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  1. Allies op, with SD, no EWS on any AO.... no FBs to AO even check think there a red slider turtle on sale. Eh, am i supposed to do something?
  2. Have we ever thought have changing our current 3 story spawn building? For example, just make it 1 story tall with maybe some sort of roof access from inside? Use just the bottom floor (to keep trucks, ATGs, etc.); prolly have to make it a no fire zone though. No more sniping from 3rd story, making it very hard for attacker to move in, no more jumping to CP, no more 3 story jumps - etc. I think making the SP a single story building might improve gameplay by allowing attacker to setup on a CP better.
  3. Great idea. (should show where squad CO is) Then need to link squads to objectives on map. Squads are not stepping up and taking initiative enough imo yet.
  4. New towns don't get supply for 10 min.
  5. Give squads their own flag - they move, they spawn, they control. Then, design reward system so that squads that do good, get some type of bonus - extra rifle in supply? RDP timer cut in half for 1 hour? Give play back to players. We seem stuck in middle, HC has few flags, but squads can't initiate action. I find it odd many bridge AOs set...... but they not even bombed? How come air squads don't log on and say.. hmm I see bridge AO, we better bomb it? Where is squad initiative?
  6. Because it makes it far to easy for the defender.
  7. Need proximity AOs so squads have a reason to build and for players to want to attack. (ok, and insane capture timers changed) And no limit, if say 10 players need for AO, and only 40 online; and they each split 10 to an AO - then there needs to be 4 AOs. Course, no one will be on defense then. Then dump FBs and make player built ones - FBs are another huge barrier to action in game.
  8. No biggie, takes seconds to clear. Much bigger things to worry about.
  9. Right, trying to remove the camping - instant spawn nature and make it more battle oriented.
  10. Not sure I'd cut infantry supply, seems sparse as is. Yes, obviously cut all vehicles, planes and boats in half. Then of course, put in some sane capture timers.
  11. So basically saying remove the bldg and leave a flat area in the shape of the bldg with maybe a flag on it? Then step on that area to capture? Intriguing, but open ground sounds boring - and a bit easy to camp possibly. What about using the bldg rubble, where the bldg is nearly rubbled to the ground, but with a few walls and piles of stones? Also, some boxes or barrels around would help. Hmm, why does it even have to be a bldg at all? What about an area in some trees? Or those ruble farm bldgs we see now and then? Make that the capture area terrain. Or make the area those tents/crates when they are rubbled. Is open, but provides stuff to have combat around. Good idea though it seems. Another note, town design really makes a difference too. One of the areas I like fighting (infantry), is Givet E CP to the Bunker. There are crates just E of the bunker, and a variety of blds and terrain in between. Maybe need more spread between CPs, also, don't have defender spawning right on capture objective (like AB barracks in Givet). In fact, I'd think that the best thing to do, spread out distances between CPs, don't make SP sit right on top of CP - and provide interesting terrain (not just bldgs) between CPs. Another good area is between the 2 S CPs in St Ric, there is a CITY CP in the middle and again, a variety of terrain; makes the assault either to N or S more interesting. Finally, having the extra non spawn facilities (like the 2 E ones in Lier) helps promote battles between them, but generally hard to sustain, as attacker usually can't get a close enough spawn point to hold them. For good immersive tactical play, we need much further distances between CPs and terrain to fight in between them; too many towns the CPs are all practically on top of each other; I'd make a general rule, no CP is within 200/300m of any other CP/AB - or something like that. This would also remove much of the CQB play and move it more to rifle play.
  12. *** that go to both sides Nope, just to the side that has been cut off.
  13. Uhm no. FPA is great way for players to try game or keep playing if can't afford it.
  14. *** fortunately the units go into the towns garrison No they don't. Units off MS go back to origin town and I have no idea where units from a spawn CP (in town) go, but they didn't resupply the garrison, just tested.
  15. Nope, only with SD.
  16. Need to simplify and reduce cap timers. I'd go: 1 120 sec, 2 90 sec, and 3+ 60 seconds. (no effect over 3) I'd also only give 20 rank points to first capper in CP, everyone else gets 5. This would be the base case all the time. Then, I'd have an over pop setting. Just one setting, that would instantly change (no buffered stuff). Once a side was over 25% overpop, the cap timers would instantly change to: Overpop: 1 150 sec, 2 120 sec, 3+ 90 sec. Underpop: 1 90 sec, 2 60 sec, 3+ 30 sec. There would be no sliding scale, no buffering no anything like that. Would be only 2 cap time settings; mostly balanced pop (25% or less) and an over pop setting. And, need to remove SD until the EnterWorld bug is fixed, way to frustrating to click EnterWorld and not enter...........
  17. *** okay to let smartypants griefers do whatever Again, I don't care about this, cause it won't happen. There are far many more ways to grief that are 100x more important than some bridge...... Pretty sure more players camp spawns with AA than will ever grief a bridge................ And I never see players camp spawns with AA ... get it ?
  18. *** Look at you raging over too fast bridge state Read again slower and comprehend what I am saying. (hint, my issue is not with the bridge being up........)
  19. You all missing the point - it should take a DAY (if not days) to rebuild a bridge. I know our game is an abstraction, 40 is just way to low; 80 is still ridiculously low, but better. And, I worry about newbs sabotaging bridges, just below vets spawning SPAA (or AA) and camping spawns to death.............. (hint, it don't happen)
  20. Been some great battles
  21. And just now, allies repaired bridge in 5 min - that's bogus. No one can rebuild a bridge in 5 min Change wrenches required to 80.
  22. Ya either let players control action or HC..... pick one. I know which way I'd go.
  23. *** I would. Bridge state is huge. Bridge state you can't stop cause players are jerks is huger. Again, wouldn't worry about it. If ya want to be a jerk, can easily destroy all a sides engrs or sappers way faster than trying to take down a bridge - no one will care. Besides, newbs won't know how to go out to a bridge and destroy it in the first place. Not only that, 99% of the bridges in game aren't tactical or strategic in the way the game mechanics are currently setup.
  24. Should be done so players don't have to rely on HC or HC to rely on the number of bridge AOs. Players can grief anything in game at any time... rarely happens, wouldn't worry about it. Maximum 1 point per bridge hit or wrench. *** One of the most boring things in this game to do is repair bridges Yes, but even being our game is an abstraction in areas... 40 wrenches is no where close to the time required to build a bridge irl. (maybe 10,000)? So, upping it from 40 to 80 is a small concession to make it more realistic. Is far easier to destroy a bridge than rebuild one.