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  1. He was busted in Hattiesburg for speeding and was found to have a stolen douche bag in his possession. Forensic testing shows it belonged to kgarner. Pretty sure those charges aren't gonna stick, but dbag has been returned to it's rightful owner.
  2. With game ambassadors like kgarner ... i think this game will go on for another 20 years.
  3. Casino talk huh?
  4. Looks like about 11 brit front line towns. Plus a couple flags. So you are looking at around 13 to 14 matildas on the map in striking distance. Unless someone gets sneaky and drives one from a back line town. You are right, probably too much to overcome for 6 days.
  5. Kgarner is a lot of things. Unemployed, a narcissist, a sexual camel, a borderline personality disorder warrior. Never heard the word cheater and kgarner mentioned in the same breath though. So pump the brakes on that one. I confess ... i am the one who likes all of gore's posts. It is a rule that i live by.
  6. I liked something you said once. I can not recall what you said, or what the topic was. It was written in legible English and was comprised (mostly) of complete sentences. For that, my hat goes off to you.
  7. What will his game name be in 2 weeks is the question. Probably should start a thread for that so we can offer up some suggestions.
  8. Or an alternative theory ..... you were clipped so far into a burm with your lmg that you started to sink into the nether regions of the game world and the server crashed because of it. Care to clear your conscience?
  9. You tripped the servers awesomeness detection system... and it had to go into lock-down mode to prevent a map roll is my guess.
  10. Congrats on a job well done.
  11. Are you a pull start or electric start?
  12. Very very sad news, wish things had turned out better for you .... Godspeed Imded.
  13. Of course .... it was a necessary change. Glad they went hybrid route though.
  14. Simple enough ... strange the northern route to factory towns still requires frankfurt. Anyhow .......this could still get interesting as equipment balance shifts. Will see how many fair whether fans come back once they are confident that they can preserve their K/D ratio and move map.
  15. I can tell you that is not true. I promise you .... watching gameplay capped at 32 fps vs 100+ fps/hz is completely noticeable especially in CQC. But to be clear, not saying that is your issue.