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  1. As much as I would love to drop a BBQ on some axis tanks it cant be done as willy said....would be kinda one sided tech too unless we gave them V2's in its place
  2. Sugabearto (mentioned in the email) is also a soon potential...with the return of Pistol hes gonna give it a go so he says. Might have got my hook in him lol
  3. Welcome DustyHC, snkeyes and Pistol2012 to 617DB.
  4. ATTENTION ALL PILOTS 617 Dambusters are taking trainee's whether new or old to the game! This an opportunity to learn RDP bombing and bomber intercept methods whether Allied or Axis What will we teach you? We will be training everything from basic flight of the DB7 or HE111 to putting bombs on factories Routes to all factories Interception of enemy RDP bombers The ideology behind RDP and what makes it an important function to the games ground play What we do not teach you? Fighter vs Fighter combat (4Wing has many trainers who can help with this or see the training forum for more) 8km Bombing Factory dive bombing How do I sign up? Simply PM myself or another member of 617 Dambusters on the forums, in game or on discord. Once we have basic information from you we can establish a date/time to train. If you are interested in Joining the 617DB here is a link to our recruitment thread.
  5. There...what he said. Overpop madrushes map, lower pop cant respond enough because you would have 1-10 people in a town while another 1-10 are in 12 other the games current state and pop...yeah bad idea. New players would quit before they finished the tutorial.
  6. It does sound more interesting almost like a game of "I win" lol. I'm looking at it from the supply aspect if we are going to continue to have a limited supply then we should keep and utilize the ability to effect the source of that supply. Its a long standing mechanic that should never go away. Any effect on it is player driven or stopped by players its not a random change daily or a capture based system it is literally player driven just like the rest of the campaign.
  7. Any changes coming to adding T0 planes to spawn list for new players? Something I noticed when checking out my f2p acct is I can't even grab a hurri or h75...literally no air option, not even the basic blen. Even having the rank for them, they are locked out. Please look into it to promote pilots coming in Ps: a pt boat for navy new players wouldn't hurt either to look at.
  8. Good explanation Silky. Rdp Brings about a more complex game then point click shoot. People seem to be forgetting how rdp used to effect research rate to the next tier which is why its sooo different now. why has its always been a harshly judged mechanic?because its a back-end system most forget about to make bombers play a serious threat to the ground rather than just cas. Gives the game a little more to the unique side and a hint of realism to needing to secure homeland production of the war machine.
  9. For ease of access to a recruiter out of game check our discord Once there you should be able to see the 617-Recruitment channel, just mention you want to join in there and someone will help you as soon as possible.
  10. Dustyhc - Sent you a PM about membership ttys
  11. Always enjoy seeing more bombers!
  12. Thanks to all who posted reminiscing on the squad So you know we have become more active with the recent changes to RDP repair timers! Tonight Axis RDP resupply is 92% slower and trust me they do feel it on the ground. We are still recruiting new and veteran pilots. Feel free to PM me on here or in game if you would like to be considered for a slot. GL/HF