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  1. .... just crashed .... fire up the generator.
  2. ................... and on .........................
  3. I dunno - my feeling is the overall numbers were ok as well. I'm sure we could all nitpick, but all-in-all I think it was pretty good. It's kinda humorous to take the approach that someone who has played the game for "only" 4 years hasn't invested the requisite time to formulate a valid opinion. Also - I'd be careful inferring how long someone has been playing this game based solely on what their forum profile says. Mine says I joined 2009, which may be true for this account/profile. In truth I've been playing quite a bit longer just under other names, etc. Just sayin'
  4. Yes that is another option as well. Maybe the simplest option is find a two similarly sized towns with no FB between them - and have either side place the AO there. Have each side place an extra armor flag and infantry flag. Get rid of the 2nd/3rd AO's. See what happens.
  5. When the tank event happened last week it seems the main complaint was the two sides went to different objectives and never met. Wondering the feasibility of setting up a couple large towns during intermission for a similar type event. Where the town has no ownership and essentially both sides AO it? Try to see who can control and can cap it first. Prob not a doable mechanic given fundamental rules of the game but would be kinda a fun twist.
  6. You can ... but you have to actually truck infantry units. So you are not trucking abstract supplies. You are actually driving other logged in players and then they despawn and RTB to the new toqn.
  7. Yeah i think it is a pretty safe bet that stats will not be up this campaign. CRS has largely went radio silent on the issue and that kinda tells me they are trying to run out the clock and get it fixed up over intermission. I would think that they are not lost .... and are recorded somewhere, just waiting to be merged. The only reason i say that is at one point they restored stats from a time period of Dec 23rd to Jan 1st.
  8. Nah ... i thought he was saying he would like to see post-game stats for the upcoming event ...
  9. Maybe that is why stats have been offline for almost 1 month now ... with no estimated time of return given .... CRS is trying to hide their Allied bias by covering up the glaring tank kit disparity.
  10. Stats are down, STG is dead.
  11. This is a solid idea.
  12. I dunno - i would just say there are a bunch of video's out there on youtube that featue tank sapping - taken at various times throughout the past years: