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  1. Thank you for clicking on the 91st Sturmbattalion link. The 91st Sturmbattalion was formed not long after WW2 online first appeared on our computer screens. We have had a good amount of members over the years and we now have nearly 100 members(in-game) and rising steadily. The 91st pride themselves in being a friendly and disciplined squad and our members are from all different parts of the world and of different backgrounds. We have a rank structure and all our members are fully capable of fighting in all arms of the axis service, training classes are also available on request on any part of the game that you are having difficultly in mastering. All our members have Teamspeak and it is mandatory in the squad but we do allow personnel to have just speakers activated only on occasions when they have no mike yet or they are being quiet due to lateness of the day. Our operational times are usually between 12:00hrs-18:00hrs and 22:00hrs-02:00hrs London(GMT) though being an international squad it is known for us to have a showing of some sort through the entire 24hr period. We are strongly affiliated into the OKW High Command and can offer the benefits of such. We follow the rules and regulations laid down by the squad and primalary CRS. We have no prejudice against colour, race or gender and it is dealt with swiftly if such a problem arises. Our age limit for the squad is 18 or over but we do allow mature under 18's on special invitation only. Be aware that bad language can occur on Teamspeak and squad chat In summary the 91st is a bunch of people from different parts of the world who come together to have fun and relax playing a game they love. If you would like to join the 91st Sturmbattalion then go to and fill in the recruitment form. Applicants must be fully subscribed to the game and not on trial. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. S! Soldat
  2. Join now you wont regret it S!
  3. 91st Axis for life Join the squad that will give you the best start in a very complex war sim S!
  4. Join a squad that will help and assist you to be better than you are S!
  5. Weasels in the squad challenge I thought the idea of the weasels was to give the guys chance to get to grips with the complexities of the game Not to thoroughly humiliate them in front of the best guys in the game lol And yes jammy the 91st is still waiting for an airfield to be named in there honor lol And also we are cocky with good reason, 3 years Undefeated in the squad challenge gives us a right to "Blow our own Trumpet" and be as cocky as we wish lol If you disagree Then challenge us in the next event the 91st Sturmbattalion is ready and waiting to take on all who wish to try to topple us S!