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  1. For me, SD just means I log. i prefer no SD.
  2. or just dropping to the ground and doing that all in one motion. Full sprint...stop turn 180, deploy and shoot at the exact same time....
  3. That's right, the world doesn't revolve around one person. Some like intermission, some do not. Carry on.
  4. I will never, ever, play in an organized,special event that involves big towns like Antwerp. Never. I wouldn't even log in.
  5. I was in a town that literally had 20 new players. I PM'd a couple: no response. Sent instructions to them on Target channel: no response. Nothing. Notta. Zip. Oh ya, the ews was single, no one was around but the new players. This is not an isolated incident. They have to be willing to listen and learn.
  6. Why play this game? One of the only two reasons that really keeps me around: http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/topic/413255-ltcanada-rip/ Community
  7. <s> sad to hear
  8. <s>
  9. much love PT from xohorvath and The Pathfinders! <s>
  10. welcome back <s>
  11. much love playtime. <s<
  12. The Pathfinder squad (allied only) originated as The Pathfinder clan back in the original Rainbow Six days. The squad is named in honor of xohorvath and pfmosquito's grandfather who served briefly in WW2 (8th ID, 13th). On a given night we only carry with us five or six active players-with the overall squad list being only fifty. Though our numbers are low, our impact is significant. Though we carry only a few of us into battle, we don't care and prefer it such. We carry on our grandfather's service with honor and integrity. We play, speak, and kill clean, although that gets bloody at times. We are a family friendly squad in language and conduct, which is one of the reasons our numbers are low. We aren't looking for a fraternity atmosphere or unnecessary drama. We come to kill and do it honorably with respect for the enemy, allies, and ourselves. For a variety of reasons we primarily play on the defensive end of the battle, although sometimes we may sneak into an attack. We greatly enjoy denying offensive opportunities to the ever pressing and dangerous axis machine, lowering axis morale in the process. If you are looking for a small band of brothers to take the virtual field with and are interested in doing so with the highest level of honor and respect, look us up in game or at warpath.us. We rarely advertise on the forums and seek out individuals based on their play and conduct in game. Perhaps you will be next.... <s< xohorvath