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  1. Any update on the infantry/crew DM audit? Really need for grenades, grenadiers and mortars.
  2. Ikes, I even recognize some of these names! wb. Hope to see ya back taton, you inspired me in so many ways in the early years.
  3. Maybe it is time to introduce the AA 88? Higher ROF, higher range, but only spawnable at factories? Give it good ROF and a 6k range or so, might get players setting up AA platoons to combat RDP? Course, you know someone will tow it across the map, just to have it near the frontline Also, we have the SPAA Flak 36/37, maybe get a towed version that can spawn at CPs?
  4. Well, they coded autopilot not to work unless level, can they code it so bombs don't drop unless level? Or at least some reasonable angle?
  5. Move a flag.
  6. Update on infantry/crew DM audit? That is really important. Right now grenades, mortars and grenadiers are mostly worthless. Other HE kinda works, but not near as well as it should.
  7. *** i'd be giving allied a free ride right into town with no brigade in place to counter. Not at all, axis has 5 flags in Antwerp right now.. just distribute them to the new split antwerp - problem solved.
  8. *** The problem with not calling a draw, is that there has to be a massive bout of warping brigades to cover new vulnerabilities *** Because of links and logistics. Axis would need major flag movement to be able to continue as is, and allied would need to be allowed to match it. The amount of moves needed would change the battlefield so much that it makes much more sense to just call it a draw. I can see none of you have ever done HC before or moved flags. What major movement? Every new link is in axis territory right now. Nothing needs to be moved at all. Nothing. And, even if it DID need to be moved, one can adjust backline flags in 15 min.... whoop dee doo! (note: just saw allies have Eghezee now, ok, that does complicate it a tiny bit, but we're talking minuscule - I could fix that in 15 min) I totally understand why you want to restart with the new patch, it might have issues. But don't blame it on moving flags or town control, simply ludicrous. Guess I just can't stand intermission and now we have 2 more dead days of game play
  9. *** my guess is due to the link changes, the entire existing map would break. Nah, two new links is all...... And all the towns near them are axis atm. *** i for one kinda want to fight for antwerp and brussels. And you still can, axis fight for brux, axis defends antwerp.
  10. idk, seems really odd? This been a good map, why end it? You put the divisions back where they are now - only exception is have to consult on how to place in Antwerp since axis captured it and now split. Brux not an issue as backline. Not sure they should call this map personally.
  11. *** Then add a new data bit called Rank, but you would then have to figure out exactly what to do with it. How to give rank, how to take rank away, and what exactly rank gives you. I was thinking the rank would be equal to level if player not in squad. If they were in squad, rank would still be equal to level, unless the CO changed the rank to create an hierarchy.
  12. Agree, gear could be tied to a 'level' rating, not rank. That way rank can be assigned by squad COs to squad members, or rank can just default to 'level' if a player is not in a squad. Squads don't have 10 Lt Cols in them. They have a staff sergeant, sergeant, maybe a corporal and private first class, and mostly privates. Even if go with platoon organization (how our squad generally is organized), you'd have a 2nd Lt, master sergeant, then the rest as above in squads. Again, not 10 Lt Cols and 10 Majors.
  13. And a second question, is there a way to grant gear access to someone with lower rank - i.e. bypass the normal rank need? Basically, if I'm a Lt Col today, I have access to everything. But, let's say I want to be a staff sergeant, a squad leader rank. That rank won't get me all the gear. So, can you change my rank from Lt Col to staff sergeant, but still allow me access to all the gear?
  14. *** Yes you are right, they do have them BUT, they aren't directly useable, you cant go there and spawn up a bunch of tanks and drive off someplace. Sure you can - put air flag in, spawn infantry or tanks. I can spawn out of both Horn and Biggin once a flag is placed there.
  15. Is it possible to have ones rank changed? Say I'm a Lt Col today, but I want to be a 2nd Lt, is that possible? What about adjusting an entire squads member ranks?