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  1. I made an update to this little hobby-site of mine which involves analyzing TOE sheets (using wiretap data). One time per day, I break down the TOE and log it. You can easily compare TOE for all factions and go back in time and see how the changed (starting today of course). It will also show you what the supply will be for future tiers (assuming that they have been entered). If you see any errors - let me know, thanks!
  2. @OHM ok. I have not heard that but i will definately add a "%" indicator to make it clear.
  3. @OHM it is just a percent of players ... not the actual number. So each line is an inverse of the other, always adding up to 100%. And, unless you do not filter by day .... it is the average of all days over the campaign. Also... give a 2 hour delay when looking at any time, b/c that is how far back it looks.
  4. Well i am not sure how i feel about shaking it up like this. May be worth a try. Absolute worst case scenario is we hear some fresh new criticisms and excuses being offered up instead of the time-tested, tired old ones we hear every single campaign.
  5. Shouldnt it tell u wrong password or something? Sounds like u are trying to re-register it.
  6. I read through patch notes. The only thing i see is that is of interest when it comes to fps/lag/latency/force despawn is that the Netcode 3 setting in your game preferences was removed, forcing all players to now have it enabled. Wondering if perhaps you had it disabled and now it is enabled .... amd that is the difference you are seeing?
  7. Definately more auto-despawns. One guy in particular on our channel, who never has issues, simply had to stop playing after 45 minutes b/c it was getting ridiculous. Happened to me once last night as well.
  8. Fair points. I will add a detailed description of how this data is collected and under what circumstances you may elude being factored in. Just so there isn't any question about that - and the question has come up a number of times now (for good reason). No doubt my numbers will not match what CRS sees 1:1. Here are a few scenarios where you would not be included in the numbers I am collecting vs. what CRS is able to see.... 1) If you are logged into a game, selected a persona - but are sitting on the mission screen. Whether that be b/c you got distracted or for more nefarious reasons. 2) If you have an account that you leave AFK in the game world - just as a canary - guarding some fb, cp or something - and you never encounter an enemy. 3) If you have a tow account - and are lucky enough to not get killed by the enemy. 4) If you are playing - and then go afk for 15+ minutes, there would be gaps. Lastly - I think i'll add the ability to enter in a a game-name so that you players can kind of test the accuracy for themselves. Then you could look at how much you've played over the course of a campaign and during what times, etc. At least then individuals could test it based on empirical evidence and report back any issues if the mood catches them right.
  9. I will try to add a little addendum, which kind of outlines it in more detail. To be brief - I basically monitor the captures feed. From here I get player names. I log the time of activity and player name. I then look at player sortie information every 30 minutes for a queue of players. If after 2 hours I detect no more activity - I stop checking on the player until they are detected again. When I look at their sortie - i grab all of the names I can of the players who they have killed and who they were killed by. I take these names and throw them in the queue (checking on their sortie detail every 30 minutes for a couple hours until i detect no new activity). So - eventually, through 5 degrees of separation I should be able to find most players assuming that they capped a cp, killed someone, or got killed. I am not really noting their TOM. Rather - I break everything down into 15 minute checkpoints. So - if you login an play one mission that lasts 2 minutes, you are counted in 1 checkpoint. Similarly - if you login and play for one sortie that lasts 18 minutes, you are now counted in 2 checkpoints. I am then able to add up what I find and average it out.
  10. Thanks Blkhwk!
  11. Hey @potthead I updated the charts site to track what you were wondering about. If you group the population chart by '1 day' time intervals - and set the 'Measure' to 'Individual Players' - it will look only at individual names and not take into consideration the time spent playing at all. It is just giving you a percentage (not raw numbers). A little early to draw any conclusions this campaign - but you can look at a few days from the last campaign where I was tracking population data. It does show that - during the last day of the last day of the campaign for instance, the Allies had more individuals login, but if you factor in time spent playing - then it is lop-sided more towards the Axis. Other days I really don't see that type of trend - but again it will be interesting to look back in a few weeks and see how it goes........
  12. When i have time i will throw together a chart showing what you are asking for at: Right now i have a population estimate chart on there but it tracks things a tad bit different and doesnt look at unique players per day or anything like that. It is more ..... show me unique players per 15 minute block of time.
  13. Congrats fellas
  14. Good work Ohm, thanks for posting.
  15. You beat this drum every thread you can, and to a large degree, it is more you stroking yourself than anything else. Get over it dude. From what i observe during the hours i play .... Allies are no more likely to "stat whooore it up" with easy tank kills than Axis. Honestly, you need a new angle.
  16. I do like the idea of having a different starting point once in awhile.
  17. Nice work
  18. I threw this together really quick for anyone who is interested in some quick stats on captures. Presently limited to the past 10 days of campaign time. Given a little time I will update this to be able to track the entire campaign. The first graph shows in real-time, town captures by hour. The second one shows all caps and recaps by hour. ** Represented in GMT time.
  19. Yeah that is kind of what I am doing. I am looking at things in 15 minute checkpoints. So if you have a sortie that last 1 minute - you count in that one 15 minute block. If you have a 1 hour sortie - you are now counted in 4 of the checkpoints. So it kind of measures TOM to a certain degree.
  20. You are correct, it is not published. There is an API endpoint that the stats website uses that can be tapped into. I am fairly confident that the method I am using will produce a pretty accurate result, maybe 95% or greater (my guess)? As long as you capture, kill, or be killed - you should be included. If you login, sit on the map or mission screen, you not be accounted for.
  21. Yes! You gotta remember ... with each town having supply, this would be a great way to strategize and help move the map, etc. I just thought that with the fewer moveable flags, it would be a good way to make them more meaningful.
  22. I think it may be an interesting dynamic to not have the movable supply be represented on the map for the other side to see. Heck - maybe only have it show-up for HC to see for operational purposes. I don't know exactly how feasible the 2nd part of that is - I guess the movable flags would represent their own brigade - so it probably wouldn't be workable. However - at a minimum - the other side shouldn't be able to simply stare at their map and see movements. It shouldn't be logged on the webmap either. If someone wants to log-in to the other side and spy - well I guess there isn't much we can do about that ATM. I think it would give HC a little more power to maneuver and try to secretly maneuver their forces to create a push without the enemy being able to simply monitor the map and counter it. They would have to use a little more boots on the ground reports and subjective evidence. How feasible is something like this?
  23. During intermission when i have time, i will update it to optionally group population by 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, intervals for cleaner viewing. Also will add another line to give total population indicator.