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  1. *** Thats 7 days before the 3h comes in and rolls face on all Allied tanks. Heh, sure, check stats, IIIH vrs Matilda Mk II: 19 to 39, 0.49 KD.
  2. Hmm, I love the historical introduction of gear and more realistic ratios of said gear. Do we need to edit it some? Maybe. Do we need to increase overall supply some? Maybe. Are the ratios a bit off? Maybe. Everyone knows the biggest issue is pop level between the sides - and then leadership; not the gear. This has easily been proven as allies should have completely slaughtered axis with over 40 matties last map per division. I'm not sure sure how to solve the pop issue. Action issue, imo we need to allow things to move quicker (MS set, cap time, AO set etc).
  3. I think all the new changes are helping, terrain, gear etc. But, also agree the game just plays so much better with more players. Players need action - it is very hard to start action in this game. So, I'd suggest cutting FMS time to 30 sec, Capture times to 2 min base (if not 1 min), cut AO clear and set time to 30 seconds, cut bridge AO/DO clear and set time to 30 seconds; change truck EWS back out to 1000m. And agree with mata, while new players don't realize it, the rifle and truck combo is very powerful.. just new players don't know how to use them well. For two sbux drinks, you can play this game all month... (on a yearly sub), or the cost of 1 movie ticket I think.
  4. Don't get me wrong. I love all the terrain in general! And very much looking forward to the N and S expansion. One of the reasons I'm still playing nearly every day and have 2 subs. Maybe I just got unlucky in picking some towns like Haybes and Gedinne. Buildings shouldn't be in front (haybes-virex CP) of the door by 1m imo. So keep up the great work - just trying to suggest improvements. Regarding links to Antwerp and Brux, pretty sure I've outlined those somewhere else, but as cap says - divide the town with line, then look where adjacent towns lie and link to that section. Antwerp N: Wals, Zand, Kam; Antwerp C: Schilde; Antwerp S: St Nik, temse, Boom, Lier Brux NE: Mech, Leuven; Brux SE: Wavre, Waterloo; Brux SW: Halle; Brux NW: Aalst Temse PS don't forget these ideas: 1) Don't need the word 'district' on Antwerp S and Center names, too long. 2) The name 'Antwerp Center' is way to far S of the actual town, that label needs to be moved up. 3) S central depot and Antwerp district are in the OTHER sides town? Swap their locations. 4) Abbreviate all the directions on Brux town names so not so long; Brussels NE, etc... Also, LONDON is all caps?
  5. *** The Links in Brussels are still awful @Merlin51. Agree, the links to both Antwerp and Brux are atrocious - they make no sense at all. Look which towns are NW, NE, SE and SW .. then link appropriately.
  6. I think dre nailed it. Allies got all their infantry parity back, axis did not get armor back in return. Ya still got 14 matties in every infantry flag......... I suppose it will be fair if axis INF flags get 14 Tigers starting tier 2.......
  7. I say no to INF MS. Rather, cut MS build time in half, cut base capture time in half, remove over pop capture penalty (keep under pop enhancement for shorter time) and fix the 'EnterWolrd' bug, or remove SD until that bug can be fixed. One way I might be able to support an INF MS, is that you have to spawn from a FMS first, and it can be placed no further than 300m (exact number not sure, maybe 400? 500?) from the FMS. This would help promote moving the MS up as you capture ground towards town. So, place FMS 750m out, start attack, capture CP, now can set an MS (not FMS) off that FMS 450m away from town- helping infantry get to town faster for attacker, w/o having to drive new truck. (and the INF MS could not be placed until town contested)
  8. If the attacker has the CP cut by close tanks, then you should prolly lose that CP, yes? Kinda silly defender can jump on to CP from SP? Plus, I still like the more buildings around the CP area - thus blocking lanes of fire, I just don't like them ON TOP the CP like they are now - way to close imo. Look at haybes-virex CP - those buildings are on top of CP/SP practically - push them out a bit; not have them right next to CP. Look at the St Ricqu-Frev CP area layout... CP is a bit aways from SP, there is cover - but nothing stacked on top of each other.
  9. I like how towns are getting edits to them (Gedinne, Hasterie etc). But I see issues: first, way too many buildings are stacked on top of each other right next to CPs. Buildings need to be spaced more apart and pushed out of town more. Second, move the CPs a bit further away from the SP. Having 10 buildings surrounding a CP does no good imo, spread those bldgs out - push them further out of towns. And don't put buildings so close to each other.
  10. ty, quite nice parade!
  11. Is too picky now, needs to be changed back to the way it was before; or don't make it so picky.
  12. *** it used to suck, we know why, if those negatives are accounted for in the design While I totally agree with capc in regards to getting more action and combat, I just can't get over silent armies (even just rifle, SMG, LMG) appearing out of nowhere and across rivers with no bridges. Believe me, the infantry side of me (and KM - with very difficult TT type AOs) totally thinks INF MS would be ok - but it also does much damage to ZOC. (think ATGs, AA etc.) Only way seems to be somehow allow the INF MS to appear, but only in an area that is controlled by the attacker - or at least not controlled by the defender.
  13. We got the Flak 38 in game! Also reported the Flak 37 artwork is in - but haven't verified as not in spawn list yet.
  14. Cut the AO remove and place time in half would help. Cut the town hot from 10 min to 5 min would help. (could maybe leave bunker 10 min) Cut the capture times in half would help. Cut the FMB build time to 30 sec probably marginally help. Cut the distance FMB to enemy facility in half might help. Silent infantry MS defying bridges - have to say no. Much as I love infantry combat.
  15. While I voted yes, my concerns with bridges and silent armies behind you is big. Think it best to not have them on further thought - so change my vote to no. Rather, cut capture times in half (4 min is disgustingly to long) and allow MS to be placed closer to enemy facilities - say 200m. Finally, cut the build time from 60 sec to 30 sec.