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  1. Ok, over all was a lot of fun. Was a bit disconcerting when our squad was out attacking - knowing most likely every CP at our DOs was empty We were 2nd squad KG Spartan, assigned Brux; we took W side more to the SW. Trying to hold Temse, Aalst and Waterloo CPs, then assault S AB from W side. Main issue, was having just 1x 251c, that is a lot of area to cover for only 1 MS; we moved the MS around best we could - but with ea lurking that got harder and harder. Also, MS couldn't really support all the directives at once. I know 1st and 3rd squad were at Brux, not sure where other KG was, in Brux also? Only way I'd improve it would be for more MS groups. We needed a MS up by Temse and prolly one by Aalst that could move up to Waterloo area. Instead of 1 platoon of 251 (3x 251) attacking Brux, each very large teams, I'd go with 2 platoons of 251s and have the teams smaller. Seemed our 251 team had like 30-40 players, would have been better if we had 2x 251 each with 15-20. This would give us more MS and better mobility. Lack of effective ATG hurt us too, and we ran out of pak 36 as allies pushed us out of Aalst CP. We brought an extra Sd Kfz 7 with pak 40, that helped - but wasn't enough in the end. Was a great battle, we had Brux down to S AB left to cap, but couldn't quite close it, then allies surged; out of ATGs, and our 251 destroyed, we couldn't move and our MS was camped. It would have taken forever to get another MS near there, if we could even make it with the ea out and about, but we were also down to rifles and out of ATGs. So we aborted and went to Dun defense. All in all though, great numbers and fun.
  2. *** constantly being in the inferior equipment starts to get tedious Welcome to axis for the last 16 years tier 0, 1, 2. You seem to all forgot your tier 0 ATGs and armored cars (not to mention FMS ATG) flame every tiered panzer....... When our pak 36 and 232 can flame sherman 76 and churchill, we can talk even numbers imo.
  3. My stats slacking... Too much trying to team..... bad habit.
  4. A hard cap is a town with an enemy flag in it. A warm cap is a town with no enemy flag in it, but enemy flags in adjacent towns. (meaning they could spawn to town unless only navy or air, or MS to it) A soft cap is a town with no enemy flag, and no adjacent town has an enemy flag either - meaning there is no way for the enemy to get to the town other than para. A hard cap you can directly spawn into the town via the flag. A warm cap you can either MS to the town or maybe spawn into it via a spawn CP. A soft cap you can not spawn into town or MS to it, but can para to it. That is how I under stand it / define it.
  5. *** when the para units are at 50% total strength, and most army units are at or below 30% Well, tbh, hard to trust that. But, IF true, if really every para unit (all 6 flags) were at an average of 50% depleted, and more than half the 18 infantry flags were at 30% or less, then I'll agree a SMALL bump is prolly required. However, personally, I believe there were still full para flags just not moved yet and many army flags at full strength in other parts of the map, but that is just me, I'm doubtful. Hope your analysis was right. Can't stand the unlimited supply aspect of this game and 15 min warping JWBS system.
  6. Hmm, have to think it through in more detail, but I see serious issues with both your proposals. 1) Having no softcaps (need a clearer definition btw) means you'll never flank or in many cases even get an AF buffered. The map will constrict down to the center and a complete congested cluster xxxx with nothing but 8 flags per town -leading to stalemate. Do you really not want to be able to buffer an AF you just captured? 2) Having towns instaswitch i don't think would work either - both sides would just para 1 person in, or worse - drive a MS and leave it setup up. So if enemy took town, you'd spawn back in and take it right back. Only way that might work is if you insta switch a town, it would not be able to be captured back for say 4 hours or something. Until the front can be forced to have flags everywhere (i.e. with no division inter stacking or maybe having many squad flags) I don't see any way around soft caps. A mixed TOE/town supply might work - say each town has 1 company of supply, then lay existing TOE on top of it.
  7. *** yup and System will never place a soft cap AO False, it just did, well warm cap anyways - which is treated like a soft cap; because with a warm cap placed, you can no longer place soft caps. The system treats the warm cap as a soft cap.
  8. BAH great, 17 players ready to move.... SYSTEM places a warm cap AO :(, now we are unable to place the soft cap AO. Bunch of players just left. With so many AOs up and running, need to be able to place them quickly and where needed.
  9. k, and I see nothing wrong with half the army flags low in supply, as long as the other half have supply. It's good to have attrition in game. As for my faith, well... trucks were increased, then never reduced, rifles were increased (a while ago), then never reduced - Think last WBS. Just to give 2 examples,
  10. *** HOWEVER, if you place a no mans land first, system will count the no mans land AO as a soft AO and won't let you place a true soft cap. This was my suspicion, can't really have 2 soft cap AOs.
  11. I would have thought going to 9 hours first would have made sense, instead of dropping to 8. But, they can see the big picture, I can't, hope they are right. As for temporarily changing the the supply, yes, if you have any faith they'll remember to reduce it later... I don't; once it's changed, it won't go back.
  12. Why? Supply was finally starting to matter - attrition was finally starting to happen. Now back to unlimited JWBS but worse, as we have 15 min backline timers.
  13. As long as there are TOE, there will be soft cap unless they change how flags work. I.e. no inter division stacking or more flags per division or another division or 2, or squad flags. Until then, let the players play and allow a 2nd soft cap.
  14. With 5 AOs or more - need to be able to soft cap more than 1 town at a time; troops want to move the map!
  15. This ever looked at? Which setting is best?