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  1. Sounds like you just want more easy mode ground targets with nothing being able to kill you. Game is already beyond ludicrous when it comes to air supply, have to dig my numbers out, but in something like 10-14 game days, the german side has available more aircraft then every german plane type ever used in the entire war! Not to mention you fly from the closest AFs every time. Again, have to check my numbers; but there should be like 500 aircraft per side, with a 30 DAY RDP timer (not 15 hours), that is realistic. Ok, it is a game, go 1000 aircraft with 14 day RDP. Might make the air troopers afraid of death and RTB more often and hunt more realistically. And yes, I think every town and every dock should have a bofors/flak 36/37 and a 20mm type gun and LMG AA AI. Still doesn't begin to compensate for the ludicrous air supply.
  2. I want more AA AI at every town; should be a bofors (Flak 36/37) and LMG at every dock too. At least one bofors (Flak 36/37 for axis) at every town. Way to easy for fly fairies in this game to hunt ground objects, way to much supply, way to easy to see targets. Get back up in the sky where you belong, and AA AI won't matter...... I'd make bombs from bombers not work unless over 5000m high, that will give a reason to level bomb from height and fighters to be up there with them. (though not the dive bombers or fighter/bombers with 1 or 2 bombs)
  3. Interesting idea. Have to think on it some more to really try and see some of the implications -but might be good. Also, could this be used for maybe terrain capture of areas and allowing spawning? For example, capture a crossroads, or hill top, or bridge? Then be allowed to spawn infantry there? Though, maybe not needed, can just put MS up?
  4. Yes we did, go look at tier 0 bolt rifles.. 200? When tier 3 semis come in, half go away so it is 100/100; they didn't go away this time. Semis swap in for some bolts normally. Rght now we have 200 bolts and 100 semis. Should be 100 bolts and 100 semis. (the basic k98 and g43, not counting g41) There are over 600 infantry units in an INF flag, that isn't right - go count your tier 0 units.
  5. Hmm, not good. But the biggest error by far, is losing my 148 and 149 Marine Infantry Badge - they were there?
  6. WBS is long over, how come the extra supply is still in flags?
  7. Are the Italians incorporated in the stats correctly? I won't repost all the previous issues, but any work on them?
  8. *** I kinda like the idea except what if no hc on, everything grinds to halt. Not really, you just have to drive MS from town instead of a closer FBPPO. Or use paras. One thing we could maybe do, is allow the FBPPO to be destroyed by bombs, say 20 hits in the FBPPO area, but only if those bombs are released from say over 4-5km high. This might bring back a reason for bombers to be high in the sky to bomb a target, and good reason for fighters to be up there? i.e. boost the air game?
  9. FBs to active AO towns should not be able to be destroyed. What does that model? I'd like to see the real world simulation where a truck and a couple engrs stopped an attack. (bridge, sure... crossroads sure... big hill sure... FB.... not so sure) This would also allow the FBs to be destroyed with a lot less charges on the non AO towns - i.e. go back to the 8 charges per VEH/INF. I'd prefer no FBs on map, and instead one FBPPO allowed to be placed by HC per flag. (and that FBPPO not destroyable)
  10. Ok, Sounds like maybe there are three ROFs we have to think about: practical, nominal and theoretical. How do we get each of these numbers for the weapons we have? Then, if we go with nominal say (for all weapons in game), how can we check that the weapons are performing accurately? Is this something that would be in the KE audit, or small arms update? Finally, for the case of the 7/2; might we copy our 7/2 model we have, and change the name and ROF to 150 (or whatever the nominal rate was fort he Flak 43) for a tier 4 inclusion? So, in tier 1-3 all 7/2 -36/37 while in tier 4 it would go to half 7/2 -36/37 and the other half 7/2 -43? (hmm, just got to thinking, the ammo display would have to change to 8 with 25 reloads for the Flak 43 to)
  11. *** should always be modeled to cycle at their historical cyclic rate Hmm, funny, I would have done exactly opposite; should design for what was really happening in real life - not what it could do in perfect conditions. But, I guess as long as they are consistent. So, the Flak 36/37 going to be changed to 250 ROF now?
  12. The L/60 had a nominal firing rate of 120, but in practice was 80 to 100. Practical ROF for the Flak 36/37 was 120, while theoretical was 250. While the Flak 43 brought practical ROF up to 150. So, no, the Bofors shouldn't be firing any faster than 120 ever, and 80 to 100 is probably more realistic. Should maybe be set at 90? Hence, the allied SPAA should also be no more than 120, and 80 to 100 more realistically. The 7/2 should be firing at 120 ROF per merlins description of the gun, or 150 if it is the Flak 43.
  13. Downloaded patch, worked fine the first few times. Now, overtime I try and start game, it crashes soon as I type the 2nd character of my user name. ***** must have glitches.... restarted system and working fine atm.
  14. Uhm, no; pretty sure the bofors was 120 rounds per minute - it should stay that way. And if the allied bofors SPAA is faster than that, then I'd say something is wrong. At least from what I know. It should only be 120 also. The axis 7/2 had two different guns; flak 36/37 was 120, flak 43 was 160. Not sure which version we have in game - or if maybe it changes as tiers go up. The flak 18 was 80 rpm, but that was never put on a HT far as I know and was phased out quickly.
  15. I think FTP is good also; though, be nice if a squad CO could designate an AA mission say, then all FPA squaddies be allowed to spawn AA on that mission only. Most don't realize it, but rifle and truck are a powerful combination when used right, especially when able to capture. I think it just takes a year or 2 in game to realize it. Maybe make the starter 4.99 and and add the lightest ATG/AA/tank/bomber to the subscription. Allies can use Blen, axis would need the Do17 technically, but the 111 is slow enough.. so just give them that.