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  1. I do not share such confidence. In a conversation I asked whether the supply 'concerns' would be addressed and the answer was that this limited supply decision to ease us into 1.36. Expect the trend to continue. As the supply trends downward, so does the support.
  2. The 'historical spawnlist' is in its second, third? campaign? Using only this campaign as a barometer is myopic. Regardless, you also have to consider who is doing what and how. Players who hide in buildings or are out in the middle of nowhere NOT engaged in CQB have little room to talk about automatic supply/armor supply as they aren't actually impacted all that much. Why would a player who primarily plays as a rifle, care about no automatics, or how those automatics work? They don't. You think Nily cares that the only supply is a rifle? You think he's concerned about getting rushed with automatics while he snipes clueless players with his rifle from a distance? I see a lot of individuals, from the new players to the super extreme vets with large letters who are rarely, if at all in CQ infantry battles in ABs, or CPs, or smaller towns. It's easy to make these comments when you aren't directly impacted by them on a day to day, sortie to sortie basis.
  3. How do we consistently, campaign after campaign, miss those that are only in the cps and fbs defending? Taking out EMS, etc. And then, when an axis player comes over, they are quickly given an award. I just laugh now. Await the sympathy award for next campaign. Should be paying attention to the other players who bust their butts off, every day in the cps, defending fbs and busting tanks who aren't friends.
  4. lol nice! <s< I see you kase <s<
  5. <s< Kyotee and ian
  6. Gentlemen, <s> appreciate the shout out and kind words, piska! See you on the battlefield! <s>
  7. Missed few: S\ Xohorvath S\Blakeh S\Snappled S\Slakbladdr
  8. Every campaign.
  9. ya, and if you don't fight in the cps or bunkers consistently, or at all, and play with rifles anyway, why would anyone else care? Does anyone really think nily or other players who don't fight in the cps for the most part care about the limited automatics? Of course not. Thus, it's easy to cite, 'historical supply.'
  10. I have NEVER heard any veteran player realistically ask for UNLIMITED supply as one would find in intermission. I can see noobs looking for it, but certainly not vets. I know of only one hc player who has said, "too many automatics." I suspect that was to make it easier for people to cap who can't otherwise compete. Wish granted. As if it wasn't easy enough with rambo lmgs/smgs, it's significantly easier now. No one is asking for "unlimited supply." We want to be able to play the game. Effectively play the game. And not have to throw helmets at our lagging, ramboing opponents. That seems like a reasonable request when you specifically PAY to use automatics. WE were told, that the limited supply decision was YOUR decision to help us adjust to the 1.36 hybrid system. I took that to mean, and was not corrected, that [censored] poor smg/auto supply was going to continue into 1.36. I was not corrected.
  11. Right. I think these were my exact words: "Dear Rats, as a paying member, please severely limit the number of automatics available to paying members. Limit the smgs significantly please, so that defenders of towns get rolled by lmgs/smgs with their 2 or 3 smgs per depot-if we are lucky. We enjoy getting rolled with our significantly limited smgs. In fact, it would be so much more fun if we had LESS ability to defend adequately and less ability to kill the opposing lmgs/smgs. " #neversaid
  12. I auto-despawned years ago while my son was logged in on his computer. Today, after alt-tabbing to desktop, I was kicked. Has never happened.
  13. Correct. Spawned into two ABs,not CPs, ABs, one smg. Depots have typically not had any, maybe one. $17 to play with 1 smg, MAYBE. What we fail to understand, as said in another thread, is that the amount of SMGs have been so restricted that 1) PAYING makes no sense. If I'm going to be reduced to a rifle anyway, why am I paying? If I'm using rifles I might as well just unsub and play for free with the rifle 2) The significantly limited amount of SMGs versus hip shooting, laser guided LMGs who may or may not warp while being rambos simply kill that ONE or TWO smgs available. So we want to limit the SMGs to a absurd level and have the limited SMGs also have to deal with rambo lmgs/smgs who run around with impunity. 3) Not only that but when you shoot the Ei point blank in the face/or in the back while they aren't looking and they turn and shoot you, your ONE or TWO smgs are now gone....... and now, so too goes the CP the AB and the the town. So yes, this is why people are leaving and not logging in at all, or for long periods of time. Absolutely no way I can recommend the game to others.
  14. I'm not sure I understand the "bumrush smg" party comment. Right. Some of us like to use an SMG. I don't pay $18 to use a rifle. I specifically pay to use an SMG because it is fun killing EI and clearing and defending CPs. I rarely "bumrush" with the SMG upstairs and around corners. because there are more intelligent and efficient ways of clearing/defending a CP. I took the comment as an insult. Because you know, that's what we do: we just run and gun, "bumrush" with our SMG's/Automatics with no regard to the team. My fun: being able to adequately defend CPs and stopping CPs and towns from falling-with SMGs.
  15. Ya, but they have to know.
  16. You don't think extra SMGs would matter in defending cps? The axis, I think, if I'm being fair, would easily tell you that the less SMG's I have, the better off they are. I prevent towns and cps from being overrun/capped in the first place. I'm not the only one of course, but I am one of the very few. That's what I do on a daily basis. Look at my tag line. You reduce me to 1 smg in one depot, IF I AM lucky enough to get ONE in the first place....forget about it. It's not "hard" at all. It's even easier.
  17. Yeppers. If that's what it is. I log into a depot: 2smgs. French. Brits supposedly have more? I think I saw 6 in a depot once. But, two smgs amongst the "hundreds" of players playing the game? To defend a depot? Against hip-shooting, laser guided lmgs and other smgs? Just had "fun" against an lmg in a cp who ran up the stairs, oblivious to where I was, sprinted up the stairs, went prone while shooting and turning 360 all at the same time. "Fun." Ya-no. I get one crack at defending a town, maybe two. If that's fun for you all, then rock on with your bad self.
  18. My thought process for smgs as well. Paying $18...No desire to 'find a new role.' Such lean supply, I don't even log in.
  19. Go use the trainer server.
  20. Try to reinstall a full version of the game from wwii online main page.
  21. Just the other day, I saw an axis lmg leap from a depot to a vehicle spawn shooting while in the air (with an lmg), killing two allies on the veh spawn who were shooting at him (the lmg). The EI (lmg) continued to shoot mid air, with pinpoint accuracy...killed allied infantry. Landed on the veh spawn and continued the sprint, as an lmg and killed another allied infantry-before taking a full clip and then 'dying.' A day or so later, I was tracking an EI (lmg) who didn't know where I was at. Lots of bushes around. Could have been anywhere. I moved to track him (the lmg) and his path. I saw him and started to shoot at him as he came out of bushes, into the open. As he quickly disappears behind more bushes he raises his lmg, shoots me with pinpoint accuracy, while not knowing my exact location (also halfway behind bushes) other than the direction I was shooting him from. Nevermind the deploying of the lmg without using ledges of a cp or a hill... Or the LMG who sprints, and all in one motion lays himself to the ground, deploys and shoots-all in one motion with pinpoint accuracy. If not being allowed to do that as an LMG causes people to become upset... pity.
  22. Shouldn't have to wear sunglasses to play the game. Certainly not going to go buy sunglasses to play. More important fixes than implementing snow or mitigating the impact of the snow on the eyes. The snow is good for about 5 minutes. If that.
  23. For me, SD just means I log. i prefer no SD.
  24. or just dropping to the ground and doing that all in one motion. Full sprint...stop turn 180, deploy and shoot at the exact same time....
  25. That's right, the world doesn't revolve around one person. Some like intermission, some do not. Carry on.