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  1. YAAASss
  2. I cant seem to find a picture of it in game.. I hav been searching the forums
  3. A longtime ago was the pink race car. it was fun. Bring it back!
  4. I would be all about a one time special event where it was rifles vs rifles only..I infact, think that would be a hoot.
  5. This is something I proposed years ago.. Could you Imaging if Liege was two cities.. Holy cow.. Also, instead of capturing a building there is an area of capture that might encompass many buildings, country side, etc. It would expand the battle.
  6. I completely agree with you. Both sides had major issues. I am just amazed that people screaming about the same crap asking for it to be "realistic" when infact, if it were realistic. It would not be much fun for anyone. Also, great job hiding with the 88 yesterday.. I was looking for you and looks like I just missed finding you.
  7. If you want balance I am okay with that.. Lets talk about early war. In the invasion of France, the Germans had 2445 tanks. Of which only a few 100 were Pz3 and Pz4 variants (80 PZ4D's) the remainder were PZ1's & PZ2's. The PZ3 and PZ4 were very lightly armored on the sides with only 20-30mm of armor and was killed by ATR's at short ranges. The early PZ4 turret was only really effective at stopping small arms fire, Furthermore, it was found that both the Matilda and Char B1 Bis was largely immune to all of the German tanks including the Pz3 & 4 and the Germans had to largely rely on the 88 Flak18 and 105mm field guns as they were only weapons the Germans had that would kill the Matilda & Chars. The S35 on the other hand was vulnerable only from the sides or very short ranges against the Pz3 & Pz4 and at ranges of less than 500m. In opposition to the German tanks, the French had roughly 4000 tanks. Nearly all of the tanks in French service outclassed the bulk of the German Pz2's that made up a bulk of the German force. I wont go in to too many details about the H39 & R35 as they were mostly ineffective however, there is a quote from the "Tanks-Encyclopedia" talking about the h39 that is interesting to me. The UK had roughly 100 Matilda's (1 & 2 Variants) .. These were supported by a larger number of other light British tanks that were comparable to the Pz2's,3's,4's in service. The A10's, A15's were very successful against German armor until the Germans started using hardened armor post Battle of France. The Vickers mk VIB was roughly the same as the Pz1 & Pz2.. The Vickers could kill a Pz2 and visa versa.. The Pz1 likely would have struggled as its armament would not likley penetrated the 15mm of armor except at close range. All of that being said, if we were going for reality here. The Allies would have a 2 to 1 Armor advantage in the early war with many of its tanks not able to be killed by its counter part German armor. In the late war. Allied armor and infantry numbers would out number German numbers 7 to 1.
  8. It depends. I think the largest was with TOE's however, I knew we could field 45 to 50 with town supply but that was because every town had full supply. A hybrid system might not allow that.
  9. Here are a couple of old videos made by Darkvex of the old 23rd Armored (now a part of the AEF) I think this 23rd column had 65 or 70 tanks. If I recall correctly, the largest the 23rd put together was in the upper 70's for pieces of armor.
  10. You obviously missed out on the florescent yellow French paratroopers and bright white HC uniforms. That said, good idea however, with limitations on how the game renders an infantry, a PPO might be the best option for snipers.
  11. See this thread - Use the secondary link on the DL page. It worked for me today.
  12. Could be worse.. The update came quickly. Flaming the company that gave you a second chance after you were caught doing naughty things is not very bright. Lets be honest, you really do not care about what happens here. This is only a way for you to stoke your ego.
  13. I do not have this issue and have a very similar mac to you. I do run dual monitor and have double the ram. Interesting delimma.. I will look into it and get back to you. iMac Info: iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) MAC OS: 10.11.2 (El Capitan) Processor: 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4 GB TeamSpeak: (Oct 2015)
  14. I am glad they are doing patches again after a year. This bug did not effect you. Will you please take your toxic attitude elsewhere?
  15. You're such a positive person. Is it difficult being around yourself being such a bubbly fountain of joy?