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  1. *** Every time you whine about this it leads us to investigate other inbalances. I think we are winning this particular argument. There is no winning? It is either right or wrong. I'm not trying to win anything, I'm trying to make sure things are right. So you think reporting a side has more infantry than the other is whining? So you allies were whining when axis had more infantry in each flag ??? I see how it goes.... You are whiners? Or is it whining when axis complains, legitimate cause if allies complain...... Cause I sure heard a lot of 'whining' when axis had more infantry.... and from you too...... The numbers are off, plain and simple; I don't care which side is off, they should be fixed.
  2. That HQ idea is what I had in mind basically. Disallow HQs from moving to front line. Allow them to free move w/o any daughter flag restrictions. Make their RDP ticket 1/2 normal, to encourage rear resupply. But - I would not route HQs forever, just the normal 6 hours.
  3. *** So, if the freighter had an EWS range of 0, as it exists now TT EWS is 1000m, unless you just changed it.
  4. I still don't get it? After all the issues, why are the glaring discrepancies not fixed for the axis side? Allies have pointed out two issues with their spawn lists - and both times they get corrected within days. axis points out issues, and they are still not addressed? Weeks later. How come? brit navy still gets 15 tanks, should have 5. usa has 90 bars in list! Should only be 50. brit divisions still have 4 battalions of tanks in them, 318. Should be nearly half that number. (axis has 189) brit infantry flags still have 19 MG toting CS tanks to axis 4 smoke tanks of which 2 have MGs. That is like having 17 extra tanks in a list to be used as MG platforms..... Really? what is going on?
  5. *** let's say you have 4 tigers in town A and it is moved to town b the tigers are gone off the map until they trickle into the supply at town b I guess you just don't get it? How long does that take? I'll tell you. 12 minutes max, every Tiger is there in 12 minutes. That is no big deal. You can barely cap 2 CPs in 12 minutes with 1 person at times. Instant warping of entire armies and platoons of tanks. But, if flag wouldn't move for an hour; that would be realistic of the troops getting the order to move towns - packing up and going. *** one weird visual issue with that, is that, it would take 1 hour to drive from remagen to unkel or roermond to W roermond, and similar situations and short distances. Which is why flag move times should really be related to distance traveled to the town somehow. ALSO.... what is stranger, the very few places where it takes to long? Or right now where every town is hyper fast?
  6. *** Geel , Grobb, Schilde, Ant, Stekene, (optional) st nik, Zel, Eeklo, Mald. Do you not see what you are saying here? If axis takes all those towns, you have bigger problems than being cut in the N, don't you? Not only that, you have any idea how incredibly hard it is to 'just' take Antwerp? This is such a minor moot point, has happened what, 3 or 4 times in 150 maps? Meanwhile the N is cut nearly every map by allies. And, it happens because allies refuse to fallback. Whereas axis can't defend N due to town layout with army flags. (note: with 10 div this has changed and axis can defend N better now) Finally, Mald can easily be defended by navy from two different towns and para and air. (10 Km away I might add... axis have no N AF like that) If you really want to discuss stuff that is an issue...... what about axis having no AF on the E side of the map behind their towns like allies do W? I've seen every AF kicked and axis have to fly out of training!!! (which they can no longer do because supply was removed from training flags btw)
  7. We want attrition, but we don't wan't flags empty for hours at a time. The sweet spot is flags can be attritted faster (with todays pop levels), so towns can be taken - or flag moves made to weaken other areas; but not attritted so the flag stays empty for 6 hours. Yes, I know, very hard spot to find. As long as the upcoming supply cut is greater than the RDP cut, shouldn't be an issue imo. Also, having such long RDP timers makes resupply much riskier as you are emptying your HQ reserve for hours on end. (any chance we can disallow HQs from moving to frontline towns and then cut their RDP ticket time in half?) The real problem is the instant move of flags/supply; just swap the cool down timer and move timer. Moves take 1 hour to complete, move cool down timer is 2 minutes. Instead of the current move in 2 minutes and cool down for 1 hour. That will change everything, no more JWBS.
  8. I love the the new StuH even though I don't use it much. (thinking of how squad might be able to change play to use it more) The main problem as I see it, is every allied CS tank has MGs and can mow down infantry and suppress CP/SP. And allies currently have 14 in a brit flag. While axis has 4 smoke tanks and 2 w/o MGs. So, effectively allies have 12 more tanks that can destroy infantry up close - that is a big deal imo.
  9. Gotcha, be sure to lower RDP also, just not as much as the supply. So, if supply is lowered by 10%, drop RDP by 1 hour; if supply is lowered by 20%, drop RDP by 3 hours, etc. You get the idea, drop RDP also, but not more than the percent of supply drop. Also, keep HQs with at least 1 of every tank type, so we can always resupply if need. I noticed the current axis HQ has no IIIF, IVD or IIIB, so we can't resupply them. Well, unless that tank type isn't in any INF or ARM flag, then I guess it don't need to be in HQ either.
  10. *** They should cut back on bolt actions and other infantry classes proportionately so that the number stays around t0 numbers. This happened in the past. When 30 semis were added in tier 1, 30 bolts were removed. When more semi's were added later, more bolts were removed. Not sure when it changed, think it was one of the WBS events where they wanted more bolts.
  11. *** if pilots are just running suicide missions, as they'd run out of supply very quickly Hmm, don't think so. You ever go count how many *hundreds* of bombers each side gets?
  12. *** Still not fixed with another link to the zee area. Mald still is the linking supply town to the north map. You can't see ALL the towns axis has to take before we ever come near Mald? Really? Your problem wasn't and isn't Mald, it's allowing axis the 10 towns prior to that, including Gent.
  13. *** the fact 1 town links every thing in the north is messed up. Axis are lucky to not have a set up like that Guess you missed the Antwerp, Kalm, Roos, Willem, Moerd, Dord N cut that is done nearly every map? Resulting in entire N cut. In fact, I'd be willing to bet axis has had their N cut more times than allies...?? Sure, sometimes axis pushed back, and it makes sense to cut the N as we have lost ground. But how many times do allies just run 2 flags N for a couple hours and end the Zees? And it isn't just one town... there's eeklo, zelzate, stekene, etc.
  14. It is true the allies have been faltering, but yes, there does seem to be better fights going on at times. I think having more population makes the whole game run/play better.
  15. Hey chaos, There are three things I note from your post with numbers. 1) How come total infantry goes from 485 to 620 over the tiers? Shouldn't it stay about 500 every tier? Bolt rifles need to leave as semis come in. (and maybe too many semis coming in) 2) USA needs more gear, they have no LMG so they need BARs substituted in. Also, they need 50 more semi to make up for the G41 (they only got G43 numbers). 3) USA should only have 5 sappers, or, what is the explanation for them having 10?