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  1. okay i set a system restore point. ill be downloading soon. ill post soon with results thanks for all this help!
  2. ok thanks. i don't think so. but how would i check?
  3. that doesn't work.
  4. so is there any fix for this? it has to be something simple.
  5. im pretty sure thats how i already had it set. if you look at the screen shot that was showing what it looks like when i set it to custom.
  6. hi i am interested in joining the 13th
  7. i still get the error. i have not changed anything yet. but i just got the error again :\
  8. alright sorry about that. i have vista 32bit. ill be upgrading soon i just need a few more ram and a newer graphics hard to keep up with the new 2010-2011 style games. i still don't know what to set these values at.
  9. heres a photo http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/4848/85772206.jpg
  10. this might work. but what values should i set them?
  11. i have 3gigs ram...
  12. I'm a pretty new player. ill join if possible. what must i do? my age is 19 im located in the United states East coast.
  13. i get this in other games too. what might be causing it? its like a "out of virtual memory error" specs Windows vista Ultimate 32BIT Processor Intell core i7 cpu 920 @ 2.67ghz ATI radeon HD 4800 Memory (ram) 3083mb idk why it says mb but i have 3gb ram.