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  1. Yes sir, <s>. =) Play long enough,you learn those angles and how each town is built and the available LoS options. Say the town and the CP I can tell you how to clear it. Me loved the Cp defending.--------and driving people nuts. =) (And I apologize for making it seem as if I was coming "at" you, as the kids say these days.)
  2. And this is also very true. Many do not consider the possible LoS available. I agree with you in that regard. I do disagree with tater, but that's personal preference: I greatly enjoyed guarding CPs. I didn't find it awful at all.
  3. Exactly, on multiple points. Rarely did I ever see a Rat/etc. guarding and fighting in the trenches of CPs. CHIMM showed up every now and then when he was Pathfinder because that's what we did as a squad. When people don't guard CPs and attack CPs on a regular basis and then attempt to argue that it's not an issue, I can't take their comments seriously. "I have no issues," says the person sitting in a bush looking around. Come fight in the CPs and ABs.
  4. I can appreciate the effort as I spend most of my time defending CPs and in town fighting. However, most players (vets) know full well that ABs and CPs matter. They just don't care. This goes back to a prior conversation on situational awareness as well. New players may benefit from said posters....but even after individual direct messages, many still don't defend appropriately.
  5. I'm already gone in mid/late October as it is, but if the cps are spread out even more so than what they are, I'd have even more reason to not return. I pay for the CQB. And I like you, hate the CQB not because it's CQB, because of all the bugs, etc. that has yet to be fixed. No reason to keep paying in my view...but more so....when the cps are spread out sooo far apart...I have little to no interest in playing at all. Many of the far east and far west towns are spread out a lot...I rarely jump in those fights. If they do that to the rest of the towns, CQB is done.
  6. who was lucky number 100k?
  7. This is of course opinion and preference, and if I understand you correctly, many towns on the far EAST and far WEST of the map have cps/depots which are spread out significantly. Consider a town like Lier or Longwy where the cps are all close with many towns that we fight in later in the map (further east/west towns). Nieder.schlaidasfen...(whatever that town is) comes to mind where the cps/depots are hundreds of meters from each other. Takes minutes to get from one cp to the next. Again, some like that, but the further the map goes along and the more the towns are wide open like that, the less I play. Campfest. Takes minutes just to try to get a cp to clear it, die to whatever #%&%$& reason, and have to do it again. Again, some people like stupid and pointless death (not saying you), but I don't. Many of the towns at the beginning of the map are more CQB-which is what I prefer.
  8. I am not. The only thing item that has changed was the patch. My Internet is the same, computer is the same. Already tried moving to a different area, smaller town. FPS offline 150-200
  9. If you select 'use old files' it will go away. My FPS and packet loss remains damaged since the patch.
  10. With respect, it's (was) confusing because we were told to uninstall the game completely uninstall the game and get a new copy altogether...so, to use "old files" and not the new files, seemed odd. Now that I have clicked, "use old," the message has not come up, although when I first did it, the game didn't load at all. As for the packet loss and fps, nothing has changed on my end. CPU usage is the same, Internet is the same, etc. Only item that has changed has been the patch. Appreciate the responses.
  11. Seems everyone/most? in the game are being asked if they want to 're-use old files'....so, it's not me apparently. Packet loss status pending. Sent a bug and /report asking for insight. FPS went from over 150-200 to 35-70ish
  12. After new patch, 1.36.2 it asks me every time if I want to 're-use' old files, even though I uninstalled and did a fresh install. Additionally, now, my packet loss is horrendous after the new patch.
  13. I don't mind adding new content, but frankly, there are other more pressing concerns that need to be addressed and fixed well before adding new content, etc. I don't want my money going towards anything else other than that which matters. Years later, still P1 issues remaining.
  14. With no offense to any axis award winners while playing Allied: Loyal and consistent Allied players should be earning awards BEFORE axis players. At the very least, an axis player should take second fiddle to allies until their second campaign. This is a habit: Axis player comes over for a campaign. Awards are given to axis player who is playing for one campaign. Allied players who play almost every campaign allied.....nothing. Its insulting to the allied PB to immediately award an axis player(s) for their one time campaign offerings.
  15. Now we are giving warnings that CPs are being capped? First we reduce timers to make it significantly easier for people to cap. Now we are going to warn the opposing team that their CPs are being capped by the enemy? Not necessarily directed at you piksa (my second comment is), but how much easier do we need it be for people? At this point, we might as well just have the GMs manually change towns over after games of Rock, Paper, Scissor. My second comment responds to, "but in the end with just a handful of defenders not even enough to have one in each CP." That's because people won't guard. They choose not to guard and instead walking around the fields WHILE the enemy is already in town capping or have capped. Sure, there are obviously times to track the initial opel, blow the fms, of course...but when you have wide open cps and 20 people out doing nothing but 'hunting,' that's not a game issue, that's a person issue.