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  1. I just had a quick look on Dells site. The M1710 only has two config options 256 and 512 Doesn't look like shared memory at all. have you benchmarked your machine to see if you are getting comparable results to others on the net, there are some limited feature ones like Furture Mark. Something isn't right with your memory setup.....can you change this in the bios. What is your "Free" memory set to before loading ww2ol what is avail memory. Dell XPS M1710 Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 (32 bit) Memory: 3326MB RAM Page File: 1226MB used, 5642MB available Display Memory: 1656 MB <------------------- Dedicated Memory: 248 MB Shared Memory: 1407 MB a) Your running 32bit OS so you should be ok , you have limit to 4GB IO addresses Normal Memory = 3326 + 248 dedicated is still well under the 32bit limit of 4GB address space. You will see a dramatic improvement if you change the "shared memory" down to 0 In my humble opinion and give that memory back to the game O.S In my guess. try it test it tweak it. * Try reduced textures if slow with 0 shared memory * Try turning page file off as well while testing if you are getting long "pauses" in game when approaching towns etc. * if you find the game crashes with 0 page file try the low game memory option. Also Double Check AUDIO is set to "HARDWARE", may be an obvious miss on a laptop. c) Do you know how much physically memory you purchased with the laptop? if its 4GB you may want to think about a 64bit operating system.
  2. * Anyone have two sound cards and confirmed this makes a differnece? * I can't select anything other than the primary windows device. * Win7 here set to primary device audio is a-ok. In ventrillo do you have options between "wave" and "Direct" like in Teamspeak? I had to set that on myn for teamspeak. What hardware do you run? is sound card dedicated or onboard? what is the make/model?
  3. Connecting to patch server...... Killed app and re-started a few times. hmmmm killed my antivirus and it worked after that. related unknown.. i use aavast.
  4. My issue is with the primary device not with getting directional sound working. Looks like the game is ignoring the settings file. Just confirmed this. Swapped it around so headset was primary in windows and set the game to use the desktop speakers. WWIIOL always uses primary device no matter what the settings file says. Posted this in bugs forum as i can't fix this:
  5. Hi, should this be in Live Game BUG reporting forum?
  6. Good News: After setting the sound settings from software to hardware in the game options i'm much happier. Bad News: I have to set my headphones to the primary/default sound card in windows to hear anythings in game. Hi, Did a quick search and couldn't find a solution, I have Logitech G35 headset which I use for games and teamspeak. (its a USB connector) I usually just select the sound device in the properties and thats it works for most titles. When i select the sound source in 1.3.1 it doesn't seem to make a difference. I have checked the wwiiol.xml file is changing setting: Here set to Logitech Headset (USB) Back to Primary: Back to Logitech Headset (USB) Anyone know if there is something i'm doing wrong, or have a potential solution. At the moment i have to modify what my primary sound device is in windows before playing to get this headset to work in game. Cheers Rob/Twisty
  7. Try this thread: Good Luck.
  8. alcohol and Latency balances this out
  9. I played last night without crash (few CTHL's but that was network related). Used Netcode 2 which let me at least stay in game with bad network connectivity! Summary: So the only thing I have tried difference is removing the battleground europe folder from my documents (I renamed it) to start from scratch. Future: Will keep plodding away. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this error to help those identify the issue? i.e how to translate the memory addressing, i'm assuming its relative so not usefull without context. siege22: Have you tried all the "basic" stuff, like SSE on and off, netcode, running as administrator etc? how long into the game untill it kicks you out? try renaming the battelground europe folder in my documents and testing (always rename it back if it doesn't fix it).
  10. I have been having a look at I have had some: Exception code: 0xc0000005 Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Exception tried to: read at address 0x00000000 In the Past as well. Each of these is reported by windows with playgate.exe as its running in the 'compatability' enviroment. It actually dumps a file c:\users\username\appdata\temp\{guid}\appcompat.txt Which I will try to get my hands on when it next crashes. Give yout the link i events : 1133 : Source : Windows Error Reporting
  11. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-MemoryDiagnostics-Results Date: 10/11/2009 10:33:21 AM Event ID: 1201 Description: The Windows Memory Diagnostic tested the computer's memory and detected no errors +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Windows 7 Memory Results above. I am going to run them again (more loops) over breakfast. Ran ARMA II and GTAIV last night and both were stable, running max Video settings for 8 hours in both titles to ensure it wasn't GPU instability. +++++ Looking forward to other suggestions ++++++ My next test is to remove my old battleground europe settings folder (in my docs) and try it with a fresh one. I can't think of what else to try, i'll run windows performance monitor and see what happens. Note: I have just run this now for 15mins and no crash. Will load up all my extra's and give it a real test tonight.
  12. Thanks, I have scheduled a memory test for the next reboot. I will let you know my results. Right now I'm going to try ARMA II and GTA IV. Like I said its been a long time since a machine upgrade. I will come back with results.
  13. I'll run some more tests tonight if anyone can suggest anything?
  14. +++++++ END OF LOGS ++++++ +++++++ END OF LOGS ++++++ +++++++ END OF LOGS ++++++ Any help really apreciated, was hoping to get a new machine and all be hunky dory but looks like I need to start investigating this issue. Happy to attempt any suggestions and report back. Thanks in advance. Twisty