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  1. Any update? 11.6 is just as bad for me (Windows 7 64-bit). 11.4 is kind of old now - shouldn't wwii online support the latest...?
  2. Any update on this? 11.6 is just as bad - I came back after a few-month's hiatus and was shocked. 11.4 is a few months old now - shouldn't the game support the latest...?
  3. Why is chat server connection critical anyways?
  4. Training up! Right as my wife gets home
  5. At any rate, I feel bad for the on-call Rat. EDIT: Someone woke him up, right?
  6. Welcome back - player base needed. I also rejoined after the Welcome Back Solder thing, though it had only been a few months that I took off.
  7. Why can't training server at least be up!?
  8. Ugh - back to auth errors. Maybe it's time to stop obsessing and do something else.
  9. Can't say I have, executor - but I went back to Cleveland somewhat often so maybe I passed through without knowing... Originally from Ann Arbor, MI.
  10. Awwww but game server unavailable. Poo.
  11. It's back!!!
  12. Yeah - GRA, you heard of it? I would assume so - not a whole lot else around Was ages ago, though.
  13. I totally broke the auth server - this was just before it went down:
  14. Lol @ Ashtabula. I went to a boarding school there.
  15. Please fix this before my wife/baby gets home - this is all time wasted for me!