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  1. or simply remove atioglxx.dll 12.1 from game folder But still have ATI OpenGL problem with new drivers. Screen is black in fullscreen mode.
  2. I've tried to put atioglxx.dll from 12.1 catalyst drivers package into game folder but now game warns: 'The game was unable to initialize the video display: Error: Missing GL version Please check your video card configuration and try again' Same trick worked for IL2 Shturmovik. To get antialiasing working I placed very old ati opengl driver in il2 folder but it was from Catalyst 9.10 drivers package and on Windows 7.
  3. Hello! Then I run the game in full screen, I see only black screen, but can hear *tick* sound as I move mouse cursor over screen. I got this problem with installation of Catalyst 12.2 (and later) drivers update and still can't resolve it (if I rollback to 12.1 then all ok). Now I installed Windows 8 and problem still repeat. I can play only in windowed mode, but game randomly crashes to desktop after about 5 minutes of play. My Configuration is: OS: Windows 8 x64 Professional Processor: Core i5 2500K RAM: 16 Gb SSD: 120 Gb Video: ATI Radeon 5870 (Catalyst 12.10) Sound: Creative X-FI XTreme Gamer
  4. Sorry. Am I joined this battle roster? Can't see my nickname in The List
  5. Allied fighter h81 or h75 either too, please. Thanks
  6. 1) Windows XP SP3 2) Core 2 Duo E6550 (2.3Ghz) 3) 2 Gb 4) ATI Radeon 5870 4a) 1 Gb 4b) Catalyst 10.5 5) tested online 6) AIR at least 7) Yesterday, was at Maubege AF. CTD after despawn.
  7. I have the same problem now. That is terrible... P.S.: Tested on Windows 7 and Xp.
  8. I sent application a week ago but nobody answers
  9. Do you still recruit pilots or not?