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  1. None of the starter accounts have been activated? They are not welcomed back? Quote "All inactive accounts".
  2. I been trying to sub my alt accounts, nothing works - no pay now in Profile. Subscription tab don't work. Please keep working it.
  3. Tried again, 3rd day - no change.
  4. First, if you look at the truck formula closer, you realize it is nothing but RTBs. Second, MIA with truck means nothing, they don't MIA - they always RES (or RTB). Creating a better stat that includes MSs, ammo caches, towing, passengers, etc does seem like a good idea.
  5. Tried phone number, doesn't work. Still no pay now, and the pay now option in subscription tab doesn't work.
  6. Ya, don't work. There is no 'pay now' in profile section. Can't sub any of my alt accounts now and they have all been deactivated. When i go to subscription, click pay now, then click pay with this card - nothing happens.
  7. eagle is an axis warrior! Very well deserving.
  8. Pretty sure HCMS is the worst type of game play..... 1) solo, requires no team. 2) Stealth, requires no battle. 3) Placed by town, means no country battles or fighting your way in. HCMS is the antithesis of this game in every way. Needs to be removed.
  9. Not only that, HCMS means nothing but town fighting. No recon in field, no country fights. Simply 1 man army 200m from town silently deployed. Less chance for an under pop side to interdict attack also. Terrible feature. Didn't we already go through this walking FRU thing once and remove it? Why are we doing it again?
  10. Ok, this idea is to add one light division to each side. (TOE flags) Yes, it is not historical completely, but so what, it is a game, and makes for more interesting play. The allies will get one light USA division, HQ and 2 infantry regiments - there will be no armor. Axis will get one light Italian division, HQ and 2 infantry regiments - again, no armor. (will require adding nation to axis side) Light divisions will not get semis or later gear, they stay with basic bolts, SMGs, LMGs etc. Also, never armor, maybe some light AA and ATGs. Yes, the Italy division will only have rifles and SMGs for now, with the rest filled with german gear. But, each patch or so 1 new Italy infantry unit can be added, engr, LMG, truck, etc. Until all gear is Italian. Both divisions will start at tier 0, ya so what again if not real, makes game more fun. Thoughts?
  11. One of my accounts has an event on Oct 7th, will it work ya think? Or will it unsub?
  12. Blah, you get the IIIH in 10 hours I didn't see anything else that could come really before tier 4 that is better than IIIH. Maybe a TD, like PzJg1 or some other one? Hmm, even the Marders weren't available till tier 4 or 5 it looks like.
  13. *** That isn't true at all........ you cant capture a cp if you dont have an fb Axis has no FB to Charleroi, yet seem to be capping just fine *** Lets please not go off on historical nonsense.... Didn't mean for it to go that way, just meant I think it would be more fun if players could actually have sustained firefights. Maneuver, supporting fire, etc. Not spawn, run 15m, die in bldg.
  14. Have we ever thought have changing our current 3 story spawn building? For example, just make it 1 story tall with maybe some sort of roof access from inside? Use just the bottom floor (to keep trucks, ATGs, etc.); prolly have to make it a no fire zone though. No more sniping from 3rd story, making it very hard for attacker to move in, no more jumping to CP, no more 3 story jumps - etc. I think making the SP a single story building might improve gameplay by allowing attacker to setup on a CP better.
  15. True, maybe my vision of what WWII combat was like is way off. But I thought it was a lot more about infantry play, with rifles and SMGs doing the final assault and LMGs cutting. Armor and mortars and air supporting. Drop the 3 story SP so way less players will snipe, but rather get into the field or CP and fight. Provide opportunities for each side to 'square off' and have firefights.
  16. The problem is entire game rests on CP captures ultimately, not fights in the country. Hence, design so the CP captures also require some country type play. If I have to defend CQB with a rifle against warpy SMG running 10m, I'll quit. But if said SMG has to move 100m or 200m first, to get to me, I can maybe defend with rifle for a bit.
  17. The idea is, with better sustained fights, more players will join and stay, hence the pop will grow. Instead of being blasted by SMG they never see in a bldg all the time.
  18. *** you are suggesting that a ninja cap..... followed by 5 or 10 mins of walking Not at all, be a 100 to 200m assault between CPs, no more than 20 seconds. The bright spot is, now you can have rifle firefights in that range while assaulting. Not SMGs running 10m to hose the next rifle in the next CP right next door. Each side has to maneuver the 200m to get to the other CP, this makes for team play, tactics, rifles suppressing etc. Not 1 SMG ramboing 10m between CPs.
  19. *** If you move cap points far away from spawns..... Ah, I'm not saying that. The SP is still near the CP, I'm saying move the SP/CP pair further away from center of town. Make the SP single story only. The idea is to provide more actual fighting between CPs, not have them stacked on top of each other. I'd would have no CP within 100m, and probably even 200m from any other capture point. Look at St Ric, if N CP were 200m more N; or even Schilde if Lier was 100m more W and AB complex 100m more E.
  20. *** this would result in more camping not less........ ie surround the cps with tanks..... gg noob I don't think so, easier to get ATGs out. Look at some of the towns I mentioned, not that easy to get tanks in there to camp. And, I still think everything with a motor in supply list needs to be cut in half. *** In this concept I move the bunker (capture) flag outside AB and leave the spawns alone Guess I'm unclear what you actually mean.
  21. I thought TT was troop transport. Looks like AK is more correct for cargo ship. Think 18-20 knots, use to be 15, but was upped a bit for game play.
  22. If you mean actual ABs, no, would mean vehicles and mess with supply (as it is based on AB #). If you mean the AB structure as just another capture point, could work. Though I agree, I don't like suicide running into a single door to try and capture - reminds me of banzi, not infantry battles/tactics. We have some good towns to fight in, and with a bit of adjustment they would even be better. Kalm isn't too bad, just move each CP area 100m further from town, N E S. Wuust ok too, but same, move CP areas a bit further from center, especially N one. Oostmalle is quite good, just move N and E CPs further away. Schilde good, just move Lier CP 100m W and AB area 100m E - put in a few other bldgs or trees. Lier is much better, but again, push all CPs 100m further from town or so. Most towns just need to push the CPs out a bit. And, I still think changing the 3 story spawn point is critical, make ground level only.
  23. IVG and IIIG come in 1942, right, tier 4? So that would be day 25.
  24. Is WBS active yet? Can any old account play now?
  25. It looks like 6 day tiers to me.