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  1. Where did you see that? I don't see anything being worked on but 1.36 and 64 bit; yes, both good, but the infantry/crew DM audit effects EVERY unit regarding combat on map.
  2. Kinda agree, but they just going to substitute all these models in - then never get them right. Maybe just do it right the first time? The Sd Kfz 7/2 still needs a face lift, bofors gun is ugly Where is the Flak 36/37 gun model? PS And where is the later tier Flak 43 SPAA model?
  3. Seems the Flak 36/37, 37mm gun was available also in 1940, but not in SPAA form yet. PS1 when the Flak 36/37 artwork going to be complete? PS2 Also, is our SPAA the Flak 36/37 or 43? Appears it's the 36/37, not 43; so, an additional SPAA with Flak 43 be nice tier upgrade.
  4. Looks good, but we really need info on: p1, infantry/crew DM audit p2, building HE rubble audit p3, small arms audit p4, armor KE audit p5, massive air FM and DM audit And of course, when do Kiel and Brest become deep water?
  5. Simply ridiculous the Flak 38 still isn't in game? Was accepted into service in 1939. Then the Flakverling was created - (4 barrel) And shortly thereafter (in 1940) the Sd Kfz 7/1 SPAA. All three of these AA platforms need to be in game, Flak 38, Flakverling, Sd Kfz 7/1; and in tier 0. With the ridiculous flight models (not to mention damage models) of allied aircraft and bombing from 50m above ground - axis needs something to counter.
  6. Looks like about 20+ KD against panzers. Too bad they didn't simulate radios and 1 man turrets in game.
  7. Would be a disaster for axis. Axis FMS ATGs take out very few allied tanks and allied air would bomb them out of existence in minutes. Conversely, allied FMS ATG would destroy any ib panzer and axis air is to slow to interdict. Though, interesting idea. Far better to just 'see' all the FMSs on an AO, so you can click on one and spawn to it without 'searching' for the best MS to use.
  8. I'm sure 2 two Tigers can get 150 kills............... Just might take 15+ missions. Heh, the 'worthless' mattie CS only has a near 7.0 KD; while the real mattie has 14.0+ KD. I wonder, does the StuH get a 7.0 KD? Three tiers later?
  9. It's on purpose to help the under pop / losing side. Same as our warp 15 min backline hypersonic flag moves.
  10. Axis are 1-2-1 over the last 4 maps. Last 20 are 11-8-1. They are 27-27-2 over the last 56 maps. (maps after 100) Agree, they are not bad off, but they are not rolling away with victory after victory as some like to think.
  11. Need more details, MSK may be interested.
  12. Can't say this enough - we really need that infantry/crew DM audit. It impacts everything, mortars, grenadiers, grenades, and of course every HE shell from tanks and HE bomb from aircraft. Needs to be #1 priority, along with 1.36 and 64 bit maybe.
  13. *** Slightly faster cap timer base for all, I'd use a different adjective. 3 minutes 45 seconds is WAY to long of a base, even pop timer. Maximum I'd think is 2 min; 1 min probably far better.
  14. Read better. I said, leave the sliding cap timer in. Game is dying with such long cap times, 4 min solo for even pop is a travesty at best. (ok 3 min 45 sec - still atrocious) A 1 min base capture gives under pop 30 sec caps, you don't think that will help? (vrs 90 sec for over) I know, I KNOW - I guard CPs, I see how many times under pop side almost caps, but doesn't - with shorter cap time they would cap and draw off attackers. MANY bunkers would have fallen to under pop side had cap times been shorter last map. And 10 sec SD, is more than we had last map, right? We need action to get more players, with more players pop will hopefully even out.
  15. Let's test it ? Leave the sliding scale in, maybe 10 sec of SD for op side. Bring back some action to game and paras!