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  1. Ok, rats have 5 big bugs they working on - need to fix them prior to next map and out of BETA. Get that done. Then, complete the move from HC direction to squad action imo. Leave some HC of course, for general comms and rah rah and strategy. They also can place/clear AOs if no squads take action. Specifically: 1) Get to proximity AOs soon as can - empower squads. 2) Change bridges to always be able to destroy or rebuild - change points to 1 for destroy or rebuild. 3) Remove TOE flags, give each squad a flag; small: 1 platoon supply, med: 2 supply, large: 3 supply. (maybe just start with 1 to see how it goes) 4) Cut capture times to 1 min for 2+, 2 absolutely tops for 1 (remove mole peskiness). As much as I abhor the sliding cap timer, leave it in for now. (maybe tone it down) 5) Remove SD - or fix the EnterWorld bug. Maybe this can't all be done right way... but thinking this should be the longer term goal? I'm concerned about staying in this quasi HC/squad mode, each having some control, but not enough to grow. (i.e. with 1.36 supply being everywhere) Thoughts?
  2. Going to completely kill this game with capture times so terribly disgustingly slow. Went on one attack mission; sat in a CP 5 min with others trying to just reset it. Completely insane and stupid. Base time is too long, and sliding scale is too severe.
  3. Dots are completely unneeded. You can easily see the status of each town w/o them. Light - no garrison; bold garrison, flag TOE.
  4. Not sure how come one would sub to these, just go 1 year for $10 bucks a month premium?
  5. We need to keep growing our pop - stay at 2 AOs.
  6. Keep the same severe sliding scale for now, so over pop: (i.e. by 50% or more) 1 capper, 4 min 30 sec 2, 3 min 3+, 90 seconds Under pop: 1 capper, 90 seconds 2, 60 seconds 3+, 30 seconds Note, I think the sliding scale is to severe, but in the interest of not changing to much at once, and keeping some advantage for underpop side - I'd say let is slide for now. Note2, I'd prolly dump SD too, first - would remove that pesky EnterWorld bug and second, defender can cap much faster than attacker if under pop. If we need to see who is over or under pop - just color code the name of the nation, like we already do - just have no SD.
  7. *** that has objects like FBs hardcoded in No they aren't. There are many towns w/o FBs. So can easily be done obviously. (and we've added many new towns with and w/o FBs.... so not a big deal) Just remove the FBs. The PPOFB, well, that different, might be harder to code.
  8. I keep hearing 'we supporting squads', but I'm not seeing a lot in action. Yes, 1.36 helps - but TOE flags have more supply than garrisons - so again - reliance on HC.... Proximity AOs will help, but where are they? Squads can do nothing for bridges, again reliance on HC..... And we squad COs have nothing to help manage our squad. (ok, not quite true - the squadtools page does help some). Had newbie ask me, how do I know what team I'm in, how do I know who is in charge? I couldn't answer him. If we want COs to grow their squads, we need more tools to manage our squads. I specifically would like: Assign rank to squad members - this rank goes to every branch and does not interfere with getting gear - shows in game and on squad tab listing Assign members to unit - have a label for the unit and slightly off color them so each unit a different shade of gray/white. Color code sub of member in the squad listing - way to hard to remember what every squaddie has access to or not; I need to be able to see at a glance if premium, starter or FPA. Two more columns in squad tab listing: squad rank and squad unit - both should be sortable. All for now, sure I've forgotten something.
  9. Agree - no infantry MS - we been down that road before, remove it.
  10. *** How would that change the dynamic? It's still an FB you have to defend. It would completely change the dynamic. A) would never have to get a FB to attack a town - you can attack w/o putting up your PPOFB, just have to drive further. (or para spawn?) B ) your FB would never get busted ruining all the action. Just means you have to driver further as truck or tank - but existing MS from an AB would still be up. C) Add a whole new dimension in cross country fights, opening the entire space between towns. D) Bring in the element of hunt the FB. E) You could have the two opposing towns attack each other at the same time! Can't do that today as one town always has a FB and blocks the other town.......
  11. Way way to many tanks in game. Looking around at flags.... no infantry... still 45 panzers in stock.... Armor should run out in a town before infantry imo.
  12. Think dump the whole FB concept too. No more FBs, make PPO FB, no closer than 4k to enemy town; 3k if contested. The truck that sets FBPPO sets off EWS at 5k from town. Right now, I'm sitting at FB watching it to our AO - not attacking, not defending, sitting. Now, to be fair, I wouldn't be attacking as horrendous capture timers end that, but I could be at a DO town.
  13. One real problem I've noticed for navy (and air), but way less for ground, is not being able to change your mission target. If I sail a DD from Helle to Kamper on a scout mission, and then allies AO Boz, I have to RTB and make a new mission out of Helle. I should be able to just change my mission target to Boz (so I can see marks and be on comms). That, or maybe the whole mark/comms issues needs to be reworked? (like maybe you always see any mark and can hear any comms within 1km of you)
  14. If armor were only in movable flags, it would once again make the game dependent on HC - bad thing. Moveable flags having more supply in them (than garrison) also makes game dependent on HC - bad thing.
  15. Let me try to explain why capture timers are messed up imo. We'll go with even pop timers. Let's say my newbie squad has just formed, we got 5 players. We'd like to team, work together, cut, capture, you get the picture. We decide to take Schilde from axis, we note that there are 5 CPs. (ok - couple assumptions, there will be no defenders and attackers instantly move from CP to CP) If we team up, it will take us 11 1/2 minutes to capture the CPs. (remember, no travel time) If we solo spread apart (promotes teaming???), we'll cap the same 5 CPs in 4 min. So, I can take the town in 11+ minutes if we team, or 4 minutes if we go solo....... Also, if we team; the defense will show up after just 1 capture, if we go solo, defense won't show up till every CP lost. imo, if a squad/side can get 3 or 4 cappers into a CP, they should be rewarded with a 1 min capture timer; not the 3 min we currently have. Sure, maybe make solo capper slower; but a team should cap fast. So... 1 Player: 3 min 2 Players: 2 min 3+ Players: 1 min Leave the severe sliding scale in for now.