's in garrison vs. moveable flags .... and possibly increasing the number of those flags a bit .... i think there is a great opportunity to find a good middle ground. Interested also to hear from those in HC ... can you say HC numbers increased at all .... or about the same.
  7. Also ... what type of monitor do u have? I only ask b/c .... an example would be if you are reading at 146 fps but you have a 60 hz monitor, well you are essentially getting no more than 60 fps visible to you.
  8. Pending windows updates by chance that are waiting to be installed?
  9. Kgarner has left the building?
  10. Would be kinda cool to be able to take down trees ..... well not with an engineer necessarily .... but a tank for sure. Like what you see at at around 2:55 of this old "Rapid Assault" preview video from CRS......
  11. Ok gifting subs is a great thing. I will take advantage of it for a couple months for someone who comes to mind. Anyways, this clearly needs to be communicated more to people in community and even streamlined so u dont have to open a ticket. I envision a transactional system where u could just deposit $xx dollars in someones account on a whim. Even if it was just 50% of a sub or something. Would be great.
  12. Well yes, kind of. Downside to f2p is .... well we already discussed. I would like the ability to gift a sub, or "charge" a friends account with $$ when this situation occurs rather than see them f2p.
  13. I hope you feel better soon and your health takes a turn for the better. Don't place artificial time boxes on your playing career .... why wouldn't u play after 20 years? Just curious. Obviously you enjoy it to some extent to stick with it for 20 years. Anyways ... a lot of the other stuff u said was kinda self serving don't ya think? Perhaps not grounded in reality ....or put differently ... your fantasy?
  14. I think that perhaps a couple minor changes to how things work with regard to SD and cap timers could provide for some better gameplay and balancing effects. Would like to see them both tried out at the same time because i think they both place an place an emphasis on combat effectiveness and reward it. At the same time it works to help underpop side without penalizing overpop. #1) Get rid of the sliding scale for cap timers based on side population balance entirely. Each side has the exact same formula. Basically, in order for the cap timer to move at all .... you need to have more attackers than defenders. So if there is one person defending, and one attacking and they are both inside the CP ... the timer doesnt move. The attacker needs to clear the CP and establish control. That, or if there are 2 attackers .... now the onis is on the defender to root them out (like it is now i suppose). I think it would make for a new interesting dynamic .... and bolster the defenders a bit. Encourage more combat vs hiding and hunkering down. Underpop side is generally on defense, this CP capture mechanic helps the defender in obvious ways. Plus promotes team play a bit better. Even # attackers vs. defenders ... cp cap doesn't move. +1 = 120 seconds +2 = 90 seconds +3 = 60 seconds +4 or more = 30 seconds #2)Sorry i mentioned in another post and am doung so again here. Get rid of spawn delay entirely. Instead have a base death/MIA timer that penalizes you for losing the unit essentially. Maybe have it be 20 seconds or something. Once you despawn upon dying or going MIA it kicks in. It does not reset if you change missions like current spawn delay does. Literally just 20 seconds after you leave game world, you can reenter on the same mission or a different one. If you RTB or rescue ... or if it is your first sortie ... you never see the delay. It only penalizes you losing a unit. The reason i like this ... is it puts more of an emphasis on trying to stay alive vs. just riping through supply ... where the dumby who is doing that feels no consequence. Rather the rest of the players do. A war simulator such as this really should have some sort of penalty for dying .... and reward to the chap who killed you. Place emphasis on being cautious and not just mindlessly storming CP's or whatever. Now ... i also think that in underpop situations .... at a certain point .... that death penalty gets forgiven, or partly forgiven. So that is i guess the positive reinforcement for sticking with the underpop scenario. I would have the degree to which it is forgiven be factored not only on the % underpop but also take into consideration total population. So maybe if during low pop times it is 10 vs. 20 ... forgive the death penalty entirely. Now say during higher pop times it is 75 vs. 150 ... well maybe only forgive it 50% or something. Point being, during low pop ... you just physically dont have enough people to do the minimum required to hold a town. The same thing can not be said if u have 75 people on. Perhaps an idea to mitigate the effect of point #2 is the death/mia penalty only applies if you are coming back in on a mission from the same origin or going to same target. Not sure how i feel about that stipulation TBH but i guess it provides a small way to mitigate it for those who take issue. I think both of these changes would be fairly simple to implement ... and would shake up things just enough. Plus ... it would help underpop situations during low pop IMO. Thoughts?
  15. Meh - i just disagree. Offense is rewarded by making it easier to hold what they took. Defenders are provided a great opportunity to resist OP more effectively for those that show interest in actually guarding spawnables. IMO it is better than the situation as it exists presently .... it provides a better opportunity to defend for underpop while at the same time .... does not penalize OP. If UP does not do the things necessary to hold spawnable CP's ... well it shouldn't be at the expense of the OP players at a certain point.
  16. Great job guys ...
  17. Pretty sure he doesn't have a crystal ball and thus wasn't able to see into the future. Geee what will you do next?
  18. I agree to a certain extent. The fact that you are guarding a CP and an EI places one foot inside the CP and waits for you to come clear him .... seems kinda absurd.
  19. Single defender vs 1 capper. Defender does not have to seek attacker. Attacker needs to take out defender. Anyone who operates around CP's knows that it is way easier to let them come to u vs clear cp. Combine that with a delayed respawn for everyone that u kill ... well there u go. If u can't hold a spawnale cp at that point .... u prob deserve to lose it.
  20. Ah christ take your pi$$'n and moaning elsewhere until the point in time you bring alternative solutions to the table.
  21. Did you READ the point of this thread? That is a big NO! Try harder delems. This isn't a 30 second spawn delay defense thread ... take your gripes elsewhere. What is the old saying .... when all you got is a hammer everything looks like a nail ... something like that best describes your tantrum.
  22. Well that is the crux of it i guess. Everyone has a different definition of fun. Some just looking for fps action .... otgers have the long view and invest in a campaign wun. Well unless you reduce the number of AO's (which i think they did already) i am not sure what the game can do about that. They give us the tools already (EWS .... ao timers, etc).
  23. Seems a wee bit knee jerk ... what i am saying has more potential for your beloved map roll than currently is .... but i suppose you stopped reading because there were a lot of words. I get it. In your mind you are arguing against what i am suggesting in favor of something that doesn't exist. Will never exist. A pure fantasy you have in your head .. no SD, no cap timers .... honor system. I am putting up an alternative against what is our reality ... which seems to enrage a number of people.
  24. Which one ... better than status quo part?
  25. You beat me to it. I like the idea. Like the guy who kills @kgarner the most this campaign i gift a free month? Or, maybe kgarner should provide the gift as tribute. Or .... the guy who kills me most this campaign gets a month coyrtesy .... me. Or ... the FTP allied player with most sorties i gifft a free month. Problem being .... difficult to tell some of this stuff after campaign ends .... and no gifting mechanism. That and the scum bags who not gonna pay up. And ... some of the people u wanna reach and reward are hard to find. Solid ideas. They just need to streamline the transaction a bit. Could be fun.