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  1. when installing the new patch it says ww2.exe backup can not be installed
  2. i made a new user account on my pc
  3. Hi guys on the new patch I have sound issues I tried reinstall the direct x download but still no sound I'm on windows xp
  4. My friend has downloaded the game,and when he tries to install it it comes up with this error could not intialize installation. File size expected = 808716403, size returned = 507331472 hes using windows 7
  5. Please can you crew me with dasquirrel ,thanks,just talked to him on ts USS-Breeze
  6. *EDIT* -please look at other post below
  7. Fixed...
  8. ive tried everything,re-installing the game,would that help?>
  9. Nope,still no trees with update..
  10. no fix, heres more about my PC AMD Athlon x2 dual core QL-60 1.90 GHz 4GB memory 32bit operating system Vista
  11. Still no fix =-S,i cant see them,but i can definatly bump into them!
  12. Still no fix,updated video drivers, any ideas?