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  1. At least I know the answers to the questions....
  2. Ever feel like you are talking to yourself?
  3. Join the 333rd, go on, you know you want too...
  4. I bumped it too much that it tilted...
  5. For those with "dual" video cards in a system and OSX thinks it's smart enough to switch them automagically on you - thus crashing WWIIOL when you tab out of it and into another application (because it switches to a different video card) use this: http://codykrieger.com/gfxCardStatus/ It allows you to "hard code" which video card to use and thus bypassed the OSX automagicaly switching feature. It solved all my crashing issues when switching applications.
  6. Bah... I use an external mouse with my MBP - I can't game with the trackpad to save my life.
  7. I think the drag install from a mounted dmg file is good as it is one of the more common ways to install an application on the OSX platform if you don't use the Apple Installer. This would keep things consistent with typical functionality on the OSX platform.
  8. Good all arms squad www.333rd.org
  9. Oh where oh where has retterkl gone?
  10. I used to get this with my older MacBook Pro. I switched to an external Bluetooth keyboard and the problem went away. I took it to Apple to troubleshoot and well, since it was "sporadic" they could never "duplicate the issue". It typically was while playing WWII Online, but I was able to see this happen in TextEdit and in both Firefox and Safari so it was a system issue and not a game issue. For me, it honestly seemed like it was a system getting too hot issue.