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  1. Agree, though, I suppose System would always activate 1 company in every town, and as soon it was 50% or lower, automatically activate a second company.
  2. *** The game boils down to sitting in a building with a flag. Yes, the end battle does. So the question is, how do we encourage the earlier parts of a battle? The setup (ZOC), the move to position on the town to prepare for assault (flanking?), the actual assault? Maybe add facilities (they are just there for area control, say 4 to 8) outside of towns, someone said 300 to 600m out. (Or better yet, make area capture, a crossroads, a farmhouse area, a wooded area, a hill top; that would be part of a towns facilities) Then, make sure no MS can be set if closer than 350m to a facility. These outer facilities/areas would basically block attacker from setting first MSs too close. Finally, require full EWS on a town for actual CPs to go hot (no more 1 person mole capping spawn). Then, the attacker has to move in, capture an outer bldg/area or two, which will allow their MS to move closer to actually assault the town. Basically, move the first fight out of town, then fight to the town - and culminating with the fight in the CP. This, with some sort of frontline mechanism (so MS can't be placed behind towns, but only in 'friendly or no mans' area) might encourage more setup type battles? Would prolly have to set EWS to 1500m for all units too - don't allow attacker to get so close with no EWS. Oh, and need to change the 3 story SPs to just ground level.
  3. *** I understand we can't represent the 'radio' aspects I think there are ways we can model this. Tanks w/o radios can see no marks on map, they have no comms chat bar but their squad chat. If 2 tanks are very close to each other, w/o radio, and 1 marks, then I'd allow the 2nd tank to see it- just to promote working as team. Same for air, can see no marks on map unless AIR radio vehicle/player is in the area. Squad COs (and XOs?) would all have radios, all HC would have radios (not for air, but for army chat). A squaddie marking something would be seen by all same branch squad members - but not other squads marks; unless the 2 squad COs had radio contact with each other. This would drive a lot more local team action, with comms behind radios to organize and work together. But, I think this would have to be looked at closely. Radio channels might have to be reworked, how game played would change some. And of course we don't want to make it to hard or complicated to play. Along those lines, tanks with 1 man turrets absolutely should load slower I would think?
  4. *** Instead, it's pretty much all SMGs in town until they are gone. I had an idea where the town spawn list would be broke into 3 companies - seen from the spawn in window. And, HC would have to activate a company for it to be used by players. (only 1 at a time, unless one was under 50%, then 2nd could be activated) Then, only 1/3 the SMGs would be available at a time. But, there are issues with that too - HC would just activate a different company soon as SMGs ran out of first one.... or no HC on... or players would complain they are stuck with rifles when 2 more companies are available. But, I get your point and have thought about that too - everyone just spawns SMGs / LMGs till gone, then rifles; that is a bit unrealistic. Though, I think many players are learning not to do that, they are using rifles more.
  5. *** the realistic ToE I'm all for historical as much as we can; but yes, we must remember it is a game first and some things must be relaxed. I think brits had like 160 DDs in WWII, axis max 40 ish. Should we implement that in game? No. But, I have no problem with brits getting 44 (maybe even 48?) DDs to axis 40 if that is how it worked out. It's historical (brits had and get more) but not game breaking.
  6. *** This would also force attrition battles. Kind of. It would force more engagement frontal battles, but allow for flanking; w/o that feeling tater and others get (even I) that the enemy can appear from anywhere. It would also reward attackers with towns that had more than 1 link to defender, as your no mans area for putting MS would be a larger area around the town. Note, you can still para anywhere in town, or drive a truck full of squaddies around to the rear for action... you just can't sustain it.
  7. *** But as some have said, wouldn’t this be too complex to understand? Possibly, but these are just ideas. It would seem to me, if a line was drawn from between friendly front line towns, then that is basically where the frontline is. There would be an axis line (all the axis frontline towns line) and an allied front line (all the allies front line towns connected). There, there would be the no-mans land that existed between those two lines. (have to look closer to see if any weird lines could happen as a result of this) The rule is simple, FMS or baby MS (or any MS) can only be placed in your territory or in no mans land; not in enemy territory. An interesting aside to this, is with how garrisons work, you could maybe allow the town to not be considered friendly when the AB was taken. (would have to use controlled, not owned) Then, upon AB capture, the friendly lines would be redrawn as the current town isn't controlled anymore (but is still owned). This would allow attacker MS to be moved FAR closer, as the town with captured AB would then be in no mans land. Not sure this is a great idea, but it would be possible.
  8. *** If anything, EWS doesn't go off soon enough. Agree, should prolly be 1k for trucks. A truck racing in, sets off EWS at 700m, kills engine and can glide the next 300m nearly before anyone can spawn into town. Suddenly, the enemy has an MS 400m out of town with zero chance to intercept, or even know which direction it came in from. I know attacking hard, but think the 700m EWS range of trucks is too short too.
  9. *** How much would you welcome the idea of mine to push back the FMS to 1km, but allow it to spawn heavy guns. in counterpart , « closer MSPs » would become weaker options, down to 200m: Something like this might work. Also, as tater says, the original FMS can't be placed behind the town - but rather no further from FB as the FB is from town. Then, limit the baby MS to say no more than 1k from the MS. This helps solve the problem of ei coming in from every direction, when really their should be a sort of front with flank action. One nice thing about this, is attacking with 1 link only gives you maybe 180 degree into town; but if you have a 2nd link, you can place FMS maybe 270.
  10. Just remove all HC MS. If you can't get a truck to set a MS - then you're to close to the enemy or don't have the area secure. And, to help remove the mole/boredom defense, maybe make captures require 2 players in CP or full EWS on the town before CPs can be captured.
  11. CPs are about 22m by 10m (not including front door area with flag). My only issue is, capture area needs to have some cover too - can't be so open that mortar can decimate it at will. But, love the idea of other capture areas, hill tops, parks, crossroads, etc. Making the SP ground floor only, and moving every facility at least 100m from any other facility will do great for bringing fights to the forefront. A good 3 to 6 person rifle team should rule, but when CPs are 20m from other CPs, SMG is only thing can can be played.
  12. *** That article says they only ever made 15... that'd make them rarer than Matty's in tier 0 Ok, that is really funny.... just exactly how rare are matties in tier 0 currently? Terrible analogy And yes, think the IIIF didn't get the 50mm gun upgrade till later, so not sure would be available in tier 0.
  13. Hmm, can we sort by the different columns on top?
  14. I think players don't like guarding cause 1 infantry can cap a spawn. What if it was changed so that only a town with high infantry EWS could capture? Or, maybe if you couldn't capture unit there was 3 inside? Then, a couple players out to mole couldn't do it - would have to be a team effort, and make your guarding more worthwhile.
  15. FPA gets rifle, truck and a couple SMGs at no cost. Starter account and premium get more gear. There are also new 'branch' packets if you just like to play one style.