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  1. Another one variable change in code, change their designation to deep water. Just get it done.
  2. Needs to be upped to 800m as a start. Just get it done. One number is code... not hard.....
  3. I think each squad should get a flag on map, their supply could be controlled by the CO, maybe each weapon locked or unlocked, or by rank, assignment or individually.
  4. I think it would be nice to see the KM in a sea blue uniform and LW in a medium blue.
  5. Hmm, seems to be working fine for me, just new players maybe ???
  6. There is also a very interesting feature when capture times are reduced, they give the underpop side an advantage. Right now, a guard calling help in a 30 sec OP condition, means someone has to respond and clear in the next 6.5 min, but they only really have 6 min to clear. As SD slows them. Now, if capture timers were half that, (3.25) then they would only have 2min 45 sec to clear, giving the under pop side help. Take that further, if we had a 30 second capture timer, the over pop side could NEVER save a CP (i.e. initial CP guard dies to attacker and calls for help), thus ensuring under pop success. So, while reducing capture timers does help the over pop side, at some key point, it helps the under pop side. Anyone see that? Where does that point lie? Where is the 'breakeven or balance point"? Of course, if the under pop side can't attack at all (or won't try), then even 30 second capture timer probably won't help.
  7. The main advantage with shorter capture timers, is that there would be more people that would try and attack. There would also be more action, as more CPs would fall. More action is better. Sure, over pop side might run map a bit faster... but is that so bad? Who likes to languish in underpop for 2 to 3 weeks in a slow death? If game can exist for years with 1 min capture timers, I'm sure we'll be fine with 3.25 minute capture timers (current time cut in half for 1 player). Just make it happen, you think all those STEAM users going to sit in a bldg for 7 minutes to capture it?
  8. The 700m infantry vis limit really needs to be changed. Don't have to go to 1000m right away, try 800m for a map, see how it goes. I'm guessing this is such a trivial change, one number in the code somewhere. Just do it.
  9. btw, Just to put in my 2 cents. I'm all for friendly fire, sure you might die by friendly, but the kill goes against the firer, not the one who dies. Also, the system sees if death by friendly and does not remove it from supply. This solves both the KD issue (punish firer, not victim) and the griefing (gear is not removed from supply). I use to play BHD with friendly fire servers now and then, boy... you sure play differently! But it was fun too.
  10. The Flak 38 needs to be introduced sooner, not later. The Flak 30 came in 1934 and was replaced by the Heer in 1939 with the Flak 38.
  11. There are many AWOL AI soldiers across the map - when will an AI persons audit be done to return them all?
  12. *** Any change needs to be slowly done with careful consideration. Would you consider going from 1 minute to 8 minutes (later reduced to 6.5 minutes), "slowly done with careful consideration"? Seems that is an 800% increase....... Base 1 person capture time should be cut in half immediately. Didn't the game exist for years with a 1 minute capture time?
  13. Before infantry FRUs, timers were 1 minute; after infantry FRUs they went to 8, then 6.5 minutes. Now we are back to truck MS, but the capture time was not reduced. Agree, capture time is way to long, needs to be cut in half at least. If ya really want to discourage 1 person moles, make capping require 2 players before capture starts. (under pop side can cap/recap with 1 however) But best is to just cut the capture time in half immediately and see how it plays out. And yes, cut every supply unit that has a motor in half, fractions rounded up.
  14. Reduce the number of SMGs, way to many in game for the early tiers. If I recall correctly, german squad leaders were the only ones with SMGs during 1940s, so that would be 10% (a bit more actually counting HQ units). The base SMG is 75 (not including all the reserve and 2nd tier ones), I'd go 25 base for tier 0, 50 for tier 1 and the current 75 for tier 2 on. Adjust the others proportionately. I think the the game would be a lot more fun with more rifle fights, not 300 SMGs vis 300 SMGs. The current number, imo, of SMGs in tier 0 is ridiculous.
  15. Does FSAA for mac utilize any of the hardware for performance? Or, does it make use of multi-processors?