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  1. Because I finally beat Red Dead Redemption II.
  2. I like em! Already gotten lots of kills with the Carcano, my favorite rifle in the game! Modello 38 smg is badass too. Great job CRS!
  3. It bothers the hell out of me that the BAR has a bipod, but you can't use it (unless I'm doing something wrong). Either make the bipod useable or take it off. I don't want a non-functional bipod on my gun though. Even the description picture shows the bipod deployed. EDIT: I have figured it out.
  4. And also any tips for fps too ? my dads getting an old desktop from hios office for me to use since this game dosnt really run well on laptops and i understand its great on old ****ty pieces of Boog desktop.
  5. Exactly its a dell and not sure what model as its my fathers but its kept in good condition
  6. Well im not getting crashes now but fps gets under 10 in big firefights and i cant hear gunfire and my computer for some reason isnt showing memy dxdiag when i go to the file
  7. Its a good laptop its my dads business laptop 3gb ran 15+ GB free space and hes an architect so its taken good care of
  8. sorry its a NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140m just updated yesterday...It says I use my " Primary Sound System" so what else do I update....I also suffer from low FPS issues
  9. completely off, zip end of story, but i updated the gfx card on my laptop yestrerday Its a NVIDIA Quadro NVS 120m
  10. My computer keeps crashing as in when somthing big happens like i get shot the computer justs shuts off and it happens quite frequently and frankly its plain pissing me off..... i love the game but its not worth restarting the computer to have it shut down right ? P.S. Apparently its called a CTD ( Crash To Desktop)
  11. Its 12:20 A.M. here in the Central Time Zone and still cant log in....bummer
  12. I still cant get in......
  13. always unlucky as you know =P