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  1. pretty sure .du is HC only function.
  2. *** I agree that air supply is almost impossible to meaningfully attrition Let me correct that for you, it IS impossible. *** first release the Air flags will be movable Absolutely terrible if true. What about navy then? Everything in supply with a motor should be cut in half imo.
  3. *** That is ridiculous, Eagle. Fixing a game flaw (please re-read what Xoom posted) on ALL LMGs is NOT 'nerfing' the german side. Except only the allied MGs get to be shoulder fired now. So the axis LMG gets weaker and allied stronger.
  4. Well, you're basically removing the axis only descent weapon. No more Grenadier, terrible now; can't kill anything. 88 wrong for years, zoom promised it would strike fear again... years ago... nothing. Fighters terrible. (ok, exception 109e4/b seems working good) Bombers slow - terrible. Panzers, paper armor. Tank destroyers, no MG on Stug IIIG or StuH. (think Stug IIIB didn't have em generally - so that prolly correct) CS tanks - every allied CS tank a monster with a MG- and get like 5x the number of them, KD over 4 this map already? ATG, allied tier 0 spawns from MS and kills EVERY tier axis panzer; what does the axis tier 0 ATG that spawns from a MS kill? Armored cars, allied tier 0 AC kills EVERY tier panzer, how many tanks does the 232 kill? Not to mention 5x quieter than 232. MP34 terrible, are you kidding me? Grease gun was fixed with emergency patch 2 years ago- nada on the mp34 this entire time. Bolt rifles even, like to know the cycle rates, cause I hear brit and french and they sound way faster - what are the specs? I won't mention the silent coasting trucks, ok, maybe I will. Name one thing left? Hmmm, LMG - now you going to change that, and on top of it, give allies more power by allowing them to shoulder theirs. Oh, that's right, the 15 FG-42 we get in tier 3 will balance it all out.... and in my perspective, whoopdi do... navy don't get any. Maybe before we fix the 1 "incorrect" axis weapon, we look at a few of the glaring discrepancies above? How many years we see supersonic UFO allied bombers? Unkillable spits? etc.
  5. *** I cant hit anything when they aren't warping Can't we slow infantry sprint speed down by 20%? Might solve a lot of lag issues?
  6. *** As well the FG-42 should not be in regular Heer supply There is no FG-42 in Heer flags - until tier 3. And when they are, we get a whole 15 of them maybe. At least the FG-42 existed in 1943, unlike a grease gun in 1940...... or 1941.... or 1942.....
  7. *** WHIPS doesn't switch after each campaign. Hmm, they kinda switch willy nilly - like a lady. Changing mind every few minutes. Figured out which dress you going to wear WHIPs?
  8. *** Grease gun should have always been a tier 1 weapon. Uhm, tier 3 pretty sure, wasn't even invented in 1941, and don't think it even started being in wide spread use until 1944.
  9. I agree would be nice to 'force' somewhat more even sides; not sure how to do it. (we don't have to have EVEN sides, we just need to not have extreme over/under pop sides) One thought, if we did have balancing - where you have to log into the under pop side (or at least at some ratio - say if over 3 to 2), there could still be some exceptions. For example, since mostly the issues revolve around squads, a solution might be, if a squad CO is on a side - all members of that squad can log into that side, regardless of pop issues - hence preserving squad integrity. Possibly extend that to squad XOs too. Or, maybe a subscription type? A low cost "starter-balance" sub, where you get starter for half price, but will always be placed on the under pop side? idk, but good to examine options. It is the extreme pop issues that hurt imo, not the little bit over/under pop that each side gets.
  10. This all sounds great in general; but, don't forget, HQs are the only way to resupply and overstock - so HQs need to have some of every unit in game (for the most part) if they are to be able to do resupply and overstock. And prolly not just 1 unit, but at least a few generally.
  11. We starting in an hour ? Woohoo.
  12. Actually, yes, I'd far rather be in campaign mode and suffer crashes.... than have a perfect 5 days of wasted intermission.
  13. My same answers: 1) Complete mission control for ML - enable/disable mission, enable/disable MS, kick player 2) Squad ranks, be able to set the ranks of squad members, but not have it impact their gear. (I don't need 7 Lt Cols and 3 Maj in my squad, I'd like 7 privates, couple corporals and a Sgt or 2) 3) Squad grouping, be a able to designate squaddies into teams - so they can easily see who their teammates are when looking at squad member listing. 4) Ability to view squad members sub type, when I look at squad member listing I'd like to know who is premium, starter, FPA or FPA/DLC enabled.
  14. Agree, we don't need a 'breather' to play a game...... That makes no sense. The game is the breather. Intermission sucks plain and simple, sorry to say, but it does. At least plan an event or cut capture times to 1 min - try and make intermission worthwhile if we are forced to play it. Complete waste of my subscription dollars - I'd like 5 days credited to my account.
  15. That may be the last 11 maps; but the previous 57 are 28-27-2; very balanced. So, that implies allies have ran over axis just as much. Maps 112-121 axis were 3-7. Maps 138-146 axis were 3-6. And don't forget 6 straight losses 101-106.