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  1. Nobody (well they shouldn't) want to do resupply missions all day or else the team is GG. It should be AI convoys that players can protect/intercept.
  2. Make their strength dependent on how many friendly infantry / vehicles are nearby?
  3. Wouldn't it just be easier to switch the servers off and only keep it running on USTZ?
  4. So the map will never move again?
  5. Welcome! Don't feel too disheartened if you run into a few downers in your career, they do exist but i find the majority of folks are pretty good. S! see you on the battlefield
  6. There's your problem there...
  7. Easy guide to warping. Despawn within RTB range of a friendly depot in enemy town (cannot be city, or anything other than TOWN LINKS) such as Antwerp-Schilde CP. WITHOUT un reserving your unit, deselect the mobile spawn (uncheck the box in the top right) and spawn back in. You should now be in the CP, with fresh ammo/health *NOTE* This will not work if you are critically wounded.
  8. If you want to fly with the pink baron, join JG51!
  9. Mission results: He111 - KIA Via Kenchis Was swarmed by 5 Hurricane and 2-3 Spitfire, damaged one heavily, hit 2 more killed none. No bombs were dropped.
  10. Server is up; Still Hurri, 111, 110 and e1 slots left!
  11. "Out numbered 3 to 1, can the RAF hope to stop them?" Yes, Atm there are more ally fighters than LW
  12. 111. Although that bastage swoop will keel me He seems to like me.
  13. Can the 110/He111 Multicrew?
  14. I dont have a mac, but today sitting in the veh spawn i saw charges exploding on the inf 100m away, no sound could hear the 3-4 inf running around me though
  15. any

    Not that i know of But i know Iron wolves (CO; Hondo17) bomb alot, mainly 111s. they are combined arms squad but you'll always see one wolf bombing somewhere *winks at evile
  16. I logged in to see both FB to my brigade were allied, and a new AO on Mons. The allies had a Brigade in Jurbise & Thulin vs our two in Mons, So i knew we had to hold off at least one FB. I make a mission to the enemy FB, and roll a Opel out and call for sappers, one of my squad mates & two others (sorry, forgotten whom responded! After some trouble with the Pan that was rolling around, we managed to kill the FB just after we lost our MSP. After talking on mission chat, we decided to defend the new axis FB as the allies had recently placed the AO At the begining I spawned a 232 to scout for laffies which i found and killed one, i then changed to rifleman when i heard there were sappers at the FB, and when i heard the classic "Axis LMG" firing, i knew Arakash my Squadmate had the base covered! By now the allies were getting ticked off, so they did what they always do! Spawn armor. When one of our mission infantry who we're guarding the north approach heard armor, I grabbed a Pak38 (as did someone else) And we barely got it to the bushline when a Stu came onto the field! I went to shoot it but the other pak beat me ^^ Over the course of the next 15 minutes I positioned my self in thick bushes near the road, from which they were coming from, I managed to kill 3 Stu, and one S35 and a pan before the allies called off the attack! Big thanks to arakash & the other axis soldiers present whom i cannot name (sorry=/)
  17. I'd like some heavy 109 training please ^^ I usually online, but will be busy for the next 1-2 days
  18. I've only just started playing so excuse me for only just noticing Great thread, best ive ever read ^^ Lucky you!