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  1. Since we are testing new divisions in game, how about an Italian division and a Canadian one? If we get a few more nations divisions on map - cut the supply per division, and don't allow inter division stacking - we'll have town supply with TOE ! Then we can go Romanians, Australians etc.
  2. Same old good is here too still, and more? i.e. new toys, HE audit, etc. Hey, they are trying things, give them credit for moving in the right direction?
  3. *** On the other hand, that gives a lot of FreePlay players time to play with all the good toys during THEIR time off, so they might be more motivated to subscribe. Hmm, maybe get a potential customer, verses keeping your existing paying customers engaged in game and happy? idk which you would choose, but I know where I'd focus.
  4. USA has tomorrow off - presidents day. And it's only Sunday.
  5. Actually, needs to be changed to: We realize this is a 3 day weekend and lots of players can play right now. Hence, we will be shortening intermission and new map starts very soon.
  6. *** Yeah i agree. Even if campaign is decided. No, the map cannot be called during that weekend time. (if it's called people then won't play) So, even if a side got the victory conditions - the map would not be called, the losing side could actually retake a factory town say, during the weekend, then come Sunday evening have not lost the map. Other option might be any map ending in the above time period, invokes a quick map restart, meaning no more than 3 hours of intermission, then next map starts.
  7. Intermission should never occur on weekends, bad for game. I'd suggest map not be allowed to be called from Fri 6am till Sun 6pm rat time. And if it is called Friday before 6 am, the new map starts by Friday 4 pm. Let's try and keep the weekend fighting good always.
  8. *** cap timer is not faster for underpop side.... Per the rats, this was changed map 129 and the under pop side does cap faster. Could be bugged?
  9. Bah, don't skew the facts. Since map 100 (i.e. all maps after 100) the record is 25-25-1. Can't get much more even than that... I'd be far more upset that every intermission is a weekend or holiday break, wasting good game time And that FPA don't have access to all the gear during intermission.
  10. Glad axis won - but this is really beginning to become a drag. Once again, a 3 day weekend ruined with intermission? I finally get a couple days off - and now no game to play. We need to stop having intermission on any weekend - change the rules or something. Last few intermissions have all been over breaks that most players have off, really sucks. We even lost half of Christmas break with intermission. I suggest a new rule: Map cannot be called (regardless of state) from Friday 6am till Sunday 6pm rat time; thus ensuring game play every weekend.
  11. It's CNTL i to toggle through tag options. I turned them off by day 3 in game (yes when I was a rookie) and haven't had them on since. View has far too much clutter with tags on. Except, when I'm flying or AA.
  12. Cap times faster for under pop been since map 129. Nothing new to see here.
  13. *** Players, including F2P, have full access for Intermission Uhm, no. Every one of the FPA players I talk to say they never get access to full gear in intermission. Though they should.
  14. I'm throwing ideas out. I don't have all the answers. I just think squad flags might be very beneficial. Both for players and for the company. Maybe they wouldn't be. And, yes, the squad would deal with it if their 10 members went to 9. Too bad so sad. Why is this even an issue? You either meet the requirements or you don't. Simple. *** Also - what does the map look like with an additional 558 squad flags on it? It looks green, an additional $55,800 revenue for the company every year minus the 20k for full time worker to manage it, if it requires that much. It also looks like flags in every town (hmm, town supply???) and it looks like fights across the entire front maybe..... I don't know - what do you see with 558 squad flags?
  15. *** It’s now moot though as neither will take out an FMS.. It might be moot in regards to taking down an FMS. But, obviously the allied cannons are still more powerful than the axis ones (as proven by the FMS), is that historically correct?