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  1. Its been many years since I played this game but I remember Doc as being very helpful and a gentleman. My wife went thru a Lymphoma scare in '87 and after 14 mos of me almost worrying to death she is doing well and showing clean scans and tests. Theres a lot of hope for full recovery's from Lymphoma, even after a re occurrence. Its a very survivable cancer. I wish Doc the best and bet anything he makes a full recovery and always treat each day like the blessing it is.
  2. I agree. I'm not going to stick around with the current system. 10 to 12 days in tier 0 is ridiculous. In every tier the weapon matchups are close enough so that its the skill of the players that matters.
  3. When are there 75 players to a side? I'd like to know. In the last few maps since I came back I never saw that many and I count. I just counted 29 on the Allied side with about 3 or 4 flying and this is 1930 CST American prime. Maybe your talking about both sides. This one looks like another that might go a few days into tier 1. Right now were 50% thru Tier 0 which means we'll probably end up spending what? 2 weeks in tier 0 counting last amended map? I'll say it again this isnt going to hack it with new players, they are going to want to play American too and wont want long stays in low tiers that never give them the chance to use later war stuff. The Greenlight process was started in 2012 right? Five years ago?
  4. Tier quality balance isnt the problem. Getting to them is.
  5. If you dont start getting thru these tiers faster there will never be any new players on this game. I can tell a lot of players are in Tier 0 shock right now by the numbers playing. In the last 4 weeks, during a campaign, we've had what? Maybe a few days of tier 2?
  6. Thats just insane to turn down an established player with an honorable history like that. Its the HC's that are doing the game the favor not the other way around. And this isnt the real WW2. This is a cartoon game we play on our computers while wearing our Jam-Jams.
  7. Nothing ventured , nothing gained. Theres nothing wrong with trying new idea's.
  8. Last campaign didnt go as far as I like but I certainly had fun. I would sign on every night and fly with some great guys, occasionally playing ground. I know theres no guarantee "every map" is going to go full tier, they didnt back when we had army's playing.
  9. Your never going to retain new players if you keep staying in tier 0 and tier 1. Kudos for trying something new and who knows how the maps going to end. But the above is true regardless. New players will want to play American or at least experience all of the systems, which are few enough to begin with. I know a lot of the old guys and builders Love tier 0 and 1. I guess you'll have to decide what kind of game you want. I dont even think the new tank busters came out until '43, at least the Hurri and Stuka.
  10. I cant say I understand all this but I sure hope the maps dont usually end in Tier 1. Or maybe a few days into tier 2. Many older players like the early tiers, I prefer the later tiers, but its not that. I think the new players were going to hopefully pick up will want to play American too and thats not till when? Tier 3? There are two things I think would help the game, a shorter Intermission and a faster tier change. One would think the Intermission would help to keep new players since they can use ANY weapon AND accrue points for rank. But even in the games hey day Intermission usually meant smaller crowds. Players want to fight the "real" war.
  11. You mean that chat in Discord? You can chat with the Natzi's too? Ive tried playing German. I like the guys but just dont like the airplanes. Yet if next map goes like this one I'll play Natzi.
  12. So what DOES change tiers?
  13. Well I like the middle two tiers, other like the first. I'll say this I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the fights since I came back. The actual fights in the game might be a bit fewer but there are still some real quality ones.
  14. OK I get it, "RDP". Which is basically the factory output based on the game in prior years right? And thats why its been stuck on the same 6+ days for the last 6+ days right? Actually 6 days 22 hours 40 mins. And since the factories are producing unimpeded because theres so few players, and because "like last night" there are big time runs on the map like we did on the allies, basically the game never gets out of tier 0 and maybe tier 1 nowdays correct? Please tell me I'm wrong if I'm understanding this wrong because if the game never gets out of the lower tiers there will never be new players sticking around because who wants to play a game with access to so few weapons? Except for intermission, which doesnt mean anything and nobody plays anyway. If this is the case maybe CRS should "want" a whole lot more because this would suck and be a big problem with anyone joining. If I'm wrong here please tell me. Thanks
  15. I could have sworn the game monitor in the factory column "used" to tell you how many days until the next tier?