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  1. Agree, I think it needs to be 'Town supply with flag supplement', Otherwise we just have our current flag system with a few troops in all towns. Then the question becomes, what ratio? If each 1 AB town gets like 500 troops, and 2 AB maybe 625 and 3 AB 750; what should a flag get? (just using infantry numbers atm) Maybe 125? So they even up a 1 AB vrs 2 AB town, or 250 so they with garrison have more (750 to 625) than a 2 AB town? It also depends on how many flags there are, and if those flags can stack with each other. Should be fun the first few hybrid maps as they try and find a good balance.
  2. *** My only question / statement is that I would hope that garrisons do not contain top tiered equipment. Interesting idea, seems to have merit. I do wonder something though, let's say towns get no IVD tier 0 as you noted. But, could they set the town supply to 0 IVD - but have the capacity 2? So if one wanted to drive and over stock a better tank they could? Same for the Zees, right now no 232 or IIC. But, I'd like to TT in a couple 232, then RTB to the flag in town - and have them STAY there to be spawned again. So in Zees, the 232 would be set to 0, but have a capacity of 3, so one COULD get some 232 on the islands and have them stay when you RTB. Make sense? The big question to me, is which way is the game leaning? Town supply with flag supplement; or flag supply with town supplement? Or, about even supply town to flag? Makes all the difference how the map plays I think.
  3. K, squad dwindled from over a Battalion to just over a Company. Debating to leave here or drop to a Platoon. Allowing dynamic AOs is a good idea and helps squads. Now, what about squads having their own flag, MSK would like their company formation on map, or we could scale it to Platoon size. And we still need assignable member ranks, and grouping functions. And don't forget squad mission control options, turning off MS, turning off Mission and kicking players. That wraps up my Christmas squad list wish. (ok, maybe a squad PPO HQ be nice too)
  4. *** Delems, this can be fixed with the trickle settings of no supply first 15 minutes Hmm, 10 km in 15 min? Still to fast. How about trickle starts 1 hour after move and leave the rate at the current every 2 minutes? Now that might work. I'd go for that, a shim, but worth trying; and as you say, think they could change those numbers for next map as a trial.
  5. Got to thinking, JWBS along with no HC and funky fallbacks mess the game up. But, in regards to JWBS, it seems the biggest problem is getting supply in so fast. Why is that? Because units move 10km in 2 minutes... totally unrealistic. *** Todays move systems moves in 2 minutes; then waits for 60 minutes.... This is backwards I think ! Why doesn't the move take 60 minutes, then ready to move again in 2 minutes? No more instant flag moves. You move a flag and just like in real life, an hour later it arrives - not 2 minutes. What if we just reverse the move times? Instead of 2 min to move; 1 hour to wait, we go 2 min to wait, and 1 hour to move? If you couple that with removing the insane move restrictions (let all flags free move - no sister/HQ dependency) and change fallbacks to just go E or W based on nation, and restrict inter division stacking (1pz can only stack w/no other division, only itself). Then problems solved with flag management? Toss in HQ may not move to frontline, one more flag (recon battalion per division) and the ability to overstock between any flag of same division only, and you've almost replicated town supply, but kept the movable flags. This solves nearly every issue with our current flag system. (but still need flag for each squad)
  6. Just do them all, start soft skinned and move up. First do the trucks for all nations (and jeeps/kubel), maybe 2 types of trucks and 1 'jeep' type. Then half tracks/UC/Lorraine, just the basic unarmed ones at first. Then armored cars, and get the off road working right. Finally tanks/TD - starting with tier 0. By grouping the types during development, can leverage the knowledge from 1 truck/HT/AC/tank coding to the other for each nation, etc.? BUT, before that, p1 is fix the early tier rifles and SMGs. This grease/sten gun and garand fantasy is ridiculous. Not like they can't code infantry weapons easily.
  7. *** If battles were won and lost on attrition, rather than speed, and on sequence, rather than as you say "bumrushes" then the game would be immeasurably improved. With TOE, you can't have attrition battles, it is far far to easy to just warp another flag in. Move timers are way to fast. And it is nearly impossible to hold a linking CP for hours to attrit the flag that is in the town. Now, maybe, if the town was contested in any way, and flags were then not allowed to move - you might be able to do it. Also, flag move in time is 2 minutes; once the defender gets the link CP (or libs) - it is impossible to stop the flag from moving. I'd suggest the flag move in time be at least 10 min; this gives the attacker time to retake the lost CP to prevent a flag from moving in. There are many things that can be done I think to save TOE - but the bottom line is not enough HC at this time. Even if all the changes were done, still not sure we'd have enough HC to manage a TOE game; much as I totally think it is far more realistic than town supply. *** What, precisely, is meant by "Hybrid supply"- and how is materially different from what we have now? It means every town will have supply on the frontline (at least current INF in size) - and the town just behind it. Rest of map empty (guessing except navy and air which will have all towns across map populated). Then, my guess, a few TOE flags; lets say 6 to 12, maybe company sized (150-200 troops)? So, battles can take place anywhere on map, w/o HC and no big cutoffs and no soft caps - but to preserve the maneuver warfare and a dynamic map, flags can be moved to reinforce an area or overstack to create a push. There are a bunch of questions, do towns have different sizes of supply based on ABs? The ratio of the town supply to the flag supply, etc. That have an immense impact on how the game is played. You could just put 50 troops in every town and keep our current TOE, but not sure that would solve much; or you could put 1000 troops in every 1 AB town, 1250 in 2 AB, 1500 in 3 AB etc. and only put 100-200 in the flags - this would play out very different than the first layout. Hybrid gives the best of world, it allows battles across the map, but maintains some maneuver warfare. The details/variations of implementation are many.
  8. *** The wound ribbon is an award the allies have for KIA 1000 times. I also have never died 1000 times; and haven't played allied in ages. Something is up as it is in my axis list every map.
  9. Squad flags... Limited supply, maybe start with just a platoon (51 soldiers).
  10. What is the wound ribbon? Not sure I've ever seen it listed in the 'medals' list. And how come I just see a '?' instead of the image of the ribbon? Also, I noticed the Marine Infantry Badge list is not sorted by sorties, like many of the other lists are?
  11. *** It takes 80 repair kits to bring a bridge back up that is completely destroyed. Unless something changed, it only takes 40. And way to easy to get repair points if we allow all bridges to be destroyed or rebuilt at will (which we should). Thus, go to 1 point per HE or wrench; possibly 2. That being said, repairing a bridge is too easy, needs to be 120 or 160 kits. I think destroying is probably ok, always easier to destroy than create.
  12. One more thing, no more FBs. Everything should be capture based. Divide the world into areas, these areas can be captured, when they are captured the army moves into that area to support the next capture. No FBs. Might have to have smaller flags, battalion size maybe? So that all the areas can be covered. And yes, towns might have lots of little areas, where country might be bigger size. (except hills, bridges and crossroads areas)
  13. If a side is getting beat, with evenish pop, even if that pop is more green tags, then I'll still take that as a win. For as much as I disagree with lip about everything he posts, I do agree pop balance is key. I don't mind some pop imbalance, in fact Ii think it is good for game, what I don't like is the extreme imbalance. I'm not even sure we even get that anymore, or how to define it (3 to 1?, 2 to 1? 3 to 2?) I just know at some point the over pop side should not be allowed to have more players. (at least in game) If say the sides never go beyond 3 to 2, and axis is losing because of more rookies, then I'd say that is acceptable. Hey, in 5-10 maps we'll be strong once they learn. But if axis is losing because of 3 to 1 or 2 to 1 odds in game, then that should be remedied.
  14. How will supply be distributed to towns? I see 3 obvious scenarios. 1) Every town has exactly the same supply. 2) Each town has supply based on ABs - 1 AB, 1 unit of supply, 2 ABs, 2 units of supply. 3) Each town has supply based on ABs, but isn't so dramatic of change... 1 AB, 2 units of supply, 2 ABs 3 units of supply, etc. Option 1 seems a bit silly, big towns should have more supply, but, option 2 means big towns have way more supply. So, I'm thinking of something based on option 3 makes most sense. Next question, will every port have a contingent of naval infantry supply? Say a platoon or 2, or more? Next question, will each AF have a contingent of air infantry? Say a platoon or 2 or more? Will a town with both port and AF, have all 3 flags? army, navy, air? (they probably should I would think) Will every AF and port town have naval/air infantry boat plane supply, regardless of the 2 town frontline range? What will the ratio of town supply to flag supply be? Will towns have more supply than flags, equal? or less? Finally, will squads be given a flag to use for themselves? and if not, what about a custom option where squads could get their own flag? And last, will Kiel (not Kiev!) and Brest be made deep water ports?
  15. Sounds good. Just a note on V2.0; go big at first! Design the whole world, yes, every continent and ocean, put curvature in, make sure subs could work and trenches/tunnels. GO for the gusto. Weather too (local areas) - think about this. Waves, fog, mist, snow etc. Go for it. Yes, The whole world will be bare land but Ciney and probably a few towns around it... BUT, it gives you everything to grow into with no design limitations later. Smooth seas, rolling waves, to big storms - let the big ships play and subs stalk. Also, design multi crew with many player options - like allow up to 10 in a DD to man different areas. BUT, make sure if 9 die, the one left could still do stuff all around ship, not be cut from weapon systems. Go Big. And design so 3rd party can add content, like a railroad gaming company or a sub simulation company.. allow them to add parts. In short, go very big and grow into it. As for units, rethink how the flags exist, start at company size or battalion? allow them to combine or split, be sure to have different types, panzer, infantry mech etc. Maybe even specialized AA, ART, recon, engr, and tank battalions? Don't just do 1 generic unit like we have today (the basic division). Town supply can be generic, but spice up the flag portion. And be sure squads can have supply. And absolutely be sure squads can assign ranks to members and group them into teams, that is portrayed in game. From a single squad to full rifle company - be sure it can be organized.