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  1. Read better. There is the issue, then there is my opinion. Two different things. Stop making everything personal and conflating the two. Post facts or details regarding the issue, pro or con. Stating 'It may be..." or "your opinion..." don't help - they aren't facts for or against the issue.
  2. *** It may be telling that many players don't see a problem Or maybe they don't understand the issue - is blatantly incorrect imo - has no real world abstraction, this game feature. Isn't the game supposed to simulate reality? How does JWBS infantry from backline towns to frontline make any sense? Attacker can't do it......
  3. Still think it is absurd the amount of tanks. Maybe get out more and look at spawn lists at the end of battles; might be surprised what you see still left.
  4. As I see it, we have a tank for every 6 infantry men; that is absurd. Wasn't it more like 1 tank per 30 troops (in a panzer division); obviously way less in an infantry division. I would think cutting the tank numbers in half would be very reasonable.
  5. Find tatonka in game and check with him; think he is with section 2. Another good one is optik - not sure he still around. Sure there a couple others, paddyo? agave? eagle? maybe?
  6. Doesn't everything hamstring the under pop side? What is the point to always bringing up that argument?
  7. Ok, couple ideas here. 1) if attacker gets enemy CITY CP or their own spawn link CP - then their FB becomes non destroyable. 2) CPs can go hot in town, but can't actually capture until full EWS - no more moles. The point of these is to remove the tedious and boring guarding somewhat. Note: CITY CP would mean all your FBs to town are safe, link CP would just mean that 1 FB is safe.
  8. *** rules are the rules, as bad as they might be But it isn't good gameplay. What you are basically saying, is that to take a town you first capture every CP in town - and hold them; then AB. Is that what we want? You must take whole town first, then AB?
  9. *** while the defender still gets a boost of all linking defense depots My issue with this is it abstracts nothing in real life. It is complete JWBS, no one resupplied, no one brought in MS - just instant transfer of supply from backline to frontline. Far better to disable all link CPs and allow defender to keep using supply in town - that makes sense. Sure, your HQ/command is overrun, so can't use AB - but the troops stationed there can still fight (i.e. CPs) And, defender can bring supply in from backline FBs... just like real life would have to do; move troops up. Just now allies fought for hours to take Cons........ But, they captured the AB Sadly for them (and great for axis), it opened up a link CP - axis flooded town with SMGs etc and recaptured entire town - even kicking AO by capping AB last. That is not good play..... allies should have taken that town imo.
  10. These are 2 different issues, let's try not to confuse them. I fully agree, nice to see lines drawn between frontline towns to make a 'frontline' and enemy MS should not be allowed to be placed behind that line. This would focus battles much more. *** I would presume destroying linking FBs would shut down the depot supply. You are funny sometimes. So, now the attacker has to watch FB, drive MS into town and hold them, capture some CPs and hold them, capture the AB and hold it. THEN, drive trucks and engrs 3km PAST the town to every linking FB and destroy them? I'm now in favor of all spawn CPs being removed from other towns - even attackers if that is the way it has to be. Simply ridiculous to have to fight all the supply from defenders town, and every linked town too; while attacker only gets supply from their 1 attack town. Remove all CP spawning from adjacent towns next intermission and map as test?
  11. I think laptops can have a plug in external keyboard, so buy a full size keyboard.
  12. Really need to seriously think about this. Nearly impossible to attrit/finish a town when defender can bring supply in with no player involvement via link CPs once AB gone. *** Actually, once the attacker captures a spawn THEY get the JWBS supply INSIDE a town that they don't even own. All of your points here apply to ALL link spawns on both sides. Quinn, you don't understand the issue it seems. The defender gets all the advantages here, not the attacker. You seem to be completely missing the point.
  13. Would this allow me to find the top 10 players with navy sorties?
  14. Same, use CNTL when setting, think inverses.
  15. Missing the point. Completely unfair the defender can draw JWBS supply from linking towns when attacker has no way to do the same. It is completely non interdictable and non destroyable - terrible game mechanic. Not to mention, has no alignment to real life, how real supply/troops work. For a game based on reality, this aspect falls short.