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  1. I'm addressing a very specific issue. Hitting, dropping and seeing body of an ei, but not getting a kill credit. If I shoot an ei, and he dies, I don't care if stats say 1 hit or 10 (i.e. SMG bullets) as long as I get the kill. (and I know the difference) If I shoot an ei, and he keeps running and shoots me, then dies; I don't care, again, I got the kill too. I'm talking very specifically about shooting ei, watching them drop, seeing the body after, then despawning and just finding a hit credit and no kill. And, yes, I know about "he may have already been killed" etc... Yes, I know that. These guys are running at full speed, and I'm usually the first defender in town shooting them, so it is extremely unlikely someone else has shot them. Not only that, this happens so often, that it is unlikely all of them have been 'pre killed'. No, I don't have any video, but I could capture the 'kill stats' page after my sortie, and make short sorties; spawn in, shoot and 'kill', then despawn and see no kill. So that there is no other action on my part that could be affecting the sortie stats. About to log in for a bit, we'll see if any action and what happens.
  2. With all this new SPAA talk, I got to thinking about how come we don't have the Flak 38 in game yet? Also, I found in wiki this statement "The gun fired the "Long Solothurn", a 20 × 138 mm belted cartridge that had been developed for the ST-5 and was one of the most powerful 20 mm rounds in existence." Does our Flak 30 have this good round, or a gimped version? (kinda like our 88 using old 1939 ammo...) Sure hope the upcoming audit reviews our Flak 30. Also, we need the Flak 38 for a nice set of SPAA on trucks and HTs. FPA could use the Flak 30 versions maybe, others Flak 30 or Flak 38. Since we have the trucks and guns (mostly) getting the single gun truck SPAA might not be too hard?? Then, it would just be a matter of creating the Sd Kfz 10 so we could form the 10/4 and 10/5 versions. I'd rather not see some other 20mm (say FMB) on a truck or Sd Kfz 10 down the road, but rather the Flak 30 and Flak 38. Finally, since the Flak 38 was accepted as the standard army gun in 1939, we kinda need it to supplement the Flak 30.
  3. Getting really really tired of hitting 3 ei each sortie, watching them die, drop, see body - then get 1 kill credit. Is happening every day - this is ridiculous. Did you see stats?? 290,000 HITs on brits, yet 28,000 kills. What is going on? This needs to be looked into and fixed. This is just a couple of sorties I've had in the last few hours: SMG 3 kills, 8 hits SMG: 1 kill, 5 hits SMG 1 kill, 4 hits SMG 1 kill, 3 hits LMG 1 kill, 75 hits SMG 2 kills, 7 hits SMG 2 kills, 8 hits SMG 2 kills, 8 hits SMG 3 kills, 5 hits Either stats are completely borked, or shooting (maybe the mp40?) is completely borked; this is bordering on ludicrous.
  4. Don't think so, last I tested was still 700m.
  5. Increase it by 100m every patch, until complaints start coming in, then back it up one. Start with 800m.
  6. Every time I change persona, I get some SYSTEM message like this "Server maintenance - Tier 1". Seems superfluous.
  7. *** 10 klicks would be what I would suggest. That is a long drive in the game parameters. That is nothing in regards to navy play. At minimum, I'd go with 60km from target, and that might even be too short w/o looking at map again.
  8. For a game that says it tries to be accurate, having them shallow water seems pretty lame, especially since it is probably a simple status flag to delineate them. Brest is at correct location I thought. Kiel is not at correct location - and again, for 'an accurate' game'.... putting towns inordinately out of geographical position seems weak. It has nothing to do with if they are used or not... it is the message you send when people see such obvious discrepancies to reality. What is your credibility when players see these inaccuracies? This ins't an idea or suggestion, it is correcting a bug/mistake that is in game. It is currently wrong.
  9. Kiel and Brest should both be deep water ports - not shallow. Should be simple to change the flag that says SHALLOW to DEEP. Also, Kiel is in the wrong location on map.
  10. *** Would it be possible for heavy 250 kg bombs to instantly create a PPO "pit" after they exploded? That is a great idea, have them auto place, regardless of other terrain and clipping. Would make for some fun rubbled town areas ! Also, create bumps in roads for unsuspecting high speed trucks. Might even be able to then deploy ATG or AA in them. Hour much better though, more in line with AO duration, 30 min prolly way to short, maybe even 2 hours.
  11. make FMS, UMS and AMC, so we can tell them apart and see where they are - and make the enemy ones the same icon, but different color. Maybe green friendly and red enemy?
  12. Panzer IIIL
  13. From wiki "The Flak 38 was accepted as the standard Army gun in 1939"; so yes, the flak 38 should be in game, no question.
  14. This happens now and then on mac too.
  15. This is still needed.