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  1. Not sure which is my favorite. But they all get a thumbs up. Especially Meg
  2. I couldn't figure it out using windows 8.1
  3. Graphics card has a sh*t fit with mountain lion and the screen flashes and weird colors show up It's a Current model MBP My 3 yr old mbp it ctd's if i alt-tab 2x without rebooting the game
  4. You mean OS?
  5. I play the game with a 256 card and it's not that bad, 25fps
  6. ?????? While trying to connect to server
  7. I dunno, was trying to figure out why it wouldn't work (update)
  8. Auto Update doesn't work because you named the file wrong?
  9. update wouldn't load on installer (Error)
  10. use Boot Camp if you're going to play games