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  1. With no offense to any axis award winners while playing Allied: Loyal and consistent Allied players should be earning awards BEFORE axis players. At the very least, an axis player should take second fiddle to allies until their second campaign. This is a habit: Axis player comes over for a campaign. Awards are given to axis player who is playing for one campaign. Allied players who play almost every campaign allied.....nothing. Its insulting to the allied PB to immediately award an axis player(s) for their one time campaign offerings.
  2. Now we are giving warnings that CPs are being capped? First we reduce timers to make it significantly easier for people to cap. Now we are going to warn the opposing team that their CPs are being capped by the enemy? Not necessarily directed at you piksa (my second comment is), but how much easier do we need it be for people? At this point, we might as well just have the GMs manually change towns over after games of Rock, Paper, Scissor. My second comment responds to, "but in the end with just a handful of defenders not even enough to have one in each CP." That's because people won't guard. They choose not to guard and instead walking around the fields WHILE the enemy is already in town capping or have capped. Sure, there are obviously times to track the initial opel, blow the fms, of course...but when you have wide open cps and 20 people out doing nothing but 'hunting,' that's not a game issue, that's a person issue.
  3. Cntr-A, Cntr-C Paste into excel. Sort as you see fit.
  4. Dang it potthead...now I've humanized you and almost like you! Hopefully, I won't hesitate when I see you in game and pull the trigger.
  5. So do I. Specifically, smgs.
  6. @ZEBBEEE as you listen, there are other viewpoints to consider. In response to delems, 100m-200m away from a depot? First it's the timers to make it easier. Then, we are going to separate the cps from the depots and make it even more easy to cap? 100/200m? No way. 1 tank can cut a cp with their eyes closed. There are already enough towns that have cps 100/200m away from the depot. CQB makes it challenging. You actually have to be good instead of sniping or cutting in a tank from another 200/300m away. When campaigns begin, most of the towns have cps and depots relatively close. The further you move East or West on the map, and usually near the last 1/2 of a campaign, the cps are definitely already spread out from the depots. You get one, maybe two chances to kill ei capping. By the time you spawn back in and have to walk 1/200 meters, cp is capped. Couldn't disagree more with moving the cps hundreds of meters away and changing cap timers so drastically. Want a cp? Earn it.
  7. =( <s>
  8. lol, okay.
  9. Why shouldn't a defender have an elevated position to snipe from? I think depot snipers are relatively useless-however, having the high ground defensively is obviously important. Perhaps the flag should change colors when the attacker looks at the flag.
  10. Use already existing building designs for the FMS. Similar to a FB but as an FMS. Obviously large in size, but offers a bit more protection. Or, those broken down building we see scattered in various towns. Not necessarily realistic, but goes well with the idea that it would give the grass hunters something to defend and fortify more so than a box.
  11. Correct. Been saying this for how long?
  12. I dunno, Friday had some strong CQB all day.
  13. I do not share such confidence. In a conversation I asked whether the supply 'concerns' would be addressed and the answer was that this limited supply decision to ease us into 1.36. Expect the trend to continue. As the supply trends downward, so does the support.
  14. The 'historical spawnlist' is in its second, third? campaign? Using only this campaign as a barometer is myopic. Regardless, you also have to consider who is doing what and how. Players who hide in buildings or are out in the middle of nowhere NOT engaged in CQB have little room to talk about automatic supply/armor supply as they aren't actually impacted all that much. Why would a player who primarily plays as a rifle, care about no automatics, or how those automatics work? They don't. You think Nily cares that the only supply is a rifle? You think he's concerned about getting rushed with automatics while he snipes clueless players with his rifle from a distance? I see a lot of individuals, from the new players to the super extreme vets with large letters who are rarely, if at all in CQ infantry battles in ABs, or CPs, or smaller towns. It's easy to make these comments when you aren't directly impacted by them on a day to day, sortie to sortie basis.
  15. How do we consistently, campaign after campaign, miss those that are only in the cps and fbs defending? Taking out EMS, etc. And then, when an axis player comes over, they are quickly given an award. I just laugh now. Await the sympathy award for next campaign. Should be paying attention to the other players who bust their butts off, every day in the cps, defending fbs and busting tanks who aren't friends.