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  1. *** I Set up precamps on forward bases that require a FMS out in the middle of no where. I cant control who see's said mission Or, maybe just allow Mission Leaders control of their mission ? I should be able to disable and enable MS spawning. I should be able to disable and enable mission spawning.
  2. Looks nice, except of course for the 3 story look out tower SP up on hill. Need to change the spawn points from 3 stories to 1 imo.
  3. Hmm, until we implement front lines, I think it should be 1500 now. Once we have frontline, then prolly 1000. Pretty sure we can easily test the range on FMS? Limit it to no further than origin to target distance. Then no MS behind towns anymore.
  4. Yep, two biggest bugs, games allows way unreasonable discrepancy in player numbers between sides and spawn delay.
  5. Yes, I considered making it 1500, but think we should try 1000 first.
  6. *** but i think there are more important things to be done My immediate visceral reaction to this was to vehemently disagree. However, I paused and pondered. How come? Was it cause I wanted it to be so? Or because the data leads to that conclusion. So, I went to bed thinking about it. This AM at breakfast I realized how come I disagree with that view. Here is why, where does all the key combat take place? Sure, some is in the field, and some is in the CP itself, but the most key area of combat is fighting to the CP; it is the assault of the CP. (and then between CPs) Sure, there is MS skirmish in the field, and of course CQB in the CP; but the best of fighting is the assaulting of the CP. Setting up cutting fire, maneuver etc. And of course, once the attackers gets one CP, each side assaults CPs which results in meeting engagements to battle over. (which is why so many towns are badly designed for combat, every CP is within 50m of another CP - there is no chance for a meeting engagement or battle between CPs - nothing but run and gun, jump from 3rd story) And this is why having 3 story lookout towers RIGHT at every CP is so bad. It turns this great skirmish area, into a sit and snipe area.... that isn't combat... that is sniping. Yesterday at Heinsberg was a great 2 hour battle, look at the layout of that town. Superb. Spread out CPs (all 200m or so from each other) and terrain between to battle over. But, it still doesn't negate the fact that the defender can just sit and snipe from 3 story towers (not to mention recon for 1000m or so in many cases). The 3 story lookout snipe / recon towers at EVERY CP, ruins this chance for meaningful battles imo. If that bldg was 1 story, players would have to get out and defend from the area around the CP, not to mention recon. I can't tell you how many times, I have sat on top of an SP, seen a truck coming in at 800m away (never would have seen if just up 1 level or on ground), then sniped the ei ib from the 2nd floor. That does not make for a good battle experience. (just yesterday was killed by attacker at Oberhausen near CP, I respawned, went to top floor of SP, saw him and sniped him -- just like that a meaningful combat session was over, with a 1 story SP, I would have had to go out and hunt the ei) If we want players involved in recon, setting up defense (zones etc) and actively defending, then the removal of the 3 story snipe/recon blds is very important imo; in fact extremely important. We need to ensure the game provides easy ways for groups of players to have sustained firefights. Not for solo players to recon and snipe a battle dead before it ever begins.
  7. There is no rebuild time; all AI must be manually rebuilt. Unless something just changed.
  8. Maybe there are other causes of the EnterWorld bug (though don't think I have ever seen one). I just know, the map there was no SD, there was never an EnterWorld bug. And everything I use to spawn had 1 in the spawn list often.... because I spawn from CPs and used navy when it had infantry.
  9. Any thought into this? How easy would it be to replace our 3 story look out towers for spawning - to just a 1 story bldg ? Would make it much better for attackers to try and use tactics while assaulting a CP, and incentive 'depot' snipers to move out of SP.
  10. Mine updated fine.
  11. *** the only guaranteed way to stop it is to have the server offline in that period or auto side balancing which will never happen for good reason False, lots of other options. I again submit: lock the in world pop to no more than 2 to 1. Not the side. There can be 50 axis on, and 4 allies. BUT, there will only be 8 axis IN game world against those 4 allies. When one axis dies, the other 42 will vie for who gets in. All 50 axis players will be at map chatting etc, and 8 of those will be in game.
  12. No reason every player of this game has to suffer SD and 300% capture penalty, because of some tz3 population imbalance. Fix the imbalance, please, finally, after 18 years of this game, just fix it... Ridiculous 100s of players for 20 hours a day have to not have fun, so 10 players can have fun for 4 hours........ No game or sport would ever allow more than 2 to 1 odds, why do we?
  13. *** Fix it. Or, get rid of the spawn delay Agree, remove all SD until this bug can be fixed. Besides, with 300% capture penalty, not much need for SD. This bug is going on 10 years old (easily), remove the SD or fix the bug.
  14. Well, pak 36 isn't that great at it: mattie: 11 - 146 (0.08) char: 27 - 81 (0.33) So, yes they can, but risking great peril of dying.
  15. Uhm no. Soldiers don't use enemy weapons on the fly in the field, because your own troops would shoot you. Could be something for allowing friendlies weapons to exist, say 1 in 5 change when the owner dies (weapon may have been disabled).