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  1. If you prefer flying 617DB is actively recruiting.
  2. I run it as admin to fix that "glitch". Nothing to do with discord its a permission issue on your OS
  3. +1 agree
  4. *Drools profusely*
  5. ROFL
  6. Learn your 09's Irish good God man how long have you flown!? lol LESSON 1 Yellow nose/white prop hub = e1...also if the wheels are down is a good indicator Yellow Nose/yellow prop= e4, white cone/red under = F2, white/black cone = F4, spiral = G6 comes with experience broheem
  7. Bought a whopper meal today at BK...cost me just shy of 8 bucks. Can't sub though devs are asking too much....
  8. Fly above 5km flak has like a 0.01% chance of hitting you that high...also why are you piloting the slowest plane in the game over known flak emplacements AI or player and then complaining of being shot down?
  9. He probably having the same issue I saw awhile back in non-WBS time. This account was locked to game access until I subbed. It would not allow F2P saying the account was wasnt subbed. The response I got from someone was make a F2P account...that the old accounts could not be reverted to F2P when a sub time expired after 30 days.
  10. If I remember correctly the F2P model is being expanded to include SMG's and a few other units. The focus is to get players to love the game enough that when they get higher ranks and can get into the locked stuff they are ready to nail on a starter sub for $7 because they are finding it fun enough to dedicate the time and effort into the game.
  11. The defensive FRU's away from the town are a strategy. Out there you can pick off and spot enemies assaulting without having to run through open fields after someone already setup. If people are complaining of not finding a battle they are not watching chat for P1's and spawning in a dead AO or they are just simply not trying hard enough...some will be sad to find out this is not insta-action like Heroes and Generals but sprinkling in the patience is what makes the kill all the sweeter.
  12. what does PTT have anything to do with glitchy? The issue as addressed before is that yes people could mute...but they don't...then coms are garbled and you have a post in this board about people messing with OP comms and complaining they cant be heard when trying to communicate. (also if you use a joystick set it to a free button on it, can b done.) Best option...create your own squad discord...its free...
  13. Make it so! /Signed