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  1. Ya, could be 9 Regardless, I know I've timed HE, it was 8 seconds. I've never directly tested HEAT. How come players posting it was 8 seconds here if it wasn't? Really believe we just making this up? I suppose SD wasn't 30 seconds last map either? It was 15? Some changes are being found, just want to understand them. And, lets suppose for a minute we are all crazy, and it never has been 8 seconds. The original post still makes sense, tanks should not be able to despawn before a HEAT charge goes off.
  2. Ya, just timed it - was 8 seconds. (last vid) I can't really say for HEAT, but I know for sure HE was 8 seconds.
  3. HE has been 8 seconds for long time, I know for sure, I've timed it. Not sure when it changed, but it did; it was not 10 seconds.
  4. Seems it did change, I show about 10 sec now; was 8. SD changed this map too.
  5. I like the winter theme, agree, bring back when can; even if only for a short bit now and then.
  6. I've wanted something like this for DDs, and eventually subs if we ever get them. If I sail a DD from Helle to Brower, then need to leave, I should be able to 'park' my DD there and get it later. Same if I was sailing around the N Sea, park it in sea, leave, come back, and there it is again. Same for 232s, was going to bring some 232s from Helle to Kamper for defense, but when you spawn out of your 232, it is gone. No way to 'store' them in Kamper. So, would like some sort of 'garage' system where if a player brings something somewhere, it could be housed for later retrieval.
  7. *** It's already hard to attack But the attacker could use them too? Build cover and ZOC as push into the town?
  8. *** I think this will add a lot to game play, both offense and defense. Possibly, but if the first bomb takes the entire structure out..... then what? (or tank HE, ATG HE, mortar etc.)
  9. Funny, my MS at Mook was bombed to oblivion yesterday. The point it, it takes away from ground combat. And yes, not near enough good AA to combat air, why need Flakvierling and towable Flak 36/37 both in tier 0.
  10. *** 2020 is a new year, and a start of a new decade. Technically, everyday day is the start of a new decade... i.e. the next 10 years. But on a calendar, the new decade starts Jan 1, 2021. So, we are in the last year of this calendar decade The 3rd decade of this century starts next year. Regardless, Happy New Years!
  11. lol, I haven't heard of an axis bomber taking down an MS in months. They shouldn't take down FMS for the same reason they shouldn't (and don't) take down a FB. Ok, maybe they can half damage a FMS?
  12. Wouldn't it be better if air couldn't bomb FMS and destroy them? FMS should be destroyed by infantry only, that way better battles. Allowing air to destroy FMS ruins many battle engagements. Far to easy to spot and bomb them. Tanks can't destroy FMS, ATGs can't, mortars can't..... so how come air?
  13. I leave them off all the time, unless doing AA. Too much clutter. What we need, is a way to turn them off for friendly, but keep on for enemy.
  14. *** identify EA close to full circle The 'full circle' implies tags are on.... but then my screen is cluttered with friendly tags. I just want to see the enemy tags. Right now it's all tags off, or all tags on.
  15. *** If people aren't spawning the tanks, who cares how many are in the lists? They spawn them, the problem is they never run out. Regarding variety, I like the idea (not sure whose it was) where old gear is dropped out as tiers move up. (could do with aircraft maybe too?) So, tier 0 normal, tier 1 normal; but when tier 2 comes, all the tier 0 stuff is gone. So axis would lose the IIC, 38t, IIIF, IVD and IIIB. When tier 3 came, the IIIH would go. Not sure with tier 4 and after, prolly not lose anything that tier till more options available. Might make it tricky with DLC and free players, but if need, could pick 1 tank from each nation, which are most balanced, and leave them in every tier with the DLC designation. idk, it just seems there are too many tanks; not sure what town it was today, but the infantry spawn list was completely beat up; yet only 2 panzers were gone. How does a flag get wiped out, yet still have nearly every single tank? On the bright side, maybe we can grow into the supply list?