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  1. You've found another glitch. Population is not high with 2 AOs. Now, 3 AOs, then we can begin this discussion.
  2. We've been at 60/30 for years. We tried 30/15 and that was a disaster. Currently, we are 60/15. This only helps those HC that know the game better or the side that has HC on. Faster flag moves hurts a no HC or inexperienced HC. It does not help an under pop side - which usually has less HC on. So, what about trying 90/45? A slower flag time gives more time for things to happen and less opportunity for experienced HC to take advantage (or a side with no HC to get further behind).
  3. *** Our squad doesn't need XOs, recruiters, members and recruits. We need Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals and privates. Just to be clear, as I realized my example corresponded one to one with the existing 'position' labels. And I thought that might be confusing. The CO should be able to assign any rank, private, private first class, corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, technical sergeant, etc etc through Lt Col. to self and members. Not just be limited to four ranks like our current four 'positions', (XO, recruiter, member, recruit).
  4. Really need to take 'Realism' out of anything you advertise until the grease gun is gone from french and tier 0. They need their own SMG. Same for brits and sten.
  5. I think we need to get away from the notion of tier change means equipment change. Tier change is simply a time mechanism as far as I know. Tier 0 is May-Dec of 1940. Tier 1 is Jan-Dec of 1941. Why can't gear come in on any day? Tiers progress to show time change in the war. Gear doesn't have to depend on year change, does it? Why can't gear come on day 4 of tier 3? or day 2 of tier 1? Why does it have to be first day of tier? That is an artificial constraint. Of course, if the system is coded that way, it isn't so artificial and it may be difficult to change the code. I see no reason the pak 38 couldn't come out day 1 of tier 1, but the IIIH on day 2; just like the allied ATG/ Stuart... (thus keeping like gear on like days for balance) This would give us gear arriving on many days throughout a map, not just the first day of each year/tier.
  6. *** The design concept always has been that there must not be "Allied advantage" or "Axis advantage" days. Ok, fair enough, I get that. It is probably a good design goal too. So, we'd have to make sure gear came out on the same 'day' for each side. Thus, might well just have all the gear appear at the start of the tier/year. I just thought it might be nice to have gear arriving on different days, instead of all on the first day - basically trickle in; even if we have to make sure nations 'like for like' gear arrive on the same day. Eh, was a thought.
  7. *** For the massive amount of work involved Not sure where the work is? I have access to nearly every pice of gear (i.e. every model of panzer II for example) from all nations showing the intro, ramp up and phaseout month. Be trivial to take the few pieces of gear our game has and look them up. Now, the system might be harder to code, to allow for a piece of gear to come in and leave on specific days of tiers. That IS possibly hard as the system may only allow gear changes at start of tiers. And POSSIBLY, there might be a conflict or two with one side getting a piece of gear way in advance of another. But again, with the few equipment items we have in game, wouldn't be hard at all imo to sort them out in nothing but a couple hours. But I'll still agree, it might not really make much difference in game -though remember, all the above 'work costs' are one time efforts, for a life time of dynamic game play.
  8. *** The game has to be side-to-side lethality balanced every day a new customer may arrive. You've contradicted yourself on this many times. Saying, each piece of gear doesn't have to be balanced as long as total balance is achieved. Why is this any different over days? So, day 7 and 8 might have an allied advantage (new tank first), but then days 9 and 10 might be axis advantage (new ATG or fighter first). Balance does not have to exist every minute across every piece of gear, you have said so yourself, many many many times. It only has to balance in the grand scheme of things - ie. through all gear over all time. But, I'll agree it might be too much detail in game for what it gains us.
  9. Got to thinking, tiers are basically 'time change' of years, correct? So, instead of tiers, maybe we should have years. Game would start in year40 (not tier 0), it would last for 8 days (May-Dec). Then year41 would start and last for 12 days (Jan-Dec); then year42 for 12 days etc. Then, instead of all the equipment for a tier starting on the first day (Jan), gear would appear in the month it first was used in the war. So, the Pz IVG would not appear on day 1 of year42 (tier 2), but rather day 3 (march) as it did in real life. This wold require a bit of work to see when all the gear entered the war and map it to the day in each year/ter. And, might have to watch out for any big imbalances. Say one side getting a big tank 6 days before the other. (though, if just a day or 2 - no matter) This, would have the game time align with 'real' time and make gear appearances more sporadic and interesting; possibly leading to flows and counter flows based on when gear came out, as allies might get a tank a day or 2 before axis and try to exploit their advantage over those 2 days. Last, since we have been talking about shortening tiers, maybe have each day represent 2 months, this would have each tier last 6 days instead of 12. Tier 0 (year40) would be 4 days, then each year after be 6 days. This would also lessen the impact of equipment coming in on different days, as say Mar/Apr gear would appear on the same day.
  10. Why so late in the day Wed? Should be early/late morning Wed imo. Intermission sucks, I'd say never more than 1 day of it.
  11. Yes, but I want to use a sig image from my computer - not one up on the web somewhere. Hmm, guess I could figure out a way to put my image up somewhere first - then link to it? But why can't we just have it like it was, upload an image?
  12. Yep, maybe IIC, viky and light french tank. Access to lowest fighter from each nation. Starter really needs to be revamped too. Should have a tank that is good, say IIC, and 38t or IIIF? And Cru II for brit and again not sure on french. Then, just make sure there are lots of those tanks every tier (so maybe 8 38t if that is one chosen) - so the starter players have gear to play. I can see the basic FPA as ok, though like the idea of one tank and plane. But the starter really needs some gear imo, especially at $8.
  13. I'd have to think on this a bit more. But basically agree. There should be no FBs in the game at all. Instead, FBs would be created just like MSs are. Maybe you drive a truck out and set a FMS, that is stage 1 (inf light atg/AA) After some time (maybe with truck still there and engr or not?) the FMS turns into a FBMS - meaning you can now spawn everything at it. Or, maybe when creating the MS - an option asks, MS or FBMS? each flag is allowed one FBMS - so a town with 3 flags could have 3 FBs to an attacked town. If town supply, i.e. no flags, maybe allow one FBMS for each AB in the originating town. HE would still remove the FBMS.
  14. Yes, the whole marking system needs to be revamped badly. New marks, more makes and persistent marks.
  15. Not tier 3, maybe tier 1. And go to 7 day tiers.